Requiescat in pace Linda Ruth Ehnis … Requiescat in Pace America

Just attended a funeral of a Sr. Citizen. She was appx. 83 years old. I did not know her well but all the same I found myself weeping during her eulogy and slide show. Not because I was missing or would miss the deceased. As I said I was there to support the family and did not know here well. I was weeping because in the eulogy and slide show giving glimpses into here life via photos I was hearing and seeing an America that is only barely remembered and is now almost dead itself. The eulogy that I was listening to was America’s Eulogy. The eulogy touched on the importance of the core Institutions of Family and Church in the life of the deceased. America was being eulogized by remembering times when the deceased was a wee one with both Grandmothers “living just across the field and so were easily visited.” The deceased grew up playing with cousins down by the stream where they would make tunnels in the tall grass when the tall grass would frost. America was being eulogized as a place where, when you saw your friends, you saw them in Church and in the one room school-house.

It was life on the small farm. Life where the little girls learned sewing, canning, baking and cooking and worked with mother to hand-make the Christmas gifts. The little boys on the other hand worked on the farm, cutting wood, milking, tilling, and baling hay.

One could not but help weep when the visions of these called forth memories came again to revisit, even though they were from the life of someone little known. The deceased’s eulogy could have been America’s eulogy. A different America. A forgotten America. An America that will not return… at least not in my lifetime for certain.

How could one but be deeply stirred when that America was remembered in light of the America that we see on the nightly news today? Even the Pastor couldn’t help but making an oblique comparison to then and now.

America wasn’t perfect but we were far closer to being a Nation in 1937. It was before the time when the third world began pouring in. A world where there was a shared world and life view. A world where there was enough of a common culture and history to unite us. Nobody was chanting “Diversity is our strength,” or had any idea of “White Privilege.” Sodomites were freaks in the closet and Trannies were properly laughed at. This “thinking” and these behaviors were still taboo when taboo functioned properly to protect the judicially innocent in the social order.

What a spectacle I must have been. A relative stranger weeping over the death of America in room full of people weeping over the death of their Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Aunt; who was for me the embodiment of America when America was far greater then she is now. I could own that America — or at least much of it. This new America leaves me nauseated, revolted, ashamed and fighting angry.

I am not romanticizing the past. Even in the America I heard eulogized today there was already a great deal of destruction afoot. The war criminal FDR was in office and our boys were not long for being shipped over to a war which we had no business being involved. There was plenty to complain about even in 1937. (The deceased was born in 1937.) The Federal Reserve and the illegally passed 16th amendment had been in place already a generation by this point. We had been too late in shutting the doors to immigration and that turn of the 20th century immigration and its seed would forever change American into what it is now. Still, the ill effects had yet to sift down to the middle America the deceased lived in and knew.

Requiescat in pace Linda Ruth Ehnis. Would to God that America had remained the Nation you were born into and grew up in.


Avalanches never develop instantly. They typically are slow starting. A pebble here and pebble there. Pebbles become small stones, small stones become middling rocks, middling rocks become boulders and eventually the whole hillside is cascading downward and melting every bit of foliage in its path.

In the last twenty years I’ve lived through the collapse of the hillside. I lived to see the pebbles become unfixed and moving. Five years before I was born Brown vs. the Board of Education rattled the pebbles in the American social order. Ten years later (I’m now five years old) the Civil Rights Act passes, followed the next year by the Voting Rights act and the Hart Celler Immigration Act and the SCOTUS Griswold vs. Connecticut decision. Each and all contributing to the coming social order avalanche that is now in the “destroy everything in its path phase.” When I was fourteen Roe v. Wade was passed which was promissory that one day there would be a “Lawrence vs. Texas” which in turn guaranteed that one day there would be a “Obergefell vs. Hodges.” Pebbles to stone to rocks to boulders. Avalanche.

All of this and so much more (No fault divorce, the necessity of two incomes thanks to the feminist movement, mattachine, Kinsey, Hefner, The Authoritarian Personality, Cultural Marxism, etc.) have moved the earth from under the feet of Americans in Avalanche. The social order which had been loosely based upon a Christian heritage moved from under our feet in avalanche.

And now in 2020 I find myself waking up to view video of Psalm Singers in Moscow, Idaho being cuffed for the crime of not wearing a mask while Psalm singing. We have gone from the crime to drinking while driving to the crime of not masking while singing. As if that wasn’t enough, just a wee bit later I’m privy, by video, to watch a young lady in Ohio being cuffed for attending an outside football game in which her son was playing being tasered and manhandled by a Cop for the crime of not wearing a mask. More than that I am daily bombarded by “News Stories” that are a thin tissues of lies intended to outrage the American Public. Vice is covered up and reported as virtue. Virtue is denigrated as vice.

