de Maistre, Robespierre, Van Drunnen, R2K & The Social Edifice

“When we reflect on the attested facts of all history, when we understand that in the chain of human institutions, from those that have marked the great turning points in history down to the smallest social organization, from empires down to brotherhoods, all have a divine foundation, and that human power, whenever it isolates itself, can only give its works a false and passing existence, what are we to think of the new French structure and the power that produced it? For myself, I will never believe in the fecundity of nothing.”

Joseph de Maistre
Considerations on France — p. 42

De Maistre’s point in this section is, as he says elsewhere, “every imaginable institution is founded on a religious concept or it is only a passing phenomenon.” De Maistre is driving at the point that what he calls the social edifice is hopelessly religious and any attempt to strip it of its foundation of religion will only result in “a false and passing existence.”

What de Maistre rightly points out concerning the work of Jacobins and Revolutionaries to strip the social edifice of its religious foundation is precisely what R2K is pursuing. Like the Jacobins and the Philosophes of the French Revolution R2K desires to strip the social edifice of Christ by declaring for a public square (de Maistre’s “social edifice) that is no longer animated by and founded upon Christ. Inasmuch as R2K argues that a culture cannot be Christian, that a family cannot be Christian, that education cannot be Christian, that law cannot be Christian, in that much R2K is arguing for precisely the same social edifice that the Robespierre, Marat, and Danton desired.

Good night people… do you realize what we have done by allowing R2K into our Seminaries, Churches and pulpits? We have invited the intellectual descendants of the Jacobins and Philosophes into our Churches. Robespierre gave us the goddess of Reason to govern the social edifice. Similarly Van Drunnen has given us the goddess of Natural law to govern the social edifice. The only difference between the two is while Robespierre admitted that he was giving the people a new god, Van Drunnen wants to insist that this new god is the same God we’ve always served. Frankly, if forced to choose between Robespierre’s goddess of Reason and D. G. Hart’s God of Natural Law I’ll choose Robespierre. At least Robespierre isn’t pissing on my boot while telling me it’s raining out.

Joseph De Maistre Quotes

“There is nothing but violence in the universe; but we are spoiled by a modern philosophy that tells us all is good, whereas evil has tainted everything, and in a very real sense, all is evil, since nothing is in its place. The keynote of the system of our creation has been lowered, and following the rules of harmony, all the others have been lowered proportionally. All creation groans, and tends with pain and effort towards another order of things.

The spectators of great human calamities, especially, are led to these sad meditations. But let us not lose courage: there is no chastisement that does not purify; there is no disorder that ETERNAL LOVE does not turn against the principle of evil. It is gratifying amid the general upheaval to have a presentiment of the plans of Divinity. We will never see the complete picture during our earthly sojourn, and often we will deceive ourselves: but in all possible sciences, except the exact sciences, are we not reduced to conjecture? And if our conjectures are plausible, if there are analogies for them, if they are based on universally accepted ideas, above all if they are consoling and suited to make us better men, what do they lack? If they are not true, they are good; or rather, since they are good, are they not true?”

Joseph de Maistre
Considerations on France — p. 31

The first paragraph could be easily said in a sermon on the Fall and / or on the nature of man.

The second paragraph could be easily said in a sermon on God’s sovereignty or on God’s providence or on God’s Governance.


“But a constitution which is made for all nations is made for none: it is a pure abstraction, a school exercise whose purpose is to exercise the mind in accordance with a hypothetical ideal…What is a constitution? Is it not the solution to the following problem: to find the laws that are fitting for a particular nation, given its population, its customs, its religion, its geographical situation, its political relations, its wealth, and its good and bad qualities?”

Joseph de Maistre
18th Century Kinist


“We brand someone who steals one centime from his friend’s pocket; if he steals only his friends wife, it is nothing. Brilliant crimes involving great or likable qualities, especially when they are rewarded by success, are pardoned or even admired.”

Joseph de Maistre
Considerations on France — p. 10


“When a philosopher justifies evil by the glorious end in view, when he says in his heart, ‘Let there be a hundred thousand murders, provided we are free,’ and Providence replies, ‘I accept your offer, but you must be included in the number,’ where is the injustice when that is exactly what happens?”

Joseph de Maistre
Considerations On France — p. 10


“Every nation, like every individual has received a mission that it must fulfill.”

Joseph de Maistre
Considerations on France — p. 9


“We are all attached to the throne of the Supreme Being by a supple chain that restrains us without enslaving us. Nothing is more admirable in the universal order of things than the action of free being under the divine hand. Freely slaves, they act voluntarily and necessarily at the same time; they really do what they will, but without being able to disturb the general plans. Each of these being occupies the center of a sphere of activity whose diameter varies according to the will of the Eternal Geometer, who can extend, restrict, check or direct the will without altering the nature.”

