Littlejohn meets Big Bret

So what Littleboy is giving us here is a warmed over Hegelianism, for all practical purposes.

“For truth is the Unity of the Universal and subjective Will; and the Universal is to be found in the State, in its laws, its universal and rational arrangements. The State is the Divine Idea as it exists on Earth. We have in it, therefore, the object of History in a more definite shape than before; that in which Freedom obtains objectivity, and lives in the enjoyment of this objectivity.”

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
The Philosophy of History — 1840

Littleboy is teaching that in this life the State is God. PERIOD. It can do what it likes and we as Christians must obey. The Church can make moral declamations but it has no earthly power. The Church may indeed be and often is errant. The Church, per Littleboy, is a completely spiritual organization (taking “spiritual” to mean “of no practical consequence.”)

So, for Littleboy when the Stalin says “Kill the Ukrainian Christians” then the State being God walking on the earth (the Erastian model) then Christians at most have to get out of the way.

Second, Littleboy might love him some Erastus and Marsiglio da Padova but unfortunately our Constitution(s) don’t find those two quoted much. The US Constitutions as well as most State Constitutions are clear on this… The State may not infringe on Religious freedoms;” No, not even in a scamdemic. The State is limited to enumerated and delegated powers one of which is not closing churches down — no not even during pandemics.

Now the State can certainly and ought to advise the Church but the Church being God’s Kingdom makes its own decisions. Littleboy seems to have forgotten the idea of jurisdictions. The State has no jurisdiction in the Kingdom realm. This is why the State does not tax the Church. The State has no powers of taxation over a foreign entity. The Church is akin to an foreign Embassy and as such the State does not have jurisdiction over that Embassy and those who serve in that embassy. For the State(s) to dictate to the Church whether or not the Church can gather for worship is akin to the State dictating to foreign embassy whether or not they can gather for work.

Littleboy’s observations about the Church holding no fear for the State may be true but what is also true is that the pagan State knows that if any opposition will ever arise to this current skubala state it will be connected to Christianity in some way. As such, the State is doing now what Marxist States have always done … it is seeking to pull whatever remains of the cultural power of the Church out of the ground by closing the Churches.

If the Church is not Kingdom enough to gather on the Lord’s Day for Worship, if it can effectively deny the means of grace to the flock merely because the Pagan State as belonging to the Satan’s Kingdom say’s “That is not allowed,” then the Church is in no sense at all a Kingdom. Littleboy’s argument is a reductio ad absurdum that reduces Christ’s Kingdom to the imagination all the while insisting against all evidence that it is a real something.

In the end Littleboy is just an overeducated surrender monkey. One can’t take a piss these days without hitting one. His analysis finds us embracing the reality that “in the state we live and move and have our being.” The idea that he is connected to anything with the name “Burke” on it is an irony of the deepest sort.

Diversity is our Strength; The Greatest Gaslighting Project in Human History

As everyone knows who isn’t in some cave in a long forgotten tropical island who is still holding out against the Allies in order to honor the Emperor our times are characterized by the push for the holy grail of diversity. Toronto even has in its coat of arms, “Diversity is our strength.”

Fortune 500 companies pay their employees to attend seminars devoted to pushing diversity and “racial sensitivity training.” The US Military as well as the whole US Government structure likewise have asked the demons of diversity to possess them. Even in the world I inhabit — the Evangelical Deep Church — has adopted this mindset with wild eyed mavens insisting that the local congregations which are the most racially diverse are the most holy and the most loved by God.

Of course all this diversity is in pursuit of ideological and cultural uniformity. There is diversity in all this diversity-mongering the way there is sincerity in a hooker telling her latest John, “I love you.” The multicultural push for diversity is in point of fact the greatest amalgamation project since Genesis 11’s historically reliable record of the tower of Babel.

