Unity Does Not Equal Uniformity

Yet as Afanasyev points out, “the progressive tendency in the Nationalism of the oppressed nations is not permanent. That is why the Marxist party, while supporting the struggle of the oppressed peoples for liberation, tries to free the working people from the influence of all bourgeois nationalism, because it is incompatible with proletarian internationalism.”

F. N. Lee
Communist Eschatology –pg. 460

This is important to note. Marxism will support nationalism and people group identity in the cause of defeating capitalism. However, this is only a temporary support to the larger agenda of stripping from people their national identity in favor of Internationalist amalgamation. When Marxists support a nationalist movement it is a classic case of dialecticism where they are supporting the antithesis of their thesis in order to arrive at their amalgamated synthesis.

This desire for complete amalgamation and blendering of all peoples into a unitary Borg has been noted repeatedly by observers of Communism throughout history. In the book “Marx and Satan,” Richard Wurmbrand writes,

“In Communism there will be no state, no division of the world into countries, and no social classes…”

John Edwards Richards, Presbyterian Theologian listing in 1973 the reasons for separating from the PCUSA, listed one of the reasons of wanting to be separate was what he believed that in the PCUSA were the,

“The Communists, who would have one mass of humanity coerced into oneness by a totalitarian state and guided exclusively by Marxist philosophy.

The Arminian Aiden Wilson Tozer, in a sermon noted the same about Marxists wanting Beehive oneness of all humanity as the Presbyterian Theologian John Edwards Richards noted above when Tozer said,

“You can’t change my mind about God having made us the way we are. The yellow man and the white man and the black man — God made our races. I know the Marxists and the bubbleheads say: ‘Oh, that’s old-fashioned baloney! Everybody should get together and intermarry and pretty soon there won’t be races, and where there are no races there won’t be any hate, and if there’s no hate, there won’t be any war.’ Oh, for cotton batting to stuff in the mouths of people who don’t know better than that!

Even the Marxists themselves explicitly said that they were working towards a globalist Unitarianism where all colors and people bleed into one;

“The aim of socialism is not only to abolish the present division of mankind into small states and end all national isolation; not only to bring the nations closer together, but to merge them….”

Vladimir Lenin
The Rights of Nations to Self Determination — pg. 76

The idea that we need to do away with races, varied ethnicity and nations is an idea that runs straight through the Marxists right back to Satan. Those who support a Christianity that is defined as erasing all racial, ethnic, national distinction by putting them all into a blender or by recruiting them all to indistinguishable member cogs in a Church are doing the devil’s bidding. Your multicultural church is not Christianity. It is Marxism.

French Revolution Potpourri

One of the books I’m currently working through is Nesta Webster’s “The French Revolution.” I’ve spent a good portion of my life reading on the various Marxist Revolutions and even though the French Revolution pre-dated Marx there is a good deal of it that fits with those later Marxist revolutions. One could almost say that the French Revolution was a dress rehearsal for the later Revolutions. On that connection between the French Revolution and later Revolutions I would recommend James H. Billington’s “Fire in the Minds of Men.”

I am continuing to pursue this kind of reading because I am convinced that my continuing to familiarize myself with the epic Revolutions I will be able to better prove myself one of the “Sons of Issachar.” They were the ones in Scripture who “knew the times and what should be done.” I am convinced that while history is not cyclical it does have those who seek to implement tried and true Revolutionary methods, which have long been laid out, in order to effect disintegration downward into the void.

So I read of the French Revolution, the 2nd American Revolution (1861-1877) the Bolshevik Revolution, the Chinese Revolution, the Rhodesia – South African Revolutions, in order to locate the common thread that runs through each and all of them. The Marxists are nothing if not consistent in their Revolutionary techniques and the consistent application of them, though those methods might shift their forms depending on the situation on the ground.

One matter that is consistent (and there are several) is the deep and abiding hatred of Christ and the Christian faith. You will never find a Marxist Revolution that results in the honoring of the Risen Christ and His Church. In point of fact, the heart of all Marxist Revolutions is to de-god God and to en-god the Revolutionary elite and through them Lucifer.

With that said I offer up a potpourri of my reading from Webster and / or my thoughts inspired by reading Webster.

