College Course on WW II

Main Texts

1.) Antony Sutton

Read these two texts. Why do you think I would make these required reading on this subject. Who do you think this points towards in terms of having a financial interest in the War. What does it suggest that the same entities funded both sides of the war? Write a paper detailing the financial origins and funding of WW II and the players behind the funding.

2.) Hebert Hoover

Read this text. How responsible does Hoover believe FDR was for WW II? Write a paper exhausting the failures of FDR in keeping the USA out of war. Include in your paper the policies FDR pursued the inevitable inspired war. Answer the questions … “Did FDR know the Japs were coming to Pearl Harbor?” Did FDR want the Japs to bomb Pearl Harbor?” “What convinced the Japs to go after Pearl Harbor as opposed to Russia?”

3.) Thomas Mahl

Propaganda is always the first battlefield in war and Truth is always the first casualty of war. Summarize Mahl’s arguments on how the Brits, in conjunction with the White House, lied us into WW II.

II.) Supplementary Texts

1.) Vikto Suvorov

On the Easter Front Suvorov argues that Hitler struck Stalin because he knew that Stalin was going to strike him.

Give a chapter by chapter summary of Suvorov’s arguments.

2.) Pat Buchanan

Covers some of the same ground as Hoover’s book. Repetition bears memory. Give a chapter by chapter summary of the book. One paper for each chapter.

3.) M. Stanton Evans

Evans chronicles that the Communists were running not only the Soviet Russian end of the war but were also severely manipulating our end of the war as well.

Be prepared for an oral exam on this book.

4,) Burton Folsom

How did these united States change because of WW II? Folsom examines the myth behind WW II getting us out of the Depression. Write a 3 page summary on each chapter.

4.) David Irving — Volumes 1 & 2

Give a 45 minute presentation to the class on what you learned about Churchill and WW II because of this read.

5.) James Bacque

6.) Julius Epstein

7.) Nikolai Tolstoy

These three books tell of the brutality of the Allies during WW II and go a long way towards addressing the question, of whether or not in WW II, it was possible to be on the side of the angels. 3-5 page summaries of each chapter of each book.

8.)  Cornelius Ryan

No report required. Assigned to give you a feel for the combat.

9.) A Third of the Holocaust

The longest lasting effect of WW II was the impact of the “Holocaust” on the West.  Is it possible to answer the questions raised by this documentary?

10.) Operation Hell Storm


Class discussions on the last two videos.

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3 thoughts on “College Course on WW II”

  1. I’d also highly recommend online documentaries by Dennis Wise: Communism by the Back Door, The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2, and The Greatest Story Never Told.

    1. Thanks Ron … I’m actually about half way through with Communism by the back door.

      And I have viewed “The Greatest Story Never Told.”

      I’ll look into the Masonic one.

  2. An excellent list! If I may make a few additions:

    1. John Toland’s “Infamy: Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath”. Probably the best known revisionist work on Peal Harbor.

    2. “Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor” by Robert Stinnett. Newly released documents which John Toland didn’t have access to. BTW, David Irving’s “Churchill’s War” has lots of good information about the UK’s role in fostering of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

    3. “Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb” by Richard Rhodes. FDR used WWII to build the Soviet Union into a world power, in part through Lend-Lease and the delivery of atomic bomb secrets. Parts of this book are concerned with the overwhelmingly Jewish transfer of atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets. Rhodes’ five-page review of “Major Jordan’s Diaries” is excellent and negates the need to read Jordan’s book (which is also excellent).

    4. “Deathride: Hitler vs. Stalin, the Eastern Front, 1941-45” by John Mosier. Germany would have beaten the Soviet Union, even with Lend-Lease, if the Allies had not invaded North Africa, Italy, and France.

    5. “Cross of Iron: The Rise and Fall of the German War Machine, 1918‑1945” by John Mosier. Without Lend-Lease, the Soviet Union would have succumbed no later than the first half of 1944.

    6. “Hitler’s War” by David Irving. Lots of good insight from the German perspective.

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