This diversity push would have white people, brown people, black people, red people, and yellow people all thinking like slaves. This diversity would squeeze all the uniqueness out of being French, Shona, Japanese, Peruvian, and Cherokee in favor of a cog, one size fits all, racial and ethnic identity. This diversity is committed to eliminating diversity. Once everyone thinks in terms of the same “New World Order slave dreck diversity” everyone can interbreed so that who God has made us racially and ethnically can partake of the same sameness that will already be part of our thinking. Diversity is our strength really means uniformity is our slavery.

More than that, over the course of time this succubus “diversity” agenda becomes just another form of enslavement and tyranny for those who alone will remain genuinely diverse and distinct from the herd of cookie cutter humanity. This will be the eventuality if the “diversity is our strength” psychopathic lunatics have their way.

They have already advanced their agenda with the mass moving around of peoples into the formerly White Western Christian countries. You don’t really think this has all happened by chance do you? The West, and the West alone has been culturally enriched with the “image of God” dregs of mankind — all racially, ethnically, linguistically, and theologically vastly different from their new “homes.” It’s been like putting ketchup and horseradish on your Ice Cream.

However, now that the third world other is here, the State, being controlled by the International Bankers who are largely responsible for pursuing this globalist mélange, demands that we, the White Western Christian people of the West, assimilate with the vile Christ-hating fens of Africa, Latin America, and Asia — an assimilation which will mean the end of our undoubted catholic Christian faith as exchanged for either some kind of Bahai paganism or Robespierreian worship of “reason.” In this pursuit of assimilation the compromised State shoves down the throat of Westerners oppressive measures to fund our own demise.

1.) Confiscatory taxation to pay the way for those who hate us and our God.

2.) Bureaucratic regulations that will find affirmative action programs that promote the alien and the stranger while penalizing our children.

3.)Further denial of the right of association forcing us to “mingle” with those who practice cliterectomy, defecating in the public square, and bedding children as a matter of habit.

4.) The social engineering of our social order institutions like families and schools so that we all rejoicing in the browning of America.

5.) The imposition of more “hate crime” legislation which is really just a form of thought and speech control and a clever circumvention of our God given liberty.

6.) More attacks on the 2nd amendment so that the Heritage Americans can’t defend themselves from this new minority criminal class.

Diversity is tyranny as exercised against White Christian Westerners. This multicultural, multi-faith, multi-racial, pluralist diverse social order garbage soup is the death of the West and the God who made the West the West in favor of a sulfur social order where Lucifer is god. In this social order you will have all the liberty of the slaves of Mordor.

Biblically defined liberty is impossible among a people who believe the fecal idea that “Diversity is our strength.” The best example of diversity is found in a garbage pit where all the various refuse is thoughtlessly discarded. In a garbage pit there is no particularity, no distinctions, and no order. You want a vision of the future where “Diversity is our strength” is given its head? Then visit your local garbage dump.

Kevin DeYoung Proves He Doesn’t Understand that Theology Remains the Queen of the Sciences

“I fear that in the months and years ahead we will see Christians and churches and gospel movements reshuffling their associations based upon a unity not in shared Christological and soteriological truths but in the sameness of our political and cultural instincts.”

Rev. Kevin De Young

This reveals how stupid our clergy is. DeYoung is considered a leader among the Young and Reformed crowd but do you see how jejune this sentiment is? DeYoung complains that people are switching churches because they want to find a sameness in political and cultural instincts while suggesting at the same time that we are surrendering shared Christological and soteriological truths as the ground for our unity.

HOWEVER, as anybody who has any understanding of Theology knows people are, generally speaking, going to have a sameness of political and cultural instincts because they have the same theology. Theology drives everything. EVERYTHING. The reason that people will share the same political and cultural instincts is because they share the same theological instincts.

Now, to be sure, there are always going to be those who share political and cultural instincts who do not share theological instincts including soteriology and Christology. I personally know a chap who is a Open Theist who affirms the ongoing validity of God’s law. Weird combinations exist. But on the whole people with a shared Christology and soteriology are going to have a sameness is their political and cultural instincts. If they don’t then there is a huge contradiction and / or a felicitous inconsistency in their thinking somewhere.

