What Do These Three Men Have In Common?

This from the book, “New Covenant Theology: Questions Answered.” — pg. 154

“Suppose that it were legal in our country for a man to marry his sister. If this were the case, and a man who attended your church wanted to marry his sister, would your church perform the wedding?”


“We need to get our initial shivers and our “yuck, ick, disgusting” first reactions out of the way. . . . In the New Covenant Scriptures no mention is made of the impropriety of marrying one’s sister. Although the practice is illegal in many countries, which makes it sinful for Christians living in those countries to do (Romans 13:1), it seems that if you and your sister are both believers and you live in a country that deems marriage between siblings to be a lawful practice, then your marriage would be holy in God’s sight.”

Rev. Steve Lehrer
Pastor — Lighthouse Baptist Church in Sussex, Wisconsin
Educated @ Westminster Seminary — California


1.) If one insists that the Mosaic covenant was a “covenant of works,” in a way, per the Republication theory, all kinds of bizarre stuff is bound to follow.

2.) Rev. Lehrer has made the State to be “God walking on the Earth,” since the state in his scheme is that agency which defines what is and is not sin.

3.) I also have shivers and a “yuck, ick, disgusting” reaction to Bestiality. Must I get over that also since the New Covenant Scriptures make no mention of bedding your favorite Heifer?

Now, I freely admit that New Covenant Theology might be sightly different than full blown R2K, HOWEVER, some of the R2K chaps who were educated at the same Institution that Lehrer was have said some similar things.

Here are two examples,

“Not being a theonomist or theocrat, I do not believe it is the state’s role to enforce religion or Christian morality. So allowing something legally is not the same as endorsing it morally. I don’t want the state punishing people for practicing homosexuality. Other Christians disagree. Fine. That’s allowed. That is the distinction. Another example – beastiality (sic) is a grotesque sin and obviously if a professing member engages in it he is subject to church discipline. But as one who leans libertarian in my politics, I would see problems with the state trying to enforce it; not wanting the state involved at all in such personal practices; I’m content to let the Lord judge it when he returns. A fellow church member might advocate for beastiality (sic) laws. Neither would be in sin whatever the side of the debate. Now if the lines are blurry in these disctinctions,(sic) that is always true in pastoral ministry dealing with real people in real cases in this fallen world.”

Rev. Todd Bordow — Reformed Minister
R2K Practitioner
Educated at Westminster West — California

“Although a contractual relationship denies God’s will for human dignity, I could affirm domestic partnerships as a way of protecting people’s legal and economic security.”

“The challenge there is that two Christians who hold the same beliefs about marriage as Christians may appeal to neighbor-love to support or to oppose legalization of same-sex marriage.”

Dr. Mike Horton — Reformed Theologian
R2K Practitioner
Professor at Westminster West — California

How long until people begin to realize that Westminster West –California is a serious problem?

Author: jetbrane

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