Independence Day — 2017

I.) Statism – Humanism Always Begins With The Rejection of God

I Samuel 8:7

a.) First note here that while it is true that the one true God is rejected the rejection comes with the same time an embrace of a false God.

God is an inescapable concept. You have never met anyone who does not have a God. Here the people reject the one true God and pivot and embrace a Human King … a Statist-Humanist God over the God who is.

In this passage we see Israel exchanging the truth about God for a lie, and by choosing a King we see them worshiping and serving the created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised.

And God’s response to Samuel is that He will turn Israel over to their desires.

This is often the way of sin. We think that we are abandoning God when in point of fact He is the one who is turning us over to our lusts which can never satisfy.

In choosing this Humanist-Statist God as God Israel at the same time chose another law-order, as Samuel will explain. Whenever a God is changed out … exchanged… there you find a new law and law-order also being changed out.

In point of fact, one of the easiest ways in identifying that there is a new God in town is to keep your finger on the pulse of the public law order.


Marriage, as by God’s law defined as one man and one woman covenanting with God and one another to be husband and wife. Marriage as by man’s law now defined as something other than one man and one woman covenanting with God and one another …

New law-order in the public square … new God in the public square.

And we should add here … as people conform to that new Law Order they are at one in the same time conforming to the new God in town.

b.) Second, note, that the sin in the request for a King was not in the idea of Kingship in itself. God had long spoke to Israel about having a King,

Gen. 49:10, Numbers 24:7, 17-19, Deut. 17:14-20

The sin here is not in the request for a King but their sin was in the desire to be like all the nations around them. It was not Kingship per se but their lack of contentment with God as King.

II.) The Problem With Statism-Humanism Is Not Chiefly With The State

I Sam. 8:11f

Here we see that the State will be onerous. We see that the State will be excessive in its demands. But the problem is not the State. The problem is with the people. The State is merely a reflection of a people who’s hearts have grown cold to God.

This is why change can never be had solely by a top-down revolution or rebellion.

As long as the grass roots remain unaffected
as long as Statism-humanism is the desire of the people
as long as there is larceny in the hearts of the people that desire to use the state to enrich themselves at the expense of their neighbor

Statism-Humanism will never end.

The problem in the growth of bureaucracy, in the growth of the mega-State is whether here or in any form of Government is that people have a lack of Christian character.

One simply cannot expect good governance, whether in State, Church, or family, if the populace is corrupt. Leadership is typcially the reflection of the people being led.

“You cannot make a good omelet with rotten eggs.” Bad eggs make bad omelets.

Here in I Samuel, the problem begins with a people who have rejected God. It is not amazing then that the State that they so earnestly desire will reject God as well.

In our own times the bad omelet surfaces in all our governances from the less important federal level to the more important local level. Whether in our Church or in our families,  our character is corrupt and so our governance is corrupt.

Exceptions exist …. and we praise God for those exceptions but I think we have to concede that our problem in the West today is a reflection of their problem long ago … they will not have God rule over them.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn worked this theme in his famous Templeton Address. Solzhenitsyn said then reminiscing on the failure of Russia governance,

“More than half a century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of older people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.

Since then I have spent well-nigh fifty years working on the history of our Revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some sixty million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.

What is more, the events of the Russian Revolution can only be understood now, at the end of the century, against the background of what has since occurred in the rest of the world. What emerges here is a process of universal significance. And if I were called upon to identify briefly the principal trait of the entire twentieth century, here too, I would be unable to find anything more precise and pithy than to repeat once again: Men have forgotten God.

Whether men in Ancient Israel, Whether men in Soviet Russia, Whether men in America. We have forgotten God and the consequence is Statism-humanism.

So, the order of fixing all this is Evangelism. Bureaucratic Statism-humanism will not go into eclipse until men are Redeemed. Men must be pointed to Christ as both their Savior Priest and their Savior King. They must be told of the God who reconciles alienated hearts, and who heals moral brokenness.  They must be told of the God who not only heals men but heals families, Churches, and Nations as well.