I don’t want to be in a Church with people whom I putatively share Christology and Soteriology sameness who have the opposite political and cultural instincts that I have. Those differences mean we are serving a different God.

DeYoung is not a wise man.

It’s Not A Gnostic Heaven… We are Gathered to Our Fathers

And the LORD said to Moses, “You will soon rest with your fathers… Deuteronomy 31:16

15You, however, will go to your fathers in peace and be buried at a ripe old age. Genesis 15:15 (God speaking to Abraham)

Then Abraham breathed his last and died in a good old age, an old man and full of years, and was gathered to his people. Gen. 25:8

So Isaac breathed his last and died, and was gathered to his people, being old and full of days. And his sons Esau and Jacob buried him. Genesis 35:29

And when Jacob had finished commanding his sons, he drew his feet up into the bed and breathed his last, and was gathered to his people. Genesis 49:33

“For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell asleep, was buried with his fathers, and saw corruption; Acts 13:36

A common phrase in the Old Testament for death is “to be gathered with his fathers” or “gathered to his people.” We can pass right over this without pausing to reflect on the pregnant meaning of the text. In death the saints are not placed in an undifferentiated and mass people, but rather they are gathered to their clan, family and people. The assumption clearly is that grace runs in covenantal lines. Even in death the covenant bonds of Christian family are not extinguished.

The after life then is not merely a mass collection of individuals but will be characterized by the eternal reunion of families as in Christ. This language underscores that God works covenantally in salvation. The Christian expectation is that God saves us, our children, and our grandchildren to a thousand generations and further that those familial generations will be gathered in the after life as family.

At that time the circle will be unbroken.

That this mindset continues right through to the last book of the Bible is seen by the presence of all those nations as nations in the New Jerusalem. (Revelation 21:24-24; 22:2)

Not even in death are we atomistic individualistic integers. The family continues. This bespeaks an importance on family that contemporary Christianity has lost. We don’t speak of loved ones dying in Christ as being “gathered to their people,” or “gathered to their fathers.” Instead we speak about an abstract heaven.

Clearly the Biblical language is that one of the glories of death is taking one’s place again with one’s peoples.

God Himself identifies Himself as the God of families. The God-Man Jesus Himself brings this forth when He quotes from Exodus 3:6 saying to His enemies,

31 But about the resurrection of the dead—have you not read what God said to you, 32 ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.”

God, in His calling, calls families to Himself and those identified with their redeemed families in life continue to be identified with their redeemed families in death, if only because in Christ they remain alive, and that in their family relations and identities. This is why it can be said that when we die we are “gathered to our fathers,” / “gathered to our people.”

We are who we are because of the givens God has placed us in. Those givens are matters like our racial / ethnic heritage, our gender, our relationships — first as children and later as cousins, fathers or mothers and aunts or uncles. We are who we are because of those God given “givens.” Death does not annihilate the “givens” with which God bequeathed us. The idea that we are “gathered to our fathers” insinuates all that and more.

Even, and perhaps especially the relational given-ness of marriage doesn’t go away in the after-life. Many will appeal to Matthew 22, where Jesus says to His enemies who denied the resurrection and who were trying to flummox Him with their causitry,

30 At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven. 

Note that this passage is commonly taken as a defeater for the kind of reasoning used above. However Jesus is not denying that the deep seated affections and relationships created by marriage are eliminated but only that the institution itself will be eliminated. It is easy to imagine that the scaffolding of the relationship will be sloughed off while the relationship will continue to exist in the life beyond this life. This understanding would comport with St. Augustine’s observation,

“Marriages are on account of children; children on account of succession; succession on account of death. But in heaven, as there is no death, neither is there any marriage.”

True… there is no marriage, however that is not to say that the relationship established by the institution of marriage is negated. It is not to say that Husbands will not still have an especial closeness with their wives while on earth in the life after life. To deny this turns the life after life into a Gnostic and atomistic paradise.

