Charlie Kirk Getting Critical Race Theory Wrong

Above some chap named Charlie Kirk gives a really smooth but troubling explanation of what Critical Race theory is. Kirk’s main fault seems to be that he views the Enlightenment as the good old days. Remember it was the Enlightenment that gave us the anti-Christ postulates.

1.) Man is basically good
2.) Progress is inevitable
3.) Autonomous Reason is how we know what we know
4.) Time + Chance + Circumstance accounts for our cosmological beginnings
5.) Man is the measure of all things.

What Kirk seems to be saying is that the modernity of the Enlightenment is to be favored over post-modernity. This is like saying that Stalin is to be preferred to Mao. Neither one of these epochs are favorable to the Christian faith.

Below are some comments on Kirk’s words in the video’s above. If you view the 7 minute video the comments below are linear to what Kirk is presenting in the video.

1.) Kirk says the Critical theory started with the Frankfurt School. The truth of the matter is that Critical theory started with Marx approximately 100 years prior to the Frankfurt School. Marx called it Critical Philosophy. We see this in this snippet from a letter from Marx to one Arnold Ruge in Dresden.

“In fact the internal obstacles seem almost greater than the external difficulties. For even though the question ‘where from?’ presents no problems, the question ‘where to?’ is a rich source of confusion. Not only has universal anarchy broken out among the reformers, but also every individual must admit to himself that he has no precise idea about what ought to happen. However, this very defect turns to the advantage of the new movement, for it means that we do not anticipate the world with our dogmas but instead attempt to discover the new world through the critique of the old. We are therefore in a position to sum up our journal in a single word: the self-clarification [critical philosophy] of the struggles and wishes of the age. This is the task for the world and for us.”

2.) Kirk mentions that the Frankfurt school scholars became expatriates to these united State. Just to fill that out a bit we would say that they were expatriates to this country thanks to the fact that as Jews their work on Internationalism Marxism was not welcome in Germany. Also on this score the reason that the Frankfurt “scholars” ended up here in the States was due to the work of the Fabian Socialists at Columbia University. Columbia University ended up infecting our whole University system w/ Cultural Marxism.

3.) Kirk mentions Herbert Marcuse. Keep in mind that Marcuse wrote “The Authoritarian Personality” which was monumental in removing this country from a Christian presuppositional base.

4.) As noted earlier Kirk seemingly melds the Enlightenment with Christendom. This is not well reasoned. Christianity is every bit as opposed to the Enlightenment project as it is the postmodernity project where Critical Race theory finds a home.

5.) He also misinterprets Gal. 3:28. If Critical Race theory wants to errantly reduce everything to what group (race – ethnicity) one belongs to Kirk makes the Enlightenment mistake of reducing man to the atomistic individual. As Christians we must say that both man in his identity of belonging to a family grouping and man as the individual are truths that need to be kept together.

6.) Kirk seems to suggest that Martin Luther King was on the side of the Angels because King spoke about the content of one’s character being the determining agent of analysis. However, Martin Luther King was using Marxian Dialectics when he talked about not caring about the color of one’s skin. That was said to assuage the rightful fears of the White Community that the black Marxists of King’s ilk desired to use Civil Rights as the Communist camel’s nose under the Western tent.

Also, on this score if the content of one’s character really was King’s own benchmark then Kirk should reject King for his excessive whoring, and plagiarizing.

7.) Kirk talks about “racism.” Just a reminder, that “racism” for these people is power plus privilege. Only White people thus can be racist. It is not possible for minorities or perverts or feminists to be racist. The “racism” card is the perfect tool to overthrow Western Christian civilization because Western Christian Civilization was built by the White Christian.

8.) Kirk needs to be very careful because when he says that Critical Race theorists do not believe in dialectics he couldn’t be more errant. Now, it is true that they don’t believe in conversation (dialogue) but they are practitioners extraordinaire of the Hegelian Dialectic. So, on this point Kirk’s statement is grossly misleading.

9.) Kirk is high as a kite to suggest that it was the Enlightenment that gave us the realities that he ticked off in the video. It was Christianity that gave us those realities. It is clear by now that this man (Kirk) is part of the problem and not part of the equation.

Kirk is really errant on the Enlightenment. Some have rightly noted that where we are at now is just the Enlightenment on steroids. Postmodernism is modernism (Enlightenment) on speed. There is some truth to that observation. (Also some misleading to that observation.)

10.) At the end Kirk says that “Christ did Aristotle better than anyone else?” Say what? Christ was Aristotelian?

This guy is smooth but dangerous.

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