But the Evangelism we are talking about here is not the pietistic individual kind of Evangelism the West has been doing for a very long time now. No, the kind of Evangelism we need is an Evangelism which teaches right up front that if a “converted” man or woman is not interested in walking in terms of God’s law-word authority once converted they must be told, “Marvel not, when I say unto you, that you must be born again.” The West has had centuries now of antinomian Evangelism and the consequence is that we have from Statism-humanism to Statism-humanism with each generation more completely integrating into the void.

III.) Statism – Humanism is Driven by a Desire to find Identity in the Collective II Sam. 8:19-20

The demand was so that they might be like all the nations. They wanted a King like the pagan nations around them.

Keep in mind the staggering nature of this request. In the ancient world among the pagans, Kings were understood to have a Sacral / Sacred standing.  The King was seen as a conduit between the earthly realm and the heavenly realm. Often times the Kings among the pagans was seen as Himself an embodiment of God.

In this kind of Governance the King as God is a kind of projection of the people in their corporate expression. The King thus is the expression of the God of the nation said loudly.

The people desire a King because they want to locate their identity not in the God of the Bible but in the King who as an expression of the collective is the apex of themselves. They will be their own god and the King will be the apex of the expression of themselves.

God demands that we find our identity in Him and His Character and gracious His Law Word. Man chooses instead to find identity in himself. We see this in their belief that the King will better defend them than God’s providence. They are depending upon and so identifying with the King and not with God.

IV.) Statism-Humanism Brings With It The Growth of The State

In order to run any organization … even a family, one needs a certain amount of bureaucracy. However, with Statism-Humanism the state grows expotentially. The idea seems to be the greater or larger the State the greater its attempt to be God-like in its scope.

And what Samuel tells the people here is that the State will grow and by its growth they and their prosperity will diminish.

I will repeat that point again. Where the State has God-like aspirations the consequence will be the diminishing of the people so that what occurs is that the State which has as its purpose the serving of God through its service to the people ends up being a divine entity that exists so that the people can serve it with their wealth, and their children.

Like all Gods, the Humanist State begins to exist for itself. All that is done must be done for its glory. It legislates in protection of itself.  It begins to see the people as slaves for its purposes.  “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state,” or, if you prefer, “In the State we live and move and have our being.”

We see the growth of the State as promised here by Samuel as against the request of the people and we almost have to laugh because if we could actually have only that much demand from the State we would find it a relief.

What was promised as oppression here in II Samuel has grown and grown as Statism-Humanism has found more exhaustive ways to oppress.

The fact that Statism-Humanism has only increased over the centuries is seen by a quote from J. R. Lander in his book The Limitations of English Monarchy in the Later Middle Ages has written,

“The civil bureaucratic establishment of late medieval England was very small, indeed. At the most not more than one civil servant for ever 1050 of the population. Moreover, their functions were by no means exactly comparable as about two fifths of these were employed in the law courts so that we can plausibly say that it was one for every 2070 of the population. To investigate the actual distribution of these civil servants, their total number nominally at the direct command of the king can hardly have exceeded 1500 men, perhaps 250 to 300 knights, esquires, yeomen and pages in the politically significant section of the royal household, perhaps 100 in the exchequer, 150 in the chancery, about the same in the law courts and about 30 or 40 receivers and auditors staffing the New Yorkest system of estate management and financial control centered in the king’s chamber. Eighty or 90 customs officials and about 700 or 800 local keepers of royal parks, castles and forests and stewards of royal manors. Each county its sheriff’s office and its staff in a large county like Lincolnshire could number up to 100. These appointments, however, were in the control of the sheriff, not the king.”


On this coming Independence Day, we celebrate that we overthrew a Statist oppression that in 1775 found New Englanders paying between 1 and 2 percent of their income in taxes.

On this coming Independence day, we are celebrating throwing off a Tyranny which erected a multitude of new offices, and who sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

In the doing of this we were a more Biblical people seeking to return to a more Biblical social order.