The idea here is that if it is I as I who is entering life after life, then it is the I who existed with all the givens and realness of this life — but as glorified. Otherwise it would be some other I besides I myself who is experiencing life after life. In the life after life I will remain WASP, male, son, brother, husband, uncle, cousin, father and friend. The “givens” given by God in creation will be carried over into the fullness of redemption, except as glorified.

All of this is just a matter of reading the less clear Scripture in light of the more clear Scripture. Scripture explicitly teach that families and nations exist in the life after life. We can’t be gathered to our fathers in death without the idea that families continue. As such, the passage where Jesus deals with the Sadducees on the issue of marriage shouldn’t be allowed to overturn nations in the New Jerusalem in Revelation anymore then we allow Arminians to misuse passages to overturn the clear teaching of the Doctrines of Grace.

Random Thoughts On Ordination

1.) Ordination in heretofore Conservative denominations was always for the purpose of protecting the Church from wolves in sheep’s clothing and from sheep who were not qualified to be shepherds. Clearly, ordination, for several decades has failed in this regard as evidenced by ministers in heretofore denominations which were considered “conservative,” who are now embracing Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, the myth of white privilege and systemic racism. Minister who have been ordained in previously thought of conservative denominations have been found out to be anti-Christ thus teaching us that Ordination is a joke.

2.) The failure of the Ordination process is are least partially attributable to the fact that the right questions have not been asked of ordinates. For example, the ordinates are not asked if they can provide a working knowledge of Marxism and then why Marxism is not Christian. Ordinates are not asked to explain materialism and whether or not that is consistent with Christianity. Ordinates are not asked to explain the precepts of the ancient heresy of Gnosticism and then to explain where they see Gnosticism in the church in the West today. (The modern Reformed Church is just covered with Gnosticism.) Ordinates should be being grilled on what the Frankfurt school is and then being expected to analyze it from a Biblical perspective. If I had my way, ordinates would be able to articulate the differences between Barthianism and Christianity explaining why Barthianism is not Christianity. In brief, the worldview of candidates should be thoroughly and exhaustively vetted. Candidates for ordination should be asked questions on epistemology, ontology, axiology, and teleology. If they can’t handle these questions and a host of others that could be easily elucidated then they should be turned down until they can answer those questions.

3.) This means asking questions only about a candidates familiarity with the Bible, his knowledge of theology proper, his reciting of Church History, and a few questions on hermeneutics is no longer enough to tell us if a candidate should be piloting a pulpit. We are seeing that a candidate can have a working knowledge of these areas and still be either seriously heterodox or even a heretic. As the ability to connect the dots between these areas mentioned in #3 and the areas mentioned in #2 is shot the ordination process has to expose the inability to connect those dots.

4.) The ordination process should also include some time that asks the candidate to compare and contrast the following schools with Biblical Christianity,

a.) Radical Two Kingdom (R2K) theology
b.) Federal Vision
c.) New Perspective on Paul
d.) Dispensationalism — both historic and progressive
e.) Baptist New Covenant theology
f.) Neo-orthodoxy

5.) Candidates should be queried about their reading habits. How much do they read. What do they read. They should be required to provide a reading list from your last 6 months being told that they should be expected to be asked about the information in those books combined with an analysis of those books from a Christian understanding. I don’t care if they are reading “50 Shades of Grey” as long as they can tell me what is wrong with it.

In all my time of being exposed to ordination processes I’ve never seen one candidate I could have or did vote for. I’ve seen candidates who couldn’t tell me the three great imputations in Scripture. I’ve seen candidates who admitted to me that they didn’t read and didn’t like to read. I’ve seen candidates who couldn’t tell me what original sin was and its effects. I’ve seen several of these same candidates though who sure knew what racism was and how they were committed to fighting racism once they got their Churches.

It is clear something has to change in our ordination process because right now those entering into our pulpits, exceptions notwithstanding, in Reformed churches are pathetic. I suspect that is primarily because our Seminaries have become pathetic but that is for another post.