A.) Left & Right

It was the French Revolution that brought us the modern notion of the “Left” and the “Right.” The Jacobins (Montagnards) sat on the Left of the Speaker in the Assembly while the Girondins sat center left and those who supported Louix XVI (Constitutional Monarchists) sat on the Right in the National Assembly.

This is not without significance. The reason that “left” and “right” became designations is because the Left was making a statement. They knew that Christianity taught that those on the right of God were the saved while those on the left were damned. The seating arrangement reflected their attempt to overthrow God from His throne.

This mindset is underscored by the maxim of the left. They freely chanted, “No God, No King,” and took for a motto that “We will not be satisfied until the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last Priest.”

The French Revolution, like all Revolutions, is ultimately man’s attack on God. The one we are living through right now in the States is the same. Unless we put these God haters down (defeat them) they will do to us just what Revolutionaries have always done to God’s people in Revolutions.

This is not so much a political Revolution as it is a Theological and religious Revolution.

B.) Revolutionary Methodology Used to Condition Population for Revolution

The methods used throughout history in Marxist Revolutionary theory as regards to working on the minds of the populace are,

1.) Calumny

This is the technique of poisoning the people’s minds against the ruling order. Every lie is proclaimed to defame and destroy those who are opposing Revolution… and that at every level.

Most recently consider how the Dr. from Nigeria was destroyed after the Doc presser.

2.) Corruption

This is the technique that works to instigate in the population moral insouciance and turpitude. Laws are passed to allow perversion. The law turns a blind eye to immorality while hammering law abiding citizens.

3.) Terror

The people are filled with fear by the exercise of terror upon their minds. This makes the population easily malleable and open to every manipulative suggestion by the State. Masks are a terror technique in Revolution.

C.) July 14th & Blood & Unspeakable Cruelty

The Revolution of July 14, 1789 where Foullon, Berthier, and De Launay found their heads hoisted on pikes and marched around Paris provided the needed blood conditioning required for the eventual presence of madame La Guillotine. Before 14 July Paris, though restless, had not learned the taste for blood. 14 July changed all that and like the addict taking his first sip of alcohol which then screams for more, so 14 July turned Parisians into addicts for ever increasing torrents of blood. Indeed, the inhabitants of Paris became insatiable in their demand for blood letting and death.

D.) The Puppeteers of Revolution

Now, in all the great outbreaks of Revolution we shall find that the mechanism is fourfold, consisting of,

1.) Follow the Money-lenders
2.) the Instigators
3.) the Agitators
4.) the Instruments

The first are those ideologues who are financially situated to bankroll their ideas and desires for Revolution. In the end Revolution is not only theological but it is also financial. There is somebody behind the scenes who is making bank on financing Revolution. The financial motivation follows closely on the heels of the theological motivation. In history, names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, the house of Morgan, Carnegie, and others come to mind. The Money-lenders operate by the principle that their job is best done by being unknown and out of the public eye.

The second are those hired by the Money-lenders to put a hot-poker into the body-politic. George Soros is the most popular name today that falls under this category but you can be sure there are many besides George. In history you can think of a chap like Saul Alinsky.

The third category are those who are the shite-stirrers. There are multitudinous numbers of these types. Everyone from the top politicians (Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, etc) to the demagogues like Al Sharpton, Morris Dees and Jonathan Greenblatt to the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC and FOX.

The fourth category are those on the ground at the riots who are tasked with keeping the fire of Revolution hot and burning. They will typically be known only to the agitators.

Of these three classes only the last two incur any danger.

E.) Recounting the Horror

Thus is the character of all Revolutions;

“Meanwhile Foullon ‘s son-in-law, Berthier, was arrested at
Compiegne, in the midst of his efforts to assure the provisioning
of Paris. … This, of course, the revolutionaries could not forgive him, and Berthier was driven to Paris amidst the execrations of the populace. As he entered the capital, followed by a mob of armed brigands, the head of his father-in-law (Foullon) was thrust through his carriage-window on the end of a pike. Faint with hunger and sick with horror he reached the Hotel de Ville, but before the lantern could be lowered a mutineer of the Royal Cravatte plunged his sabre into his body. Thereupon ” a monster of ferocity, a cannibal,” tore out his heart, and Desnot, the ” cook out of place ” who had cut off the head of De Launay and again ” happened ” to be on the spot, carried it to the Palais Royal.^ This ghastly trophy, together with the victim’s head, was placed in the middle of the supper-table around which the brigands feasted.”