Often when these matters are laid out people will say … give us solutions. But there are times when solutions are not readily at hand. For example … when a Cancer patient shows up with stage 4 lung cancer one can understand his desire for solutions but his smoking for 35 years does not allow for one.

The only solution I know of … the only cure is non-antinomian Repentance.




College Course on WW II

Main Texts

1.) Antony Sutton

Read these two texts. Why do you think I would make these required reading on this subject. Who do you think this points towards in terms of having a financial interest in the War. What does it suggest that the same entities funded both sides of the war? Write a paper detailing the financial origins and funding of WW II and the players behind the funding.

2.) Hebert Hoover

Read this text. How responsible does Hoover believe FDR was for WW II? Write a paper exhausting the failures of FDR in keeping the USA out of war. Include in your paper the policies FDR pursued the inevitable inspired war. Answer the questions … “Did FDR know the Japs were coming to Pearl Harbor?” Did FDR want the Japs to bomb Pearl Harbor?” “What convinced the Japs to go after Pearl Harbor as opposed to Russia?”

3.) Thomas Mahl

Propaganda is always the first battlefield in war and Truth is always the first casualty of war. Summarize Mahl’s arguments on how the Brits, in conjunction with the White House, lied us into WW II.

II.) Supplementary Texts

1.) Vikto Suvorov

On the Easter Front Suvorov argues that Hitler struck Stalin because he knew that Stalin was going to strike him.

Give a chapter by chapter summary of Suvorov’s arguments.

2.) Pat Buchanan

Covers some of the same ground as Hoover’s book. Repetition bears memory. Give a chapter by chapter summary of the book. One paper for each chapter.

3.) M. Stanton Evans

Evans chronicles that the Communists were running not only the Soviet Russian end of the war but were also severely manipulating our end of the war as well.

Be prepared for an oral exam on this book.

4,) Burton Folsom

How did these united States change because of WW II? Folsom examines the myth behind WW II getting us out of the Depression. Write a 3 page summary on each chapter.

4.) David Irving — Volumes 1 & 2

Give a 45 minute presentation to the class on what you learned about Churchill and WW II because of this read.

5.) James Bacque

6.) Julius Epstein

7.) Nikolai Tolstoy

These three books tell of the brutality of the Allies during WW II and go a long way towards addressing the question, of whether or not in WW II, it was possible to be on the side of the angels. 3-5 page summaries of each chapter of each book.

8.)  Cornelius Ryan

No report required. Assigned to give you a feel for the combat.

9.) A Third of the Holocaust

The longest lasting effect of WW II was the impact of the “Holocaust” on the West.  Is it possible to answer the questions raised by this documentary?

10.) Operation Hell Storm


Class discussions on the last two videos.


Why the name “Hollywood?”

In ancient England, the Druids valued a variant of the Holly tree above all trees since that tree retained life throughout the year. They marked that value by crafting their wands made out of the Holly tree.

Keep in mind that the wand has been used since antiquity as a tool to direct the will of the user. Whether in the form of the wand or in other forms such as the staff or scepter of state.

You can see this symbology readily if you only look for it. Whether the fairy godmother in Disney with her magic wand or whether Gandalf the Grey with his staff or the whole Harry Potter world. In many University graduations the wand, it present by way of the Academic Mace carried at the front of the procession during graduation ceremonies.  Some hold that the ancient medical caduceus with two serpents on a staff is playing with the theme of the wand of power and authority. When the next Royal is installed in England you will see that at some point during the ceremony they will be entrusted with a royal scepter. This is another spin-off of the wand motif. Even the Crozier as wielded by a Roman Catholic Bishop may have come into the Church via a syncretism with wand history.

So, the wand motif plays heavily in the naming of the film industry with the name “Hollywood.” Historically speaking many of those who began the nascent film industry were already familiar with the Jewish Kabbalah and they then took the name of the tree known for its talismanic qualities combined it with what the wand is made of and used it as the name of the industry that would bewitch the West.

