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“One disappointing thing about this debate is how quickly the kinists claim the other side is being influenced by the culture’s definition of racism and ‘white supremacy.’ I don’t know a single person in this group who buys into the culture’s ‘everything is racism,’ CRT, woke nonsense.

It’s an unsuccessful attempt to dismiss their critique by saying it’s coming from a place it isn’t.

Here is a clear position: we don’t think you’re wrong because we misunderstand you or think you’re something you’re not. We read what you post and think you’re wrong.

We don’t see a Biblical (or especially new covenant) mandate to preserve one’s own race, to have a priority for one’s own tribe, to have kids that look like your grandparents, to keep America White, to preserve a European or white majority status in America, to marry one of your own race, or any other thing that’s been mentioned in these threads.

It’s a waste of the church’s time, a distraction from the Great Commission, and really just kind of silly.”

Ralph Mullenax

We Hate Kinists FB Group

1.) What strikes me here is how quickly they will flatten creational distinctions and natural connections and affections. It really is grace flattening nature, disguised as “piety.” This is never a move that Reformed people would make. Reformed people have constantly said that “Grace restores nature,” but these Anabaptist believe that “Grace ignores or destroys nature.”

Reformed piety, contra Anabpatitst/Alienist piety demands that our obligations flow outward in a series of concentric circles of (primarily) natural duties.

2.) Normally I would say that only a Baptist could reason like this. There is the surrender of corporate/covenant categories in favor of the individual above all. This is exactly what Kalergi desired in his vision of the NWO he desired to create. As long as these people can’t see or think in corporate / covenantal categories we will never be able to reconcile or even to communicate it seems. These people may not be Baptist by name but if they are not Baptist they are Baptisterians. They certainly aren’t historic Reformed. We know what the Reformed thought on this subject thanks to Achord & Dow’s book and it was the very content that the Kinists put forward that finds them turning into a pack of werewolves howling at the moon.

3.) Keep in mind that the chaps who are members of this FB group are Wilson types of “Reformed” Christians. If this is what Wilson is producing how can anyone think that Wilson is going to lead us to the promised land?

4.) All because Ralphie insists that they are not of the cultural Marxist tribe that screams “WOKE,” or “everything is White supremacism,” or “racism” that doesn’t mean that they don’t belong to the Cultural Marxist tribe. After all, a fish seldom is able to identify the water it is swimming in. These people are drinking from the well of Cultural Marxism and they don’t even realize it. That kind of phenomena is seen all the time.

5.) It is true… they read what we post but it is also true that they are reading what we write through their Anabaptist Cultural Marxist lenses. Of course they think we are wrong. People with a non-Christian Worldview will always think people with a Christian Worldview are wrong and they will swear it is not because of any a-priori faith commitments on their part.

6.) Why “especially New Covenant?” Is this a Baptist reading that says that the New Covenant snuffs out EVERYTHING said in the Old Covenant?

7.) Everything else that is said is what Marxists have been saying for centuries. It was what Count Coudenhoven Kalergi said. It is what nobody on this planet Christian or non-Christian (except for Cultural Marxists and Fabian Socialists) said before the end of WW II. But y’all are historically ignorant. You won’t even pick up Dow & Achord’s book to try to understand what your betters believed throughout history on this subject.

8.) In the end the ultimate vision of these “Christians” is the same vision of the New World Order types with the exception that they think the vision of the New World Order types can exist as being Christian. They are the toadies of Saruman thinking that his Sauron like creation would be an improvement on Sauron’s New World Order vision. They are not beyond repentance but unless they repent they remain the ideological offspring of Saurman’s mixture of Elves and Orcs.

Dealing with Ralphie’s people is like Bach trying to explain composing to a bunch of 5 y/o special needs children.

But … be of good courage folks. The very fact that they can’t quit talking about us means they know we are a challenge and threat to their successfully creating the world in Saurman’s image.

Author: jetbrane

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