Biden vs. Palin

Question — With the bailout have we seen the best of Washington this week or the worse of Washington this week?

Biden — We need more regulation. Offers socialist types of Reform. Insists that Obama alone has a economic plan where only the rich don’t get tax breaks.

Palin — Also need more reforms. Middle class is worried. John McCain is a statesman who has arisen above the fray in order to suspend the economy. McCain alone warned about the coming disaster.

They spent some time arguing about McCain saying that the fundamentals of our economy are sound. Biden, being a marxist, insists that we need a thorough cleansing in order to strengthen our economy.

Question — Who is to fault for sub-prime mortgages.

Palin blames predatory lenders and their greed (groan). She completely fails to mention how the government made laws that insisted that lenders make sub-prime loans to minorities. She’s an idiot.

Biden says that Obama warned of the coming disaster while McCain wanted deregulation. Biden, likewise, misses the idea that the government is culpable for the sub-prime mess. Biden insists on more regulation which means that he wants more of a command and control economy.

Palin retorts that Obama and Biden are classic tax and spend liberals. Finally somebody is calling them on Democrat penchant to grow the government.

Biden denies that Obama is a tax raiser.

Already it is clear that Palin is going to be fine. Biden presses that Palin didn’t defend McCain on his desire to vote against regulation. Biden is grinning like a Cheshire cat when he looks at Palin.

Question — Discuss your candidates respective tax plans.

Biden — Insists that McCain will not help the middle class with his tax plan. Insist that McCain only wants to help the rich.

Palin — Says Biden is for redistribution of wealth. Calls Biden on the reality that Obama’s tax plan will hurt small business. Cites Biden’s nonsense on saying that paying taxes is patriotic. Advocates Government get out of taxpayers in pockets. Palin says that McCain’s health care plan which is based on incentives as opposed to mandatory health care as dictated by the Government. Reminds the voter how inept the government is when it runs programs.

Biden — Responds to the redistribution of wealth charge by Palin by saying it isn’t redistribution but rather it is “fairness.” Biden is citing Marx here … “From those with plenty to those with need.”

Palin’s make up looks nice. She decided to wear black. That was interesting.

Question — What promises have you and your campaigns made that you can’t keep in light of the financial problems we are now in.

Biden — Foreign aid might have to decrease. We will eliminate wasteful spending (yeah, right). Going to go after those who move their address to offshore in order to avoid taxation.

Palin — Didn’t answer the question. Instead slammed Obama for voting for energy plan for giving tax breaks to oil company. McCain hasn’t made promises on economy that he can’t keep.

Biden — Insists that McCain wants to give the rich oil companies more tax breaks.

Question — Concerning Bankruptcy laws.

Palin – Keeps blaming corruption and greed of Wall Street for our current mess. Says we should thank McCain for at least trying to warn about sub-prime. I don’t she knows anything about bankruptcy laws.

Biden — Voted the opposite way as Obama on the bankruptcy laws. Insists that the government ought to have the ability to lower home owners interest and principle on their homes. Talk about socialism. The government is going to come in and tell the seller he no longer is going to get the profit he thought he was going do from the sell of his property.

Palin — Faults Obama and Biden for being against energy independence. What that has to do with bankruptcy laws is beyond me.

Question — Energy issues and climate change. Global warning.

Palin — Says that climate change is real but doesn’t necessarily believe that it has to do with the actions of man. Doesn’t want to argue about the causes. We just need to do something about it. Reduce emissions. Bret asks, “But if we don’t know why the climate is changing how can we do something about it?”

Biden — Believes in global warming and that it is made made. Says what Bret asked above. Faults McCain for voting 20 times against alternative energy plans. Says we should invest in clean coal technology. I think Biden and Obama are in the pocket of tree huggers.

Palin — Says, “Drill baby drill.” Faults Obama and Biden for voting against trying to make America energy independent. Obviously thinks that we have oil and natural gas that would go a long way towards making us independent.

Question — Do you support extending same sex benefits to couples.

Biden — Absolutely. It’s only fair. The constitution calls for it. Faggot couples are no different then heterosexual couples.

Palin — Waffled. Not if it means redefining marriage. But insists that she is tolerant. Palin does not support re-defining marriage as anything but one man and one woman.

Biden — Obama and Biden do not support buggery marriage. Biden says Palin and his position are the same.

Question — Exit strategy Iraq.

Palin — Cites success of surge. Faults Dems for opposing the surge. Faults Obama for voting against funding troops in Iraq. Notes Biden denounced Obama for the vote when it happened. Must have victory before we leave in Iraq.

Biden — Says Palin offered no plan (not true actually… Palin said victory is plan). Says that McCain voted same way as Obama on funding. (I wonder what the truth is on this one.) Obama says we should withdraw over 16 months. This is boneheaded. If your enemy knows when you’re leaving they will dig in until the 16 months is past.

