C. William Knott Yielding — A Tribute

Democracy only works when a Christian people are deciding how to implement Christian principles. It doesn’t work when a satanic ruling class is trying to use the democratic process to liquidate a whole race.
C. William Knott Yielding
Satan played Adam and Eve for suckers by telling them they were too intelligent to believe in a fairy tale about a tree of knowledge. And they ate thereof, because who wants to be stupid?
C. William Knott Yielding

I referred to him as C. William Knott Yielding when I would cut and paste the quotes from his blogs which I read routinely. I have no idea what his real name is. I have no idea what his career had been though I suspected he was teaching literature somewhere. I have no idea where he lived. I often imagine it was somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley in a Mountain Cabin surrounded by pine trees and overlooking an always swollen and fast running stream. I have no idea about most of who he was or what his life was like but I was always imagined him to be some kind of guru sitting there in his Mountain chalet disgusted with what had become to what he still retained fond memories of.

He was a romantic in the best sense of that word and his world was filled with the very best literature of Europe and America. I remember often thinking what a gift it would be to know Europe and America’s literature as seen through a Christian world and life view the way C. William Knott Yielding understood it. The man had the ability to make the literature breathe with the breath both of the one who was the writer and of the Christ who inspired the writer. He would have been a wonder to sit under as a tutor in a European literature class. He aligned the Literature of Christendom in the service of calling Europe back to Christ.

He was a Warrior-Monk for the cause of Jesus Christ. He didn’t care for the institutional Church (who can blame him) but he was convinced that the blood of Christ reached out to cover the European peoples and because he was convinced of God’s faithfulness he remained convinced that the European peoples would survive the attempt of the modern satanic liberal to divorce old Europe from Christ. Where others like myself to often viewed old Europe as hopeless, C. William Knott Yielding would remind us that with God all things are possible.

He was an apologist for Christ of a very different sort. He didn’t argue for the ontological or teleological, or cosmological or historical argument. He wasn’t concerned for arguments from design or religious experience. He didn’t labor over the Transcendental argument or insist on presuppositionalism or evidentialism. His apologetics were, as said in a way he would approve of, from the heart. He made you love Christ by his writing because he revealed what kind of people and peoples who Christ loved and who loved Christ were. He pulled back and revealed the beauty of those smitten with Christ. He spoke of their honor and integrity. He spoke of their virtues and their honesty. He spoke of courage, respect, hope, and love. He gave the example of the virtuous hate that is the proper response of love when what one loves is attacked. And he repeatedly insisted that it was belief in Christ that made people and peoples that way — that made Old Europe that way — that made Old Europe beautiful. She was perfumed with Christ.

He was a throwback / “old school” example if there ever was one. He reminded me a great deal of C. S. Lewis who also was a man reaching back to the pre-modern world to speak to the post-modern world. He was a man who saw enchantment in everything. The world was alive to him because this world was his Father’s world.

I could never get used to the hard divide he would make between heart and mind. He was not a fan of the “intellectual.” He saw the intellectual as cold and removed. I always had the sense that he resented the “intellectual” because intellectuals kill things in order to dissect them in order to understand them. C. William Knott Yielding didn’t believe that was the best way to understand peoples or cultures. He believed that they were to be understood by seeing their heart. He constantly appealed to the heart. Though I did not agree with him completely on this score (I believe heart and mind are largely synonymous) I could not help but admire the way he pulled one into an agreement by the way he argued from the heart.

The man was just flat out a masterful writer. C. William Knott Yielding is my pseudonym for him. He just went by his blog name, “Cambria Will Not Yield.” He was a controversialist and a polemicist and a contrarian. All character traits I instinctually admire. Much of what he wrote will be despised and hated by modern and postmodern man. Much of what he wrote will also be hated by modern churchmen who have no capacity to enter into his vision and who despise the idea — even though it was held by their forebearers of the past 2000 years — that races, ethnicities, and nations were distinct peoples that by way of principle should be attached primarily to their respectful people groups. It’s an amazing thing that 2000 years of Church history can be so casually disregarded by modern churchmen.

He viewed the remnant European peoples much like Lewis viewed the Old Narnians. He saw Old Europe covered in the filth, grime, and spell of the witchcraft of satanic Marxism and its attendant multiculturalism / multi-racialism / multi-faithism, and yet he saw a day when Old Europe would be resurrected.