Nesta Webster
The French Revolution — p. 129

F.) Reading on the Storming of the Bastille.

Paris had a population of 800K. The mob that stormed the Bastille was apprx. 1000 people. Of that one thousand those who committed the atrocities were overwhelmingly a foreign element who had been paid to riot, murder, and pillage.

Dussaulx further testifies : ” They were men,” he says, ” armed like savages. And what sort of men ? Of the sort that one could not remember ever having met in broad daylight. Where did they come from ? Who had drawn them from their gloomy lairs ? ” And again : ” They did not belong to the nation, these brigands that were seen filling the Hotel de Ville, some nearly naked, others strangely clothed in garments of divers colours, beside themselves with rage, most of them not knowing what they wanted, demanding the death of the victims pointed out to them, and demanding it in tones that more than once it was impossible to resist.” Further, that they were actually hired for their task is evident. Mme. Vigee le Brun records that on the morning of this day she over- heard two men talking ; one said to the other, ” Do you want to earn 10 francs ? Come and make a row with us. You have only got to cry, ‘ Down with this one ! down with that one.’
Ten francs are worth earning.” The other answered, ” But shall
we receive no blows ? ” ” Go to ! ” said the first man, ” it is we
who are to deal the blows ! “

Dussaulx confirms this statement in referring to the lanterne, ” where butchers paid by real assassins committed atrocities worthy of cannibals.”

Nesta Webster
The French Revolution — p. 126

G.) From Chaos, Order Arises

There exists in Revolutionary theory the conviction that out of chaos order arises. As such, the more chaos that Revolutionaries can create the greater expectation that order will arise. This conviction is accounted for by the anti-Christ conviction that a God of Order did not create a orderly universe and instead order arose out of the chaos of disorder of time plus chance plus circumstance. The Revolutionary thus in seeking to return to a time of chaos is pursuing, in his sick, twisted, demented mind, order.

If the Revolutionary can kill enough people, destroy enough buildings, burn down enough property then a new Utopian order will arise out of the ashes.

You find this motif in the French Revolution, the American Civil War, the Russian Revolution, the Spanish Revolution, and many others.

Keep an eye out for that mindset in our current situation.

Corporeality, In-corporeality & Culture


Bojidar Marinov
Quote from 2018

God made man body and soul. To insist that man’s genetics alone accounts for his culture would indeed be materialism and so sinful. However, to deny that man’s corporeal existence has any impact upon or determination of culture is just pure Gnosticism. (The opposite error to Materialism.) To say that it is only man’s thinking (never mind the question of how does one think without being corporeal) or what he believes that alone determines culture is a kind of disembodied mysticism (Gnosticism).

Just as we could never agree with the Marxist materialistic determinism, neither can we embrace the heresy that holds that man’s corporeal existence does not work, together with man’s incorporeal reality to create culture. Man is body and soul and so culture is theology (what a man thinketh in his heart) poured over man’s corporeal reality which is ethnically covenantal as well as individually covenantal.

Race is not everything per the materialist, but neither is it nothing per Bojidar Marinov, Joel McDurmon, and American Vision (in 2018).

This sloppy slinging around of 20th century Trotsky created sins (racism) is now the ideology du jour at American Vision (2018). Christians would do well to both quit writing checks and quit supporting American vision until American Vision repents of their strange ideological hybrid Gnosto-Cultural Marxism.

May God have mercy on their souls and grant them repentance.

May we be constantly examining ourselves to make sure we do not mishandle God’s word.


Joel McDurmon was released / resigned from American Vision and though AV is not yet fully following the teachings of R. J. Rushdoony it is certainly on a better arc than it was when Dr. McDurmon held court with that organization and we are pleased with that.