Joseph de Maistre
Considerations On France — p. 3


“In a word we can say that blood is the manure of the plant we call genius.”

Joseph de Maistre
Considerations on France — p. 29


“I have seen Frenchmen, Italians, Russians … I know, too, thanks to Montesquieu, that one can be a Persian. But as for man, I declare that I have never met him in my life; if he exists, he is unknown to me.”

Joseph de Maistre
As Kinist a statement as one can find.

Color Revolutions

The phrase “Color Revolutions” has become part of our parlance today. The phrase has been around at least since the mid-80’s when Ferdinand Marcos was run out of the Philippines in what became known as the “Yellow Revolution.” Since then we’ve had Orange Revolution in Ukraine, Blue Revolution in Kuwait, Rose Revolution in Georgia and Velvet Revolution in the former Czechoslovakia, and many others. What these Revolutions all have in common is that they are AstroTurf Revolutions. This means that the Revolutions are not grass-roots (organic) but are being manipulated upon countries from outside interests with deep pockets. A Revolution can be foisted upon a people by a supreme organizing effort wherein as low as 1-2% of the population is activated in order to make it appear that the whole country is dissatisfied and so in unrest.

Some might insist that most Revolutions take on this kind of AstroTurf characterization. Certainly earlier Revolutions like the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution as well as the Chinese Revolutions were not grass roots but were the result of a well organized and well financed outside manipulative effort. It is little known, for example, that the Bolshevik Revolution was largely financed by wealthy Wall Street Western Jewish interests. (See Anthony Sutton’s “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution”) Likewise the French Revolution has long been suspected to have been financed and manipulated by the wealth of the Duc d’ Orleans.

Another characterization of color Revolutions is that they typically move the country in which they are activated, in a tyrannical direction. The result of such Color Revolutions is, generally speaking, not more freedom for the general population.

With the repetitive success of these Astroturf Color Revolutions sociological experts have begun to recognize a pattern in how these Revolutions progress. Below is a handy dandy answer sheet on how to conduct your own Color Revolution.

1.) A regime that is semi-autocratic must first exist or the party in power must be perceived as at least semi-autocratic.

There must exist oppression or at least the perception of oppression or else the Color Revolution can’t get rolling. In the USA this perception of oppression is perceived as racial. Minorities in America have been convinced by the Cultural Marxists that they have been victimized by White Christians and so are oppressed peoples. As such organization like “Black Lives Matter” rise. Indeed, our Color Revolution occurring here in the States might well be referenced as the Black Revolution.

2.) The head of the regime (President / Prime Minister) must be seen as unpopular.

The media is forever telling us how unpopular Trump is, and this despite that Trump’s popularity ratings are often higher than where Obama’s or Bush’s were at a similar point in their Presidencies.

3.) There must be united and organized opposition. This can be typically done by activists and various front groups unifying in opposition.

Currently in the US leftist minority organizations, as well as Marxist organizations are all connecting to push the Black Lives Matter agenda. This organized opposition has deep pockets as Silicon Valley and Corporate America are writing checks hand over fist for Black Lives Matter.

4.) Effective system to allow for early voting fraud has taken place.

Obviously, the mail in voting system now in place in many States exists for the purpose of creating fraud and confusion. In point of fact it is almost certainly guaranteed already that we will never know for a certainty who will have won the 2020 Presidential election in these US.

5.) Compliant media to alert citizens of putative voter fraud


In point of fact there is going to be so much dust in the air, and blackouts of media outlets that report favorably on any Trump vote count following November 03 that it will be hard for anybody to know anything about what is really going on with election tallies.

6.) Political opposition able to mobilize tens of thousands taking to the streets

What has been a squall up to this point in America’s major cities will turn into a raging tempest following 03 November. Keep in mind that these riots are happening because that is exactly what the political powers that be desire.

7.) Divided loyalties in the police and military around country

The Color Revolution can’t succeed without some official muscle in its corner. As such there is a need for the current ongoing Color Revolution to have a large portion of the official enforcement mechanisms in this country supporting them. This is why you’ve heard Joe Biden talk several times now about how Trump is going to be frog marched from the oval office by the US Military. Alzheimer Joe is signalling the US Military on what will need to be done to complete this Color Revolution.

Nothing that you are seeing is real in our cities right now in the sense that this rioting is organic. It is paid for just as it was paid for in Paris in 1789 and just as it was paid for in Moscow in 1918.

Those creating chaos here in the US are a insignificant and criminal percentage of the population. That doesn’t mean they can’t be successful.

A Brief Paean Unto White Privilege

I am thankful to God for growing up with white privilege in the macro culture. I pray that my grandchildren may yet know that white privilege though I’m doubting they will in the macro culture.