The avalanche is moving fast and furious. We are living in full blow anarcho-tyranny social order which has replaced the moderate Christian social order in which I was raised. Anarcho-tyranny is the idea that the virtuous law-abiding citizen is tyrannized by the State while the criminal class are allowed to engage in criminal anarchy with no reprisal against them. How can anyone doubt this analysis?

Example #1

Louisville burns w/ only a comparative handful arrested Meanwhile in Moscow Idaho they are cuffing people for singing Psalms and not social distancing.

Example # 2

No arrests for throwing Molotov cocktails in Portland, Or. Meanwhile a woman at a sparsely attended kiddie football game is cuffed for not wearing a mask.

Example #3

Criminals like Breonna Taylor, Jacob Flake, Ahmaud Arbery, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown are treated like departed saints while Kyle Rittenhouse, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, Darren Wilson, and  Nicholas Sandmann — men and women who merely defended themselves from bodily harm or smiled inappropriately are publicly crucified.

Example #4

Churches are restricted from meeting in many states but the “peaceful protests” (aka — riots) are encouraged in many cities and states around the Country.

This is social order madness and evidence that we are living in a social order avalanche.

In California the State has fined a previously healthy Church into impoverishment and is working on shutting down John MacArthur’s large Baptist Church. All this while the pot shops and liquor stores remain open.

Even in what had been known previously as conservative Churches in conservative denominations are feeding the avalanche. The Gospel Coalition is a thoroughly Cultural Marxist organization that prints the occasional orthodox piece for cover. Mark Dever’s 9Marks might as well be called 9Marx. R2K, by demanding that Church’s not engage culture by the standards of a full orbed Christianity creates a vacuum in Churches that is filled by cultural Marxism. Seminaries employ Cultural Marxists hiding under a very thin Christian veneer. The Southern Baptists embrace Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as legitimate analytical tools by which our culture can be analyzed. The PCA is playing with Revoice. The OPC is playing with Feminism. Avalanche as far as the eyes can see and all of this is just the last few years.

I’ve gotten to the point that I’m leery of getting up in the morning for fear of reading of the next movement in our perpetual avalanche.

For those of us who see all this … for those of us who understand that where this is tending is towards the genocide of white people for the crime of historic association with Jesus Christ as a people and all Biblical Christians regardless of race, this is a time where all we can do is hold on to God’s Word which reminds us that

1 God is our refuge and strength,

    an ever-present help in trouble.

2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way

    and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,

3 though its waters roar and foam

    and the mountains quake with their surging.

We just have to resolve ourselves that these are the times God has predestined us for and harden ourselves to being faithful in times of avalanche.

Allow me to say this in ending… this is a time to know the reason for the hope that lies within us. This is the age of the apologist. We need to stalwartly defend our convictions and viciously attack the convictions of the enemy. We need to realize that we are not going to be given any quarter and we need to steel ourselves against giving any quarter. The Black Flag has been raised against Christ and Christianity and we Christians need to give a good account of our loyalty to Christ by meeting the enemy by being valiant.

Caldwell & McAtee on the Ever Morphing Constitution

“The changes of the 1960’s, with civil rights at their core, were not just a major new element in the Constitution. They were a rival Constitution, with which the original one was frequently incompatible — and the incompatibility would worsen as the civil rights regime was built out. Much of what we call “polarization,’ or ‘incivility’ in recent years is something more grave — it is the disagreement over which two constitutions will prevail: the dejure constitution of 1788, with all the traditional forms of jurisprudential legitimacy and centuries of American culture behind it; or the defacto constitution of 1964, which lacks this kind of legitimacy but commands the near-unanimous endorsement of judicial elites and civic educators and the passionate allegiance of those who received it as liberation. The increasingly necessity that citizens choose between these two orders, and the poisonous conflict into which it ultimately drove the country, is what this book describes.

“Christopher Caldwell
The Age of Entitlement; America Since the Sixties — p. 6

The only error above is that the “new Constitution” that Caldwell speaks off didn’t arrive en toto in 1964 with the Civil Rights legislation. What happened in 1964 wasn’t a sudden break with the original Constitution but merely the natural extension of what was put into motion with the 13th – 15th amendments. One should think of 1964 as just another punctuated apex along the way from 1865 forward.

Other punctuated apexes came with Theodore Roosevelt and his square deal progressivism which advocated for TR’s “three C’s; “conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection,” each which were outside the bounds of the original Constitutions delegated and enumerated powers granted to the Federal Government. TR’s grasp at extra-Constitutional power is seen in his “New Nationalism” speech,

“When I say that I am for the square deal, I mean not merely that I stand for fair play under the present rules of the game, but that I stand for having those rules changed so as to work for a more substantial equality of opportunity and of reward for equally good service.”

What else is the idea of “changing the rules” except for “changing the Constitution?”