Keep in mind the next time you watch a Hollywood film that the wand for which it was named has been used as a metaphysical meditation tool to represent the extension and direction of the user’s will (to channel energy) toward the desired result of the outcome of a situation.

Hollywood via the film is practicing magic and you are the one upon whom the magic is being practiced. The magic is ubiquitous but because it is the water we swim in we don’t see it. Think about it though. Hollywood has used its magic to teach us how to think, how to respond, how to emote and how to dress. Hollywood has used its magic to teach us what is beautiful, what is successful, and what is desirable.

As a passive viewer being bewitched by the magic, you are watching the story unfold on the silver screen. You become convinced that the actions, emotions, language, decisions, and fashion of the actors and actresses are reflections of your actions when in point of fact these actions, emotions, language usage, and fashion now owned by the viewer are part of the working of the magic upon the viewer. The film, by way of magic, causes you to act, think, emote, speak, and dress just as you viewed on the screen.

This is not to say that all films are evil. It is to say that if one is epistemologically self-conscious one will be aware that there is the intent of magic connected with what is produced in Hollywood.

The Logic Behind “The New Normal”


Modern man long ago claimed that “God is Dead.” In the killing of God, we are yet coming to terms with some of the consequences. Take the matter of evil for example. With the existence of a personal God who is the definer of all reality evil has an objective definition. This is to say that it’s definition is outside of us and is not subjective and person variable. Evil is real and identifiable by God’s standards. However, having rid ourselves of God, if we are to talk about ‘evil’ at all (and some people clearly do not want to talk about it at all) then we must conclude that ‘evil’ is defined subjectively by man. Evil then is reduced to that which man does not like and finds repulsive and inconvenient to him. Further, because there is no super-mundane God to define evil and because there is no objective character to ‘evil,’ evil is reduced to that which occurs by the random evolutionary process of time + chance + circumstance as defined by each individual who labels ‘evil’ as ‘evil.’ Finally, we would have to say that as ‘evil’ is defined subjectively there can be no universal agreement as to what constitutes ‘evil.’ As such one man’s ‘evil’ most certainly be another man’s ‘good.’

As ‘evil’ is defined as only having subjective existence and reality the cure for evil for modern man is not conquering or overcoming evil.  After all, one does not conquer or overcome something that has no reality. No, the cure for evil for the modern man is reconciling himself or adjusting himself to what it is he deems ‘evil.’ In short, if modern man wants to triumph over evil then he must redefine good down in order to accommodate for evil. Modern man’s problem is not his inability to conquer evil. Modern man’s problem is that he has not reconciled himself to his circumstances. He needs to find a new normal that will serve the purpose of redefining evil so that evil is not evil after all.

This kind of mindset is seen in spades in the current exigencies of our lives as modern Western men.  A couple of days ago in London, yet another Van purposely careened into yet another London crowd yet again leaving death under its axels. Among the leaders in the West, there is no call for ridding ourselves of the evil of the stone age culture that has been encouraged unto immavasion in the West. What we get instead either explicitly or implicitly is the idea that the inhabitants of the West must adjust to the Islamification of the West. It is suggested that this kind of routine mayhem is the new normal. The onus is upon us to understand our co-religionist newcomer neighbors.

Lying underneath all of this is the idol of false “knowledge.” Increasingly the idea is postulated that if we just understood Islam and just knew that Islam was a religion of peace and if we just got to “know” our Muslim neighbors that we could more easily reconcile and adjust ourselves to the new normal. This is the concrete example of what I spoke about earlier concerning how the West is being pushed to integrate good downward into the void of evil in order to arrive at new definitions of both evil and good. Knowledge, empathy, and sympathy will be our tools for integration downward into the void and as we integrated downward into the void we will discover that what we once thought was evil was not really evil after all but was instead our failure to adjust to, reconcile with, and embrace the new norms. Evil doesn’t exist. What exists is our inability to properly relate, adjust and reconcile.