Happy 100th Birthday To Indiana Wesleyan University (aka — Marion College) Part I

This week I received in the mail a tony self-congratulatory brochure from my Alma-Mater; Indiana Wesleyan University. When I graduated there in 1982 they called it “Marion College,” but having vastly upgraded since my days on campus they renamed it “Indiana Wesleyan University,” in 1989. The campus I attended looks very little like the campus that exists today.

I thought that since the College Newspaper once quoted the 1982 Dean of Students to the end that I was, “The most responsible student on campus” I would give a few recollections of my time at Marion College.

I showed up on the fall of 1977 and attended for two years and then sat out for 9 months and earned some money and returned and finished in 1982. Freshman initiation was a pretty big deal in 1977. It was a bit of a culture shock. I remember a Sioux Indian student having to do a rain dance on the dining room table during the student meal as part of his freshman initiation. I remember young ladies being led around on dog leashes and carrying doggy dishes in their mouths. I remember guys having to wear make up and doll up like a woman. Clearly, in 1977 the world had not yet become “Woke,” at Marion College.

The brochure I received in the mail tried to suggest that Marion College / Indiana Wesleyan University has always been a place where one can find diversity. That claim however, is merely window dressing for the political correct. Oh sure, there were a handful of non-Caucasians that went through the turnstiles over the years but when I was there I calculated that roughly .3% of the students and none of the faculty were non-Caucasians. At that time it remained a “school” that was for the children of the Wesleyan faithful. There is nothing wrong with that but diversity was hardly a definitional staple of Marion College. It is disappointing to me that Bitch-goddess of political correctness has so raised its presence that the University now has to reinterpret its past in order to satisfy the lusts of that goddess.

I was not ready for the College experience when I first arrived at Marion College. I was not a good student until my final couple of years there and it revealed itself in my grades. I was pretty good at the memorization and spit back part of the educational process but absorbing the conceptual, theological, and ideological aspects of a good education took some time. Because of this I was a gadabout always chasing whatever “exciting” that was happening, and in Marion, Indiana there were never much exciting happening.

My first year there found me ready to quit because my academic performance was so bad. I remember before an exam in a basic US history course I told the Lord Christ in my praying that I was leaving if I didn’t score at least a “C” on the looming exam. My score on that test was so dismal that I was ready to pack up and go home but when I compared my score to the posted key my score fell in the “C” category. The professor had graded on a curve and though my score was dismal it still was in the “C” range when compared to the other Freshman dismal scores. I took this as a kind of fleece and resolved to press on. I’d like to say that my grades got instantly better but that would be varnishing history.

On the whole, to this day, I have found Wesleyans to be a kind people unless you start picking at their woeful theology. Most of the people I stumbled across at Marion College were kind people coming from homes where their kind-hearted parents had raised them to be kind-hearted people. My peers were very generous with their time and resources. There were many invitations to visit student homes and meet the families of my fellow students.

The Marion Campus was tiny in 1977. There was one “Science” building where most the classes were held. A smattering of classes would also be held in the Administration building, the McCann Chapel, the Library, and even in College Wesleyan Church on campus. Beyond those buildings there was the Baldwin Dining Hall and the three residences for the young ladies (Bowman, Shatford, and Teeter) as well as the one resident building for the men, “Williams Hall.” I don’t remember there being a three to one advantage of women to men but that is the way the on campus resident facilities worked. There were also sundry on-campus housing units. There was also a building they called a “gym.” It was the most ram-shackled thing you could possibly imagine and yet it seemed there was always a pickup game of some sort going on. I actually have some fond memories of the competition that I was involved in, in that falling down old building. I spent too much time there instead of being in a Library or at my desk studying.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the students were required to attend chapel at 10:00 am. After doing that for about 3 months I had decided that was enough and so decided that I would not be attending chapel in the future. (That decision came back to haunt me as I was eventually required to do chapel purgatory before I would be allowed to graduate a few years later.) A litany of more boring Chapel speakers three times a week one could not possibly imagine. My most vivid memory of chapel was when the College brought a Black Pentecostal choir into sing for the student’s pleasure and suddenly one of the choir members was slain in the spirit. Now, I had never even heard of being slain in the spirit before and after witnessing that I was sure that I never wanted to see such a spectacle again. First she began to jumping preternaturally and eventually as she heated up jumping became running in place and running in place became running out of the building. I was standing in the foyer when all this was going on and witnessed some burly guy who was with the Church choir tackle the excited but slight young woman. The burly chap acted as if he was trying to hold down a Mexican jumping bean and by my observations it didn’t look like he was having much success. That was my first up close exposure to Pentecostalism. The things you learn at college chapel.

