Racial Humor

So the latest in Washington DC was the White House Correspondent dinner where black female comedian Wanda Sykes launched into a racist diatribe against white people.

Let’s reverse Wanda Sykes shtick and pretend instead that it was white female Ann Coulter who was delivering the comic zingers last night.

This is what Ann said:

“Sharpie and Jackie insisted that the Duke Lacrosse players were guilty of raping that tramp. They’re like, “I don’t care about justice when it comes to those rich Lacrosse players. I don’t care if they lose their future, their name or their reputation.” Sharpie and Jackie just want to stick it to the man. They just want people to fail. To me, that’s racism.

“They’re not doing anything different that what Osama bin Laden is doing.
They’re both trying to destroy the country. You know you might want to look into this, Mr. President, because I think Sharpie and Jackie might be taking all the money they get from shaking down the man and are financing terrorism. The only difference between Sharpie and Jackie and those terrorists is that Sharpie and Jackie are to lazy to make the effort to hijack a airplane.”

Now if Ann Coulter had done this there would have been hell to pay for such a veiled racist attack against black liberals but let a black female comedian accuse a white conservative of treason and let her suggest it would be a good thing if the conservative died and suddenly our Black President is yucking it up. Wanda Sykes didn’t aim her barbs at Michael Steele. She didn’t aim any barbs at Walter Williams.

I watched the ‘show’ on c-span, last night. I decided that the POTUS tells jokes with a vulgar twist–a new LOW for Presidential discourse; even if it be humor: viz. Rham Emanuel can’t juxtapose “Mother” and “Day” (Yah, I get it; Rahm says “motherf*cker” all the time); and Tim Geithner is a “fire hydrant” (The ‘Dogs of Finance and Politics” pee on his leg–cute!). Obama is gutter trash.

What DO you call these people? If they were white and made such jokes, they would be termed, “Whitetrash”, where I live.

Author: jetbrane

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9 thoughts on “Racial Humor”

  1. I read as much as I could of the original “The Real Lincoln” online, Lincoln, whom the new POTUS seeks to emulate, had the same type of humor, except there was no CNN back then. From what I understand, Lincoln was a little more intelligent, he made up his own schtick, aka bawdy tales. Lucky us, we got Lincolns dumber version, with a twist, he’s “Black” (sort of).

  2. From Wikipedia:

    “Sykes was married to David Hall from 1991 to 1998. In October 2008 in California she married her female partner, whom she met in 2006, and publicly came out in November at a same-sex marriage rally regarding Proposition 8 in Las Vegas that she is a lesbian and had just married. She expressed her excitement over the presidential election of Barack Obama, and feeling “crushed” after the passage of Proposition 8, forbidding marriages of same-sex couples in California. She has continued to be active in same-sex marriage issues hosting events and emceeing fundraisers.”

  3. Why were our forefathers right about everything but race? Why are the humanist atheists wrong about everything but race?

  4. Patrick Cleburne asked the two most hated (and necessary) questions in this society. Well done, sir.

    Indeed. It is THE question!

  5. Public decency is a topic about which I am passionate. At the end of the day, I guess the real question is why can’t we move beyond all of this? The point that has been made about a white comedian being chastised for such comments is apt; but Ms. Sykes has also taken her fair share of criticism. With the times as they are, I just wonder why any jokes such as these need to be told at all, no matter what race the person is that is telling them. There are plenty of issues worthy of discourse right now over off-color jokes that seek to disparage one party or another. Rather than being disappointed in the words of one particular person, I am disappointed in the overall tone of the discourse at large.

  6. “The real question is why can’t we move beyond all of this?”

    Because there remains at least two visions of America and those two visions are held by people of different cultures and and often times different races.

  7. “…why can’t we move beyond all of this?”

    When they stop trying to tell me how to think and speak, I’ll stop questioning their right to do so.

  8. “why can’t we move beyond all of this? “

    As long as we have a huge double standard, as long as we have perpetual victims, as long as we have political and lobbying groups like the Black Caucus, LaRaza, NAACP et al, as long as whites are supposed to be aracial and “people of color” are not, please tell me how it is possible to “move beyond all of this”?

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