Are All Arrests of Different Protesters All the Same?

“Joel McDurmon recently asked what conservatives would have done if Obama had ordered the deployment of federal agents to scoop protesting citizens into vans during the night. They would have gone nuts, that’s what.”

Doug Wilson Article

I continue to be mystified by this kind of reasoning on the part of McDurmon. I’ve seen it elsewhere from other people.

The idea seems to be that if conservatives would have been upset at the thought of Obama scooping up conservative protesters therefore it is perfectly legitimate for Marxists to be upset at the thought of Trump scooping up Marxists into vans during the night.

I don’t get it… really, I don’t.

The fact that genuinely conservative Christians (and one can’t be conservative without being a Biblical and dissident Christian) would get upset about their people being illegally arrested by Obama the Marxist doesn’t require them to join the Marxists about being upset when their people are being “illegally” arrested by a President who is legitimately seeking to uphold the law.

This kind of thinking is a “we need to be fair to everyone and treat them all the same,” reasoning. It is not unfair when Marxists, anarchists, and fascists are arrested for rioting, pillaging, and burning but conservatives are not arrested for not letting, by dint of force if necessary, the Marxists, anarchists, and fascists from burning American cities down. Similarly, it is not fairness when Black Lives Matter participants are arrested as long as those who are resisting BLM are arrested as well.

McDurmon is hinting at the idea that law, equally applied, means all protesters, regardless of political and military tactics, need to be arrested in order to be fair. But that is a non-sequitur. BLM is an admittedly Marxist organization. When their protesters begin to act like they’ve been consistently acting they need to be scooped up in Vans. When those protesters opposing BLM use force to stop BLM it is wicked to scoop them up in a van and arrest them.

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