White privilege meant that I was able to deliver papers @ 6am in the morning from about 12 years old to 16. I would get up when it was dark out and bicycle into town and then deliver the local afternoon paper again after school. White privilege meant that my parents didn’t have to worry about me being on the city streets of the small city I grew up in by myself at the wee early hours of the mornings slinging newspapers. White privilege meant that I could wander the neighborhood and play around the lake shore of each neighbors house without my folks having to worry if I would be ok. White privilege meant I could forget my ball mitt at the ball park and come back 6 hours later and find it there. White privilege meant that I didn’t have to chain my bike to some tree in order to make sure it wasn’t stolen. White privilege meant that when the little old lady on the paper route offered some apple spice cake I didn’t have to worry that she might have laced it with heroin. White privilege meant that same little old lady would routinely lecture me that “honesty was the best policy.” White privilege meant I learned the Queen’s English in School and not Ebonics. White privilege meant that my friends didn’t rape my sister when they came over to visit. White privilege meant playing pickup ball games that didn’t end with fisticuffs because someone cheated. White privilege meant remembering Doctor house visits when I was ill. White privilege was businesses closed down on Sundays so God’s day would be honored as a “day of rest.” White privilege was addressing one’s elders as “Yes Sir,” and “No Maam.”

White privilege for my family meant my grandparents working from dusk to dawn milking cows and farming, and watching my Mother work herself to the bone to try and keep the all the plates spinning. White privilege, thus meant learning what I would later identify as a Protestant work ethic. White privilege meant learning that there is no such thing as a free lunch and a man deserves only what he works for and earns.

As I look back now knowing far more now then I did then I realize that even then White privilege was being chipped away. School teachers were already in the 70’s advancing the agenda of the New World Order which hates white privilege. I didn’t see it then. I look back and see it now. Already in the 70’s whites were involved in suicidal altruism in their dealings with criminal minorities. There should’ve been more Mayor Daley’s and and fewer Journalist lying about what really happened in Chicago in 1968. There should have been more exposure of the chicanery of Martin Luther King Jr. with his communist roots, his rampant plagiarism, and his gutter character with women. The whole civil rights movement was a Marxist attack on white privilege and the new social order birthed with the success of the civil rights movement has been one which all people — black and white — have suffered grievous injury. The Hart-Celler immigration act was a canon broadside fired and hitting white privilege.

The ironic thing is that at the very point in time when white privilege has been eliminated is the point in time where people are howling about its existence.

A final thing about this idea of white privilege… White privilege only existed because White people were so infused with the remaining fumes of Christianity. White privilege really is, in point of fact, Christian privilege. The complaints about White privilege today are really just a masquerade for hatred of the bare remnants of Christianity which remain in this country. What those who are whining about White privilege really want is license to create a social order where wickedness isn’t checked.

Yes I thank God for the white privilege I grew up with.

Same-Sex Attracted but Celibate

“Allberry’s use of the term ‘same-sex attraction’ is concerning because of the impression it gives that sodomite feelings are in some way to be excused.”

Enoch Burke
Hedonism & Homosexuality — p. 79

I can understand why Paul asked the Galatians… “Who has bewitched you.” In that context St. Paul was dumbfounded that anybody could have returned to the Judaizing doctrine of Justification by works. I would like to say to the modern American church … “Who has bewitched you?” How could anybody be satisfied with the idea that sodomites impulses are just fine as long as they are not acted upon? Queer but celibate is an acceptable category? “American Christians… who has bewitched you?”

Sam Allberry in one of his “I’m same-sex attracted but I am celibate” diatribes faults the Church for too often thinking it needs to challenge a sodomite coupling when they attend church over their lifestyle playing the “but you don’t do that when an unmarried couple who live together show up in Church” card. Allberry is suggesting if we don’t challenge one we shouldn’t challenge the other about their immoral lifestyles.

This willingness to believe this shows that we are bewitched. Would you countenance someone saying, “I am Holstein-cow attracted?” If someone showed up to attend church with their mare horse and confessed that they were sexually attracted to horses would you say to yourself…

“Well, as I wouldn’t question a visiting man and woman about their living together as unmarried when they showed up as visitors to church therefore I shouldn’t question the Man and mare horse that just showed up for Church out of a matter of civility, good manners, and Christian charity. After all, a man and woman living together unmarried and having sex out of wedlock is no more sinful then a man and a mare horse living together unmarried and having sex out of wedlock?”

The fact that we have made peace with sodomy in the Church is seen in that we can treat same-sex attracted but celibate sodomites as if they are not mentally unhinged. We wouldn’t treat someone who confessed to us that they were dead people attracted but celibate as not unhinged. Why do we accept the idea that someone who is same-sex attracted but celibate as not mentally unhinged?