If there is any evil in the former Western lands it is the evil of the Christian White man in refusing to give up his “Christian White privilege.” The problem you see is not the evil of Islam or the evil of the Marxist work of the transvaluation of all values, or the evil of critical race theory which has brought us to this pass. No, the evil lies in the inability and unwillingness of the White Western Christian man to join the anti-Christ revolution and so voluntarily disintegrate downward into the void. White Western Christian man is resisting adjusting, he is resisting reconciling himself to the new world order, he is resisting the need to relate to the new normal. The White Western Christian man who will not adjust is the worse sociopath of all. He is the anti-Revolutionary and he must be eliminated.

The idea of a Devil who is appointed to the end of evil has been eclipsed. The Devil and evil do not exist.  The Devil is a child’s truth. The Devil is what men thought of when they were still not enlightened.  When the Christian Western White man learns to embrace the new normal what is thought of as the Devil and as evil will disappear. So, one hears the call to “give in,” and to compromise. There is no willingness to fight because evil has no objective meaning. Fighting is bad … adjusting is good. “We will overcome” has been replaced by “We will be assimilated.”

On top of everything else that has been said it needs to be observed that in coming to this place what has also been eclipsed is the Biblical concept of the individual. If the problem is that man is not properly adjusting or relating or reconciling himself to the new state of affairs then underneath of all that is the individual is not rightly related to the mob, for it is the mob mentality that one must adjust to and be reconciled with. If there is no God, and no evil with the consequent implication that man in his corporate expression is the new god and refusal to integrate downward into the void with the mob is the new evil then man qua man has disappeared into the hive and the anthill.

Finally, an unwillingness to disintegrated downward into the void means a loss of salvation for salvation in this humanist paradigm lies in the constant revolutionary integration downward into the void. Those who refuse to adjust are eternally damned.

Keep all this in mind when you hear ministers suggesting that the God of luv requires this kind of thing of good disciples of Christ. Such ministers are ministers of Satan and knowingly or unknowingly are preparing your souls to be received by their Father the devil.





Dr. Francis Nigel Lee … Christianity Means Nationalism

Sixthly, in looking at the Christian view of nationality, it was seen: that the Triune God ordained all the various (mineral, plant, and animal) kingdoms of His universe and that He alone rules the nations of men; that man’s obedience to the “dominion charter” would ultimately have led to the development of the various nations to the glory of God, even irrespective of the fall; that nationality is a historically grounded and plastically qualified societal relationship proceeding sphere sovereignty and directly from God; that sin has marred national development and international relationships; that the supranational tower of Babel (cI. the aim of communist eschatology!) was destroyed by God because contrary to His purposes as set out in the “dominion charter”; that the existence of the various nationalities and languages was thus caused by God and is pleasing to Him; that national isolation and supranational miscegenation are both equally wrong, for God would have all nations worship Him and love one another as nations; that Christ enjoined both love of one’s own nation and of other nations but particularly the Christianization of all the nations (in His Great Commission); that the events of the first New Testament day of Pentecost, while promoting good international relationships, also reinforced and sanctified nationality as such and in no way sought to transcend it; and that New Testament Christians maintained their nationality and taught that others should do the same,142 while yet working for improved national and international relationships as part of and as a result of their obedience to Christ’s mandate to evangelize all the nations, until all nations have become Christianized and, even after the final judgment, maintain their nationality and live in perfect harmony with the other nations in the new Jerusalem forever with all nations under the Triune God!

So the Christian doctrine of nationality is diametrically opposed to that of Marxism. Nations are a necessary product of man’s creation, not his alienation; Christ’s atonement principally heals the nations;143 and eschatologically the nations will preserve their nationality unto all eternity, and not lose it in a colorless communist utopia.

“God that made the world and all things therein, . . hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; that they should seek the Lord, if haply they feel after Him, and find Him, though He be not far from every one of us . . but now commandeth all men every where to repent” (Acts 17.24-30).

“The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved. . – He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth. . . Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen [- the nations], I will be exalted in the earth” (Ps. 46:6-10).

Dr. Francis Nigel Lee
Communist Eschatology — pg. 773 – 774