“The Great Replacement Theory”

Called “The Great Replacement Theory,” as birthed in Halls of power
It would cover the globe in color, while the Caucasian is devoured
Created in conjunction with the honored and inspired shibboleth
That all those who hate wisdom, have a preoccupation with death

The Great Replacement theory was conceived by Mephistopheles
And delivered to his Illuminati — his somewhat mortal corporate Trustees
It was they who were charged, with creating an expanding global plan
To mix the breeds together so as to create one New World Order Man

And so the high and mighty, those counted exalted throughout the land
Gathered in their covens, to reap a black harvest concocted by black hands
There gathered was Kalergi’s shade, an inspiration to all the rest
There gathered Red-Shields, Rockefellers, and their demon minions of the West

They resolved to put the European down, to cast the white man into Hell
The only question pondered upon was “which was the appropriate spell?
Was it better to create Caucasian wars where white men would be erased?
Or was it better to spread pestilence, and famine for destruction of the race?

Better still they discerned, to kill the European slowly and incrementally expunge
We will open his borders ever wider to the alien while his birthrates steadily plunge
We will drive him into final extinction by his pursuit of erotimania sexual joy
We will work it drip by drip so that he can not distinguish between a girl and a boy

And then in the fullness of time when the European finally decides a child to conceive
We will fill her head with a preference for a marriage bed with a Tanzanian or Japanese
We will convince him that a desire for children that favor him in deportment and appearing
Is really the fruit of a desire for incest, and so a horrid and malevolent kind of queering

This Mephistopheles band of Illuminati who designed the Great Replacement theory
Included a spike in sodomy and pedo to answer “how to replace the white man query”
For good measure they included ginning up the White man’s loathing and his hate
For all his forebears achievement and all the Christian faith that made his fathers great

And so was pursued the project of the Great Replacement task by the Illuminati gay
The project to eclipse the Christian European White man into coffee colored latte
The project to forever wipe out Christendom in favor of Mephistopheles as Lord
The project to swallow the Christian European White man in the swelling pagan hordes

With Apologies to Manly Hall

The world is charged with the grandeur of God
It shines out, like innocence from a child
It’s magnificence like bruised love reconciled
Why do fools then announce Him a fraud
Being blind to that which leaves lesser men awed?
Such fools build as rebels, energetic in their toil
Resolved to construct a tower of straw and wet soil
Only to come to the end to feel the wrath of His rod

And during all this, man knows all along
The suppression never quite reaches the source of the true
Never quite quenches the glorious song
So he works to drown out what face to face he once knew
Finding some solace in seeing that he’s joined by that throng
Which has jointly resolved to succeed in Adam’s failed coup

Christmas In Scripture

A promise to crush the dragon’s head
A Kinsman Redeemer to deliver my soul
The Passover becoming our living bread
A serpent hoisted high on a pole
Christmas in Scripture has Christ as the goal

A goat led away to remove all our sin
Another goat slaughtered so as to atone
Blood on the mercy seat sprinkled within
Prophets deserted and suffering alone
Christmas in Scripture is how Christ is known

Smoking pots, and slain beasts lying in half
Sacrifices and Covenant and the promised seed
An ark which is Christ and a child named laugh
Priests in the Holy of Holies, standing to plead
Christmas in Scripture is our doctrine and creed

With Apologies to Don McLean

This was written before McDurmon was fired as head of American Vision

Oh and while RJR was looking down
His son-in-law stole his lawful crown
The courtroom was adjourned
A guilty verdict was returned

And while McDurmon morphed on into Marx
The Antifa slaughtered in the park
And we sang dirges in the dark
The day Theonomy died

We were singin’

Bye, bye Christian faith against lies
AV has been conquered by Bulgarian spies
Gary North’s boys have given the Church a black eye
Singin’ this’ll be the day we make em cry
This’ll be the day we make them cry

Wherein I Postmillennially Improve…”O Worship the King.”

O worship the King,
all glorious above,
And gratefully sing
His power and His love;
Our Shield and Defender,
the Ancient of Days,
Pavilioned in splendor,
and girded with praise

O sing of His Reign
His Dominion and rule
His Global Domain
Wherein Men serve as tools
Our Lord and our Fuhrer
Our Strength for the fight
Battle Procurer
Who arms us with right