Palin — Says that Obama Biden plan is white flag of surrender. Zing. Cites Biden saying that Biden wanted to run with McCain on his ticket. Cites Biden saying that Obama wasn’t ready.

Biden — Says that McCain has been dead wrong on the fundamental issues of war.

Question — Iran and Pakistan. Which is more dangerous … “A nuclear Iran or a unstable Pakistan?”

Biden — Both are dangerous. Biden says we need to focus not on Iraq as McCain says but rather on Afghanistan. Need to nation building in Afghanistan.

Palin — Both are dangerous. Tells Biden that it was Petraeus and leader of Al Quida that both said the central point of conflict is in Iraq. Claims Iranian leader is insane due to his statements on Israel. Cites Obama’s willingness to meet with this leader without preconditions. Zing. Cites other insane leader like Castro brothers and South Korean leaders.

Palin is holding her own. She is not coming across as bad as her interviews with Couric and Gibson.

Say’s that Obama isn’t a serious candidate when he says that he’d meet with foreign leaders without precondition.

Say’s that Obama never said what he said.

Biden — Faults McCain for not being willing to speak with Iran.

Commentary — Obama put his foot in his mouth on this one and Biden and Obama have been spinning ever since.

Question — On Israel.

Palin — Two state solution (State of Palestine … State Of Israel) is the answer in the middle east.

Biden — No one is a better friend of Israel then Biden. Lights suddenly went on for me. Biden was picked by Obama in order to comfort the Jews, since they were so ill at ease with Obama’s Muslim connections. Faults Bush administration for its policy.

Palin — Claims that like Biden she is also a Israel lover.

Biden — Claims that Bush and McCain policies on the Middle East are the same. Trying to tie McCain to Bush.

Question — Interventionism and Nukes.

Palin — Foreign countries with madmen leaders can’t be allowed to have Nukes. Editorial comment — We are the policeman of the world. Switches to Afghanistan. McCain administration would be different then Bush’s in Afghanistan by practicing surge in Afghanistan. Cites Obama’s comment about how we are strafing villages in Afghanistan.

Biden — Says a surge in Afghanistan won’t work. Faults McCain for a voting record on arms control.

Palin — Contradicts Biden’s claim that surge in Afghanistan won’t work. Editorial comment. Both are for nation building.

Fact checkers will have to find what the lead General in Afghanistan actually said whether or not a surge will actually work in Afghanistan.

Question — Biden you’ve been an interventionist. Is that a correct policy?

Biden — When it works it is the right policy. Biden insists that in the former Yugoslavia his interventionist policies have been a success. I’d like to hear Serdja Trifkovic would say to that. Says we need to go into Darfur. We should intervene to stop genocide.

Palin — Says Biden voted for war and now he is against it. Notes Biden’s many contradictions between before he was Obama’s VP and after he was Obama’s VP. Implies Biden is a typical Washington insider. Zing. Agrees that we need to go into Darfur. Both want to be the world’s policemen.

Biden — Discusses when we should or shouldn’t go in to a country.

Genocide is a reason.
Terrorism is a reason.
Killing Americans is a reason.

Insists that contrary to Palin’s statement that he has never supported McCain’s position.

Palin — Says that Biden did vote McCain’s positions.

Fact Checkers will be all over this disagreement.

Question — How would a Biden administration differ from an Obama administration?

Biden — I would carry out Obama’s policies. Then goes on to say how great an Obama administration would be.

Question — How would a Palin administration differ from a McCain administration?

Palin — Subtly notes that as two Mavericks there is complete agreement. Notes that she would drill in Anwar which McCain disagrees. Except for that she seems to suggest that she would follow the McCain principles although there is coming through the idea that she would be for small government and getting the government off the back of middle America. Finishes by saying that Obama Biden is a tax and spend ticket.

Biden — Again seeks to connect McCain to Bush. Insists that Republican is for the rich.

Palin — Chastises Biden for always looking back. Second time she’s done that. Says that teachers need to be paid for. Family is full of teachers. Obviously is clueless about the problems of education. NEA wins no matter who is elected apparently. Need to invest more in education. This reveals that she doesn’t really understand limited government.

Question — What does the VP do?

Palin — Presides over the Senate. Supportive of President’s policy. Insists that she would emphasize energy issues, children with special needs issues, reform government issues.

Biden — Barack has asked me to be the point person in the legislation process for an Obama administration. Won’t have a portfolio in a Obama administation.

Question — Do you believe that VP is both Executive and Legislative position as Dick Cheney does?

Palin — Yes, I agree the VP has flexibility to operate both in Executive and legislative realms.

Biden — Cheney has been the worst VP in the history of America. Constitution does not allow VP to be part of legislative branch. Obviously hates Cheney.