Cambria Will Not Yield was the name of his blog and his blog was the place to go if one needed to be inspired or lifted out of the slough of despond. One seldom left his writing without thinking that there was yet hope for Old Europe if only because God is faithful.

Like all of us (well, at least like me) he could be over the top at times but in the current battle the West is in, if any man is not over the top from time to time then he is not really engaged in the battle at hand. He made all the right enemies and had all the right friends. He was creative in protecting his anonymity and to this day I have no idea who the man was. So, metaphorically, he is buried in an unmarked grave. His writings continue to be accessible but the great light he was belongs now to the ages.

He belongs to the ages … and just when it could be easily said that this is just the time when we needed him most. However, God does all things well and I can’t help but pray that God would raise many many more like him to take his place.

I’ll end this piece by providing some quotes from him I collected over the years. I trust they will inspire you as much as they inspired me to weary not in holding forth the King’s banner.

“But now the devil is a good guy — he is not a racist, nor is he homophobic, Islamophobic, transgender-phobic, he is only white-phobic, which is a good thing. And how does Christ, the Christ of the European hearth fire, stack up against Satan? Christ is a racist, he is homophobic, Islamophobic, etc., etc. He must be sent to the liberals’ hell and forced to bow down to the liberals’ god, the archangel Lucifer. But Christ shall never kneel to Satan.”

C. William Knott Yielding


“Wars are not won by biologically superior men, they are won by the sustained efforts of spiritually superior men. Faith, not hormones, wins wars. When the European’s eye of faith is opened, when he regains his moral vision, he will fight.”

C. William Knott Yielding


“We have allowed a cabal of anti-white Jacobins to rule our respective nations. And they have been systematically exterminating the white race through a process they call ‘diversity’ and/or ‘multiculturalism,’ but which in reality is white genocide.”

C. William Knott Yielding


“Most American whites have been cowed by democracy and anti-racism, while a sizeable number have been cowed by their anti-white clergymen.”

C. William Knott Yielding


“I don’t meet many non-anesthetized whites.”

C. William Knott Yielding

“If a man does not look at modern Europe and proclaim, “The Horror, the Horror,” and consciously return to old Europe, he will either become part of the horror or he will be annihilated by the horror because having lost his faith he has no spiritual spine to resist the horror. Liberalism is an ever-evolving organism of destruction. A sixties liberal who remains a sixties liberal is now a conservative in the eyes of the modern liberals. And it will always be thus with liberals. They will consume each other in a satanic feeding frenzy: “It will come, humanity must perforce prey on itself like monsters from the deep.”

C. William Knott Yielding


When the alternative right first emerged on the Internet, I read a number of their writings and was saddened by the content. I was saddened because they were not attacking Liberaldom in the name of Christ, they were attacking Liberaldom in the name of paganism, which placed them solidly within the confines of liberalism. They opposed the new-age liberals as Hitler opposed communism – they were the nationalist lefties vs. the universalist lefties. Their movement must turn toward Christ if it is to have any hope of surviving and thriving. There is no sustaining faith in a mere reaction to the insolent, hate-filled system of the liberals. We need to see the Cross of Christ over Europe once again, not the various banners of the white pagans.

C. William Knott Yielding


“The satanic liberals will eliminate everything from the Europeans’ Christian past. And they will eliminate our Christian European heritage in the name of eliminating racism. Think about that. If whiteness is evil, then everything white must be eliminated. But if we eliminate all whiteness, then we eliminate the only culture in which the Word took flesh and dwelt among us. That is precisely what Satan wants.”

C. William Knott Yielding

“You cannot have a governing body that governs according to some abstract theory separate and apart from the religious faith of the people of the nation. “

C. William Knott Yielding



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2 thoughts on “C. William Knott Yielding — A Tribute”

  1. I wept when he passed. He was a modern day prophet, heart broken and much like Jeremiah, distressed over the state of his people and longing for their return to Christ. His was a brilliant gift and he was a brilliant light. There is none to replace him.

  2. As I began reading I almost immediately recognized the author as the gentleman who penned “Cambria Will Not Yield” and was not surprised when you acknowledged that fact. With great anticipation I looked forward to his weekly posts, such needed wisdom and insight as was his encouraged my heart in the midst of this malignant culture of modernity.

    “The essence of modernity consists in making man self-sufficient by eliminating all mysteries.” CWNY, 2019

    Leave the petals on the rose,
    Grandma Ruthie


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