Another punctuated apex that violated the original Constitution came with Woodrow Wilson’s Federal Reserve and 16th amendment. The original Constitution in Article I section 8 delegated to the Federal Government the power to coin money. Though admittedly long debated, the Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional addition to the original Constitution. In addition to that the 16th amendment was not legally passed. When Wilson left office the morphing of the original Constitution had continued.

Finally, FDR saw the original Constitution continued to be morphed into a new Constitution with FDR’s alphabet soup legislation which had no justification in the original US Constitution. None of FDR’s Fascist ABC legislation was connected to the original Constitutions enumerated and delegated powers.

Much more could be said on this subject. I do like the Caldwell quote but we need to keep in mind that the Constitution had long been morphing long before the Civil Rights legislation though indeed it is without doubt true that the Civil Rights legislation was and remains completely unconstitutional.

Blah and Mo-Blah & The Desiring Goof

 “I don’t want liberty for secularists because secularism is true — it isn’t. Secularism is an opium dream, complete with flashing eyes and floating hair. I want liberty for secularists because Jesus is Lord.”

Doug Wilson
Moscow’s Pope

 We have a God-centered ground for making room for atheism….We believe this tolerance is rooted in the very nature of the gospel of Christ.  

John Piper
The Desiring Goof

1.) Jesus is Lord therefore we should allow in the public square those who, when consistent, would kill those who say “Jesus is Lord?” Jesus is Lord therefore we should allow in the public square those who are doing all they can to extinguish the Lordship of Jesus Christ? We should advocate liberty for Christ haters because Jesus is Lord?

Keep in mind that when Wilson says “Jesus is Lord,” and then desires to a social order that allows for people to deny the Lordship of Jesus Christ Wilson is saying that “Jesus isn’t Lord.” How can Wilson claim he is postmillennial when he pursues a pluralistic social order where all the gods and there adherents are allowed into the public square? Do those who believe that Jesus is Lord champion, by way of policy, a social order where Lord Jesus is relegated to competing with the other Lords?

If Pope Doug I were consistent why couldn’t he just as easily say; ” “I don’t want liberty for satanists, Muslims, Talmudists, etc. because satanism, Islam, and Talmudism, etc. is true — it isn’t. Satanism, Islam, and Talmudism is an opium dream, complete with flashing eyes and floating hair. I want liberty for satanists, Muslims, and Talmudists because Jesus is Lord?”

Wilson’s words are ridiculous.

2.) Turning to Piper we just have to laugh. The tolerance of atheists is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Remember this Gospel finds Jesus saying… “I am the way the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father except through me?” Remember this Gospel finds Jesus saying, “He who does not gather with me, scatters.” There is no tolerance in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Desiring Goof blasphemes God when he suggest that the tolerance of atheists in a social order is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How tolerant was Paul in Athens?

Both Wilson and Piper remain children of the Enlightenment. That is seen by their embrace of tolerance and false notions of liberty that include tolerance. What they are advocating doesn’t really allow for tolerance. Where is the tolerance for those Muslims who only want to see Allah served in the public square? Where is the tolerance for those Christians who only want to see the God of the Bible served in the public square? Now, it is possible that they would reply to this by saying, “Very well then. We want tolerance for all those who will accept tolerance but not for the intolerant.” However, at this point they have insisted that the one way tolerance must work is for their singular one way of allowing for every way except for those who desire just one way. Do you see the contradiction they are in? They and their tolerance in the end is just as intolerant as those who desire only the God of the Bible and His adherents to rule in and occupy the public square.

With these convictions Wilson and Piper really are working against the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

The Lugenpress’ Problem with Qanon

This morning in my daily scan of the “News,” I noticed two stories burrowing in on the Qanon phenomena.

Clearly, the Qanon reality has the lugenpress nervous. One might suggest that the sudden attention being given to Qanon by the Political structure and the Press is an example of “Me thinketh the lady doth protest too much” protesting.

The ABC story had this quote,

“In its broadest outlines, the QAnon conspiracy theory rests on the baseless belief that Trump is secretly battling a global network of billionaire pedophiles, devil-worshiping Democrats and baby-eating Hollywood stars and their “deep state” counterparts embedded in the U.S. federal government’s sprawling bureaucracy.”

ABC news article

Let’s briefly say something about how ABC is desperately trying dismiss Qanon as nothing but a conspiracy theory.

1.) I remember Pizza-gate, Spirit-cooking, the Podesta brothers story on the missing child in Europe connected to them, and Anthony Wiener’s computer story. I believe this theory, without even having read QAnon.

2.) I believe the stories of childhood actor Cory Feldman. I remember Hollywood Director Roman Polanski’s tryst with a 13 year old wherein he was charged with rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14.

3.) Jeffrey Epstein was only two years ago. Can this ABC article think we are so stupid as not to be able to remember all the pedophilia Epstein and Clinton and Dershowitz and others were involved in?