Question — Is Convention wisdom correct.

Palin — CW says I’m not experienced. She notes that she is the only one with Executive experience. Say’s her choice was also about the idea that she connects with middle America. Mentions that she shares a Worldview with McCain of America exceptionalism and that we should be a city set on a hill. I notice that Palin keeps using the word “Worldview.” I wish someone would ask her what she means by that.

Biden — CW says I lack discipline. I’m not going to change after 35 years in the Senate. Cites his experience. Politicizes the death of his wife and children saying that he understands middle America saying he knows what it means to be a single Dad.

Palin — McCain is the candidate of change. He is the Maverick.

Biden — McCain is no Maverick. Cites how he is just another Republican drone.

Observation — Palin has not attacked Obama as much as Biden as attacked McCain.

Question — Single issue that you switched on after holding a view for a long time.

Biden — Yes. I used to think that a SCOTUS candidate was fine as long as the candidate was morally upright. After five years I realized that ideology is a reason to reject a SCOTUS Candidate.

Palin — On major issues “no,” though she has been able to compromise on budgetary issues.

Final Question — How will you be bi-partisan?

Biden — McCain would agree that I am a bi-partisan guy.

Palin — You appoint who is qualified regardless of their party stripe. Segues to who voter should vote for. She says Republicans will create jobs by getting government off people’s back while Dems are tax and spend liberals who don’t want to be energy independent.

Closing Statements

Palin — I prefer this format to formats where the media serves as a filter I have to work through. We have to fight. Fight for freedom. You know, I think that Palin really has some small government instincts, though I also think she has some real inconsistencies here.

Biden — Most important election in history. Mentions again that McCain is for the rich. Says that Obama Biden will bring hope back to America.

Analysis —

Palin held her own. Biden didn’t give us any obvious gaffes.

She was trying to connect with middle America. He was beating on McCain.

In my estimation this won’t move the poll numbers. However, what it does do is it delivers Palin from the Bimbo characterization that I had her slipping into. Whatever happens in 2008 election, with this debate, Palin made herself a player in future Presidential elections. She exceeded expectations.

I wish Palin’s convictions were at the top of the ticket.

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6 thoughts on “Biden vs. Palin”

  1. I think she is at the top of the ticket as far as most evangelicals are concerned. I wish a man was at the top of the ticket.

    I watched after the debate ended and the families came onto the platform. As they were milling about, Biden walked up to Palin who was near her children and spoke very intently to her, and she just looked at him with big eyes and a serious expression. This lasted for at least 30 seconds, and it looked like things were tense. After he walked away from her, she whispered something in her husband’s ear, then she grabbed her baby and hugged him tight. I think she looked upset. I could be all wet, but my woman’s intuition tells me that he said something pretty rough to her, perhaps because he didn’t like something she said during the debate, and she was jolted by how he spoke. I wish I knew what he said.

  2. Carmon,

    That’s an interesting observation. The only thing I can recall that Palin said that might have gotten Joe upset was her “White flag of surrender” comment.

    One thing that irks me about these things is the way everything gets politicized. You know that her holding her baby on stage after the debate was all for the camera.

    A few other things here….

    She clearly is opposed to homosexuality IMO but she wouldn’t come out and say that directly for fear of the bugger lobby. It bothers me that candidates are so intimidated by this that they won’t come out and say it is wrong. Both candidates came out and said that they did not agree with bugger marriage but I suspect that in a few years if things continue to move the way that they are moving that candidates will be for bugger marriage.

    She tried to paint Obama Biden as Tax and Spend liberals. This is a theme that the McCain camp should hit over and over but it is difficult because the major media, in their analysis, constantly insists or implies such a charge isn’t true.

    But again … what’s it matter? I read another piece last night at V-dare on how beholden to Univision McCain is. Univision is a radical Hispanic civil rights group. They had some quotes from McCain that clearly reveals McCain as a globalist.

  3. I heard most of it on the radio, and i thought it was quite interesting. I noticed that Biden was constantly attacking McCain, and Palin was doing a whole bunch of different things, which included defending, attacking, and telling the benefits of their plan(s). I thought that was interesting.

  4. I’m not so convinced regarding her position against homosexuality. She very diliberately danced around that issue. Also, read Doug Phillips’ blog from yesterday (I think). He posted some interesting stuff.

  5. Another thing that I thought was interesting, is that Sarah Palin said that she and McCain would support families who had children with special needs. She almost quoted you from Wensday. You said that the government would say that they would support families with children who had special needs, but then all of sudden, there would be so many more families, because ‘boom’! everybody has a special need.

  6. Sarah,

    You can be sure if the government start giving money to families with children who have special needs suddenly the population of children with special needs will balloon overnight.

    Your a good listener and you did a good job of applying what you learned,

    Well done,


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