Imagine John Lennon as Converted

Imagine there’s no ISIS
It’s easy if you try
No Muslims among us
Around us no PC lies
Imagine all Nations
Living for God’s Praise

Imagine there’s no Marxists
It isn’t hard to do
No equality BS
And no dialectic too
Imagine all God’s people
Living as postmills

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the World will be then won

Imagine no Progressives
I wonder if you can
No envy or malice
The fulfillment of God’s plan
Imagine all God’s people
Conquering all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be then won

The Dark Soul-ed Storm

Europe’s Sons,  adopted by God
Have rejected Christ and forsaken kin
Bear the Father’s wrath and rod
Just penalty for such rebellious sin
Judgment is this dark souled storm
Abaddon’s migrant locust swarm

Will warning come from God’s Kirk?
Siren from the place of truth?
Alas, the prophet’s voice is now berserk
And the Holy desk is a carny booth
Judgment is this dark souled storm
That finds the Kirk in Apollyon’s form

A consecrated remnant can still be found
A band of blades for Christ supplied
But enough to halt the  Cerberus hound?
Or to turn back the dark souled tide?
Relief must come from He who calmed the storm
And those committed to Christ’s Reform

Arise ye clan of bards, prepare for siege
Kindred of Christ and Europe’s blood
We must defend our Lord and Liege
We must roll back the Dragon flood
For Christ and Country and future Kin
To now repose ‘twould be mortal sin

Ascension Day

Ascended now to take your ordained place
as Mediatorial King and Gladiatorial Priest
Sender of comfort, Champion of Grace
Sovereign over tribes, nations, and race
Guarantor of the promised Warrior feast

We honor thy Ascension in full throated song
We sing of thy mercy, that protects and defends
We hallow thy prayer life that keeps your host strong
Thus, secure is our future with the worshiping throng
All hail thee Ascended One, thy praise never ends

We pray thee, now, our Ascended King
Conquer thy enemies and crush their false gods
Teach them repentance or give them thy rod
Build up thy household so all men might bring
The glory, and honor, due our Warrior King