Answering Olberman Regarding White Racism

The video link above is a brief one, lasting about 90 seconds. In this link MSNBC host Keith Olbermann (who both are really just shills for Cultural Marxism) continues to insist that MSNBC’s and his observations, that the Tea Parties were, and are, racist is proven by the fact that the attendance at the Tea Parties is overwhelmingly white. Repeatedly in this clip he answers his critics by asking, Where are the people of color at the Tea Parties.”

Let us note that Olbermann says to much if he intends by that question that there are absolutely zero people of color at the Tea Parties. I’ve been to my share of Tea Parties and I’ve seen people of color at the Tea Parties. Indeed, one of the Tea Parties I attended had a local Black minister give the invocation and benediction. His prayers indicated that he “got it” far more then most of the speakers at the Tea Party.

We have to admit though that the vast percentage of numbers of people who attend the Tea Parties have been White and that for the most part people of color have not been well represented. But one can conclude that this means that the Tea Parties are racist the same way that one could conclude that Black’s are racist for the simple reason that very few White people show up at Black Churches on Sundays.

If I had to answer Olbermann’s question, Where are all the people of color,” at the Tea Parties I would answer by saying they are are at the same place that all the Cultural Marxist White “Intellectuals” like Olbermann are. You see the Tea Parties are not only missing people of color but they are also missing White “Intellectual” Ivy League educated Marxists.

And there is a connection here. People of color don’t attend the Tea Parties because they know that the White “Intellectual” Ivy League Marxists intend to take wealth from the White working middle class in order to redistribute it to the people of color. The people of color refuse to get off the plantation of the White Marxist “intellectuals,” believing that they are going to make their car payments, pay their mortgages and buy their gas with the money confiscated from the White working middle class.

White “intellectuals” like Olbermann have turned much of the people of color into a slave class that are beholden to the state. As the Tea Parties are populated by the producing class rising up to throw off the White “intellectual” Cultural Marxists and their people of color serf class, White “intellectuals” as well as their people of color serf class, wisely, from their Marxist perspective, don’t attend Tea Parties.

The White Tea Parties have just as little use for the White “Intellectual” Cultural Marxists, like Olbermann as they do for the people of color shock troops that are used by the White Cultural Marxist “Intellectuals” to make slaves of all citizens to the state.

So, in conclusion I would say that Olbermann is right. There is racism in the context of Tea Parties. But it is the racism of people of color not wanting anything to do w/ the working white people whose wealth is being confiscated in order that it might be redistributed to a serf class that is composed of far to many people in it that are both White and people of color.

I would say that Keith Olbermann is a cultural Marxist racist who has turned against his own people. And those are the worst racists of all.

Author: jetbrane

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3 thoughts on “Answering Olberman Regarding White Racism”

  1. You wrote: “I would say that Keith Olbermann is a cultural Marxist racist who has turned against his own people. And those are the worst racists of all. “

    Well said. In fact, the whole post is one of the best descriptions of the cultural, political, and tribal divisions the Marxists have managed to erect in our population. And, of course, this is how Marxists gain power; they cause considerable chaos and then step in with formidable armed strength and take over every aspect of a nation’s population. The aftermath is much worse than conditions that existed before the “revolution” or the national collapse that Marxism inevitably causes. The Russian revolution of the past century and it’s aftermath is large scale historical proof of Marxist methods and consequences.

    Our white, elite Marxists are beyond racism – although I do think they are racist to the core. They are pure evil and will not hesitate to use anyone who is useful to them, and will not hesitate to destroy anyone in their way. Power is the only idol they worship.

  2. I, too, have seen some people of color at the Tea Parties. I think the issue usually tackled are political and not racial. But that’s just my opinion.

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