Look What “The Brotherhood of All Men” Has Done

Further, the consequence of such thinking that we do not have a greater responsibility to love those closer relationally to us than those far away relationally from us  makes it impossible for Biblical Christians to resist further movements to normalize what heretofore Biblical Christians would have found abhorrent. It is a short trip from the flattening of natural hierarchies and distinctions to the embrace of a egalitarian universal monistic social order.

Of course, all of this is born of some version of the old Unitarian idea of the Brotherhood of all men and the Fatherhood of God over all men. If all men are indeed Brothers than it is hard to argue that I am more obliged to my Brother than I am to a stranger in Timbuktu. A Christian version of the Brotherhood of all men states I have more in common and so more obligation to the Christian in Iran then I have to my own unbelieving conservative Father.

We would also note that Christianity assumes these “natural” hierarchies because they are in reality biblically sanctioned hierarchies. It is the fact that these hierarchies are Biblical that makes them “natural.” It is the Scripture that teaches the necessity and importance of concentric circles of familial and community relations.

The devil has always been about abstractions in opposition to the concrete. The first temptation required Eve to think abstractly in dismissal of God’s concrete commandment to not eat. The first temptation required Eve to think abstractly in order to envision the egalitarian order promised wherein she would be as God determining good and evil.

The modern Christian movement (TGC, T4G, PCA, OPC, CREC, CRC, URC, RCA, RPCNA, etc. etc. etc.) cannot withstand the impulse of the times because they have embraced the core premise of the times that men are are interchangeable cogs that can be changed out for Mother and Father, Brother and Sister, Wife and child. We have arrived at this moment because of a misguided notion of universal love that trumps particular love. Loving the Nigerian Anglican Woman has the same claim on us as loving our Dispensational Arminian Mother.

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  1. Excellent! Such common sense and clear biblical writing is rare,hated and an oasis of truth.More good stuff.Thank you!

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