So Now, It’s Selfishness

Barack Obama said that McCain / Palin wanted to make a “virtue out of selfishness” because they are against his notion of “spreading the wealth around.” Apparently people who believe that charity should be voluntary or that the Government shouldn’t by means of arms, force one to be charitable are by definition “selfish.”

Obama then went on to say that Republicans are going to end up accusing him of being communistic because he shared his toys when he was little or because he shared his peanut butter sandwich. This whimsical illustration proves more than candidate B. Hussein Obama knows. This illustration proves that Obama doesn’t know what socialism or communism is since he is defining it as voluntarily sharing. Voluntarily sharing is not what socialism and communism is and it is not what B. Hussein Obama is advocating. B. Hussein Obama is advocating the use of governmental force in order to redistribute wealth. It is sweet that B. Hussein Obama was a boy that shared his toys and peanut butter sandwich. But its one thing to voluntarily share your toys and peanut butter sandwich, it is quite another to have somebody confiscate your toys and peanut butter sandwich in order to arbitrarily determine who is better deserving of your toys and peanut butter sandwich then you are, while all the while keeping some of the toys and sandwich for themselves. Either B. Hussein Obama is an idiot or he thinks Americans are.

The charge of selfishness really lands on B. Hussein Obama at this point. He selfishly wants to be the one who determines who has to much and who doesn’t. He selfishly wants to be the one in charge of the force that forces people to give up what they’ve worked so hard to earn. He selfishly wants to reward sloth and punish diligence, thus promoting incentive unto sloth while destroying incentive unto diligence. He selfishly wants to legalize theft in order to countenance class envy.

The hypocrisy on this is so thick it is enough to make a sane man gnash his teeth. Obama wants to exercise charity with other people’s money and yet when you look at his and Biden’s own personal giving habits to charity it is grossly minuscule to the point that I give more in a year to charity on a income that is overwhelmingly smaller then what they make. B. Hussein Obama makes all this noise about being his brother’s keeper and yet he can’t even look after his own illegial alien Kenyan Aunt who lives in the slums of Boston. Listen you Marxist, Racist, Black Nationalist, Infanticidist, heal your self of selfishness before you blather about people opposing government sponsored theft being selfish.

Speaking of B. Hussein’s plan to redistribute wealth, take a look at what this woman thinks is going to happen when B. Hussein is elected President.

Author: jetbrane

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3 thoughts on “So Now, It’s Selfishness”

  1. If Obama is such charitable fellow why was his charitable donations so low on his tax returns. Why are liberals generally much less charitable than conservatives?

  2. Terry,

    Because the liberals are only happy when they are spending somebody else money while forcing someone else to be generous.

    Fricking hypocrites.

    Let them take care of their own fricking family before they insist that I be forced at the end of a gun barrel to take care of somebody else.

    And I don’t say this as somebody who begrudges being charitable. I just don’t want to be forced to do it and I don’t want to be forced to do it when it encourages sloth.

  3. Either B. Hussein Obama is an idiot or he thinks Americans are.

    It is not either or. And, as a matter of fact, the American people ARE idiots

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