It Goes Back for Almost 100 years Now

“George Kennan, former ambassador to the Soviet Union, wrote in his Memoirs that the penetration of the US government by Communists in the late 1930s ‘was not a figment of the imagination of the hysterical right-wingers of a later decade … it really existed … and it was quite extensive.’ Kennan recognized there was a subversion problem in the US in the 30s and during the wartime alliance with Moscow, and the Roosevelt administration addressed it ineffectively. The British government also experienced massive penetration by Soviet intelligence, especially from Cambridge and Oxford espionage spies.

Even Moscow eventually acknowledged the fact of Soviet infiltration into the US government. The Russians admitted this was the case in a Red Star (Krasnaya Zvezda) article by Vladimir Lota on May 5, 2006. Lota revealed that Soviet intelligence sources during World War II ‘obtained information from nearly 70 American ministries, departments, directorates, committees, and sub-committees in the governmental structure of the USA.’ As just one example, Red Star cited a meeting that the chief of the OSS station in Bern, Switzerland, Allen Dulles, had with a German SS commander in northern Italy that was duly reported back to Moscow.

J. Peters, head of the American Communist Party underground in the US, commented to Whittaker Chambers on the size of party of infiltration: ‘Even in Germany under the Weimar Republic, the Party did not have what we have here.’ The party could recruit agents within the US government by scores because, in the 1930s, the revolutionary mood had become so acute due to the Depression. Chambers maintained that Communists and fellow travelers who ‘staffed this Fifth Column’ were dedicated revolutionists whose primary allegiance was to international Communists, not the US.

Will this solid, well-established, corroborated, multi-sourced record of Soviet intelligence infiltration of the US government in the 1930s and 1940s put to rest the argument that McCarthyism was nothing more than right-wing fantasies about Communists having insinuated themselves into the American Government? Probably not.”

Christine Shelton
Alger Hiss; Why He Chose Treason — pg. 84-85

Shelton’s observations are not singular to her. It has also been observed by M. Stanton Evans in his book, “Blacklisted By History.” It was testified to back in the day by Major George Racy Jordan and is recorded in his Diaries. It has been confirmed by the Venona papers.

What we have here now, creeping nigh unto 100 years, is deep and sustained Marxist rot in the US government. The case could now be easily made that the US government is a Marxist government ruling against the interest of the American people and have been doing so for nigh unto 100 years. What this means is that anybody who trusts the American government is a dupe.

This means that Joseph McCarthy should have been considered a flawed hero instead of a bumbling rabid political clown. This means that you should probably believe most of the governmental whistle-blowers who expose the Federal Government, politicians, and bureaucrats at all levels. This means you should believe nothing you are told by Governmental apparatchiks or at the very least this means that you realize that if there is any truth in what they are saying it is subsumed in an ocean of lies.

Our government — at all levels — is as corrupt as the fallen men and women who are seated in the halls of power. Do yourself a favor and avoid these people at all costs. Do not associate with them. Do not get caught in the tangle of court proceedings. Do not campaign for them. Do not be fooled that your Congressman “really is one of the good guys.” He isn’t. He could not have got where he has gotten without selling his soul to Mephistopheles.

And what is true about Government officials is doubly true of Churches and clergy.


Humanist man is an irresponsible man, and he manifests that irresponsibility by refusing liberty. Humanist man, as irresponsible, pursues his escape from responsibility either by looking to the State to take care of him (thus freeing him from the responsibility that Liberty requires) or by demanding libertinism (thus freeing him from the order that Liberty requires).

The unstated premise above is that true liberty is an “ordered liberty”; that true liberty can only exist under the rule of law and, ultimately, that law is none other than God’s Biblically-revealed law. Any law, therefore, not founded in God’s law is illegitimate and contrary to true liberty.

Liberty without order is a railroad train running without railroad tracks. Liberty without order is a fish swimming without his fishbowl. Order without Liberty is living with the Stasi or the Cheka as your neighbor.

Liberty is not and cannot be more stable than the law in which it is enshrined and by which it is defined. Modern man, therefore, by daring to mess with and change the laws as founded in the LORD’s infallible law, threatens to enslave, if not destroy, himself outright.
This is all Christianity 101, so why is it “rocket science” to so many and, dare I say it, to most, people today? What we have today is malleable sociological positivistic (man-made/man-manipulated) law instead of unchanging, normative, revelational law.

In both Tyranny and Libertinism Humanist man refuses Biblical Liberty.

Baptist “Reasoning” on Babies Not Being Baptized

Baptist reasoning

A man who belongs to Christ


A woman who belongs to Christ


Have a baby.

This baby though, belonging to the man and woman who belong to Christ, should not be thought of as one upon whom Christ has a claim of ownership and so should not be baptized.


The baby is old enough to claim that Christ is owned by him.

So … claims of belonging and ownership moves from the divine to the human.

And yet, the parents do not wait before being responsible for the child until the child asks the parents into their lives.

Tom Wolfson responds,

Repentance and faith are evidence of election, more so than the parents being saved, unless you contend that no saved couple ever gave birth to a reprobate.

Bret responds

I contend that the recidivism rate for adults baptized by Baptists is likely worse than the recidivism rate for Reformed babies baptized in keeping with God’s command and promises. As such man’s claim of “repentance and faith” is no better evidence of election than the waters of Baptism. Indeed, they are worse evidence since faith and repentance are about man’s claim on God while Baptism is about God’s claim on man.

So the point is that Baptists baptizing adults no more ensures that the baptized will be saved in the end than Reformed baptizing babies ensures that same.