A second memory I have of Chapel was the incredible circus like ability of Jeff Holloway to be able to sleep during chapel. Jeff, as seated in one of those hard pews, would lean back and with a hymn book wedged between one knee and the pew in front of him, he would situate himself so that he could fit another hymn book as wedged between his neck and the back of the pew and in that position the man would get an hour of shut eye. It was an amazing skill and to this day I wished I had gotten a photo. Such balance and skill was a marvel to behold. I tried it more than once but I think Jeff was taller than me and so it worked for him and was only a frustration to me.

One more memory of chapel was the polyester “Amen” corner who sat in the front right of the sanctuary. They were called the polyester “Amen” corner because they were comprised of the ministerial students who, unlike the rest of us dregs, did not wear jeans, but instead decked themselves out in only the finest of polyester pants. They would sit up in that corner and like birds chirping on a electrical wire could be counted on making a funny clicking noise with their mouth followed by an exuberant, “AMEN.” When they really got going it sounded like hail on a tin roof. Ministerial students at Marion College were a sui-generis group. We will have more to say of them before this Centennial Celebration reminiscing is finished.

The man who ran the Dining Hall was a man named John Harsha. John cared about the students under his watch and did his best to provide decent food. (I wish I could say he always succeeded … but hey, institutional food in that epoch was what it was.) John was the head of something they called “SAGA” at the time. It was an obvious acronym the true meaning of which I have long forgotten. However, the students fondly said it stood for, “Soviet Attempt to Gag Americans.” Who knew the Cold War extended even to our dining hall? The College dining experience then isn’t like what you find today at Universities. Today, at many Universities, one can pretty much come and go as they like with a Cafeteria that is open 24-7, and even largely order their own meal. At Marion College in 1977 there were three meals a day and they ran a very precise eating schedule. I remember that breakfast was from 0700-0800. I remember because I don’t think I ate three breakfast meals in the 4 years I attended. Neither did many other folks. You could tell who the academic geeks were on Campus by going to breakfast because all 20-30 of them would be there every morning. Everyone else had enough sense to still be sleeping.

The Dining hall, when full, could get pretty uproarious. Upon entering one had to be immediately aware of the danger of flying ice cubes. No meal was satisfactory unless you were getting pelted with ice. But ice was pretty mild compared to the food fights that would occasionally break out. No one has dined well until they have had to duck a generous portion of flying tapioca headed in their direction. There was always the loud invective that could be heard being shouted across the dining hall as one student at one end of the dining hall would remonstrate with another student at the other end of the dining hall. One of my favorites was hearing Randy Sexton admonish Carl Flickinger to “Go gargle some broken glass Carl.” Then there was the splattered pizza on the Mirrors in the men’s Dining Hall restroom. (No, John, I never did that.) Upon entering the restroom the first thing that would go through one’s mind was, “What is there pizza doing on the mirror?” After awhile “pizza on the mirror” became as common place in the restroom as the paper towel dispenser. Indeed, so accustomed did I become to pizza on the bathroom mirror that I began to notice it missing in my home bathroom mirror after I graduated. The guys who had to clean up that mess every time pizza was served should have gotten all their meals for free. Dining at Marion College was not merely a epicurean experience. No, it was full on live roadhouse entertainment.

Next entry — Living In Williams Hall

Color Me Shocked

This article is by Rev. Larry Ball. I know Rev. Ball only slightly via social media.

I would have put some of these matters differently than Rev. Ball has and so it doesn’t have my unreserved “Good House-keeping Seal of Approval,” but for a mainstream Reformed publication this is some pretty heady stuff.

I think we have to keep in mind that Rev. Ball knows his audience and knows how far he could go with stating the truth on this subject so it may well be the case that Rev. Ball is shaving off the edges of what amounts to an article supporting Kinism.

Read the article and let me know what you think.