As such the argument that avowed repentance and faith of those baptized as adults by Baptists are proof positive of evidence of election is indeed not true.

Besides, who said Babies can’t have faith?

But You are He who took Me out of the womb; You made Me trust while on My mother’s breasts. Psalm 22:9

Guillaume Faye on “Diversity is our Strength”

Ethnic homogeneity is the condition for civil peace and prosperity. As rightly noted by Aristotle, the peaceful and economically viable coexistence of ethnically different populations on a single territory is generally impossible. It leads to incessant conflicts, followed by a civil war in which the invaders attempt to replace the natives.

Guillaume Faye

Ethnic Apocalypse; The Coming European Racial War

The NWO and Great Reset advocates know this better than anybody which explains why they are using it as a weapon against Christian civilization. You really don’t think all this mass emigration from third world countries to heretofore predominantly white Christian Europe, North America, Australia is an accident, do you? Why do you think Brussels and the European Union is so angry with tiny Hungary? It’s because Orban understands the Faye quote and is acting in harmony with that idea.

The riots in the banlieue of Paris are testimony of the truth of Faye’s observation. The “Black Lives Matter” during the summer of 2020 in America likewise underscores Faye’s accuracy. All across old Europe those who are new are being used as a hammer to beat the head of the indigenous populations. They are serving as the shock troops of “The Great Replacement,” as it is implemented all over formerly Christian countries. Just as God promised, because of our disobedience we are being made the tail in our own homelands.

43The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high, and thou shalt come down very low. 44He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail. 45Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and overtake thee, till thou be destroyed; because thou hearkenedst not unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he commanded thee:

A 1997 film “The Second Civil War,” captures some of this idea. Sold as a black comedy satire, the film ends up being a prophetic insight into how diversity drives national conflict. The film intended to mock people who believed similarly to the Faye quote but almost 25 years later if the film mocks anybody it mocks itself for mocking the idea that diversity is not our strength.

Evangelicals will typically say that observations such as found in this piece are a sign of a lack of neighbor love. However, if we continue to follow through with these practices (and it doesn’t seem likely any of this will be reversed) then we are demonstrating to our children a lack of love because by allowing the land to be filled with the alien and the stranger who hates Christ we are disinheriting our children of what would have otherwise been their legacy. I find nowhere in Scripture where Christianity is defined as some kind of death cult that says we love our neighbors best when we hate our children most.

Keller Defending the Marxists

When a Church has a creed that is Marxist
It can look for carcass upon carcass
When the Church gives its nod
And says Marx is all good by God
Then truth is darker than darkness

Like most leaders of the early evangelical left, Keller’s main critique of Marxism was its materialism, not its moral claims. Karl Marx’s solutions were incorrect because he grounded them in atheism and ignored the reality of human sin. However, despite these major flaws, Keller believed Marxist hearts were in the right place. He stated in a sermon at Redeemer:


“The people I read who were the disciples of Marx were not villains. They were not fools. They cared about people. . . there are vast populations, millions of people, who have been in absolute serfdom and peasantry and poverty for years and years, and there’s no way they’re going to get out. There’s no upward mobility. See, the people who read Marx said, ‘We have to do something about this.’ They weren’t fools.”

Tim Keller
Keller, February 16, 1997, “With a Religious Crowd,” The Tim Keller Sermon Archive; Keller, October 22, 2000, “Made For Stewardship,” The Tim Keller Sermon Archive; Keller, July, 15, 2001, “Arguing About Politics,” The Tim Keller Sermon Archive.
From Online Article – Tim Keller & Progressive Evangelicalism


Can you believe someone who believes this and said this asinine tomfoolery in a Sermon has become one of the intellectual go-to guys in the Reformed world?

1.)  Many of the biggest murderers and revolutionaries in history rose to power claiming to care about the poor and oppressed. The reality was another thing.

2;) Someone needs to ask Keller to provide some examples of where adopting Marxism has lifted people out of serfdom or provided them with upward mobility or personal liberty. The answer of course is … Nowhere.

Maybe Keller is like Trotsky – the fact that none of his predictions have come true just proves what a far-sighted visionary he was.

3.) Maybe Keller could give some examples of the disciples of Marx who were not villains. I’d love to see that list of names.

4.) I also seriously doubt that the disciples of Marx cared about people. Perhaps I could concede that they cared about people in the abstract but Marxists are famous for loving people in the abstract while hating the concrete individual.

5.) What does Keller do with the Holodomor “Harvest of Sorrow? What does he do with the Cambodian Killing Fields? What does the man do with the Chinese Cultural Revolution or Great Leap Forward?  What does Keller do with the Vietnamese boat people or the Cuban boat people? Was being tortured and murdered in the most horrendous manner possible superior to no upward mobility?

6.) Keller belies a definite Limousine Liberal affectation here. He is all theory and refuses to see that Marxism is born of hatred and produces envy and the product of hatred where ever it is implemented.

7.) I’m completely bumfuzzled that a Reformed minister who says he loves Jesus Christ and His Gospel could say something this hateful and profoundly stupid. How does a man get through all the Christian training required to be a minister and still have this in his world and life view? Let Keller spend a week in one of the old Soviet Gulags and see if he’s so cheery about Marxism once he gets out. Honestly, if I heard a man say this in a pulpit I’d be trying to get his sorry Marxist ass defrocked.

8.) Like Finney before him, Keller doubtless had the best of intentions but Keller’s life and influence have been another example that good intentions pave the road to hell.