Reuters News Service Reports New Obama Administration Policy

Reuters news agency reports that the Obama administration has come out with a new program intended to stimulate the US economy. This new program is called, “Cash for condoms.” The thinking is by stimulating the condom market that not only will condom producers increase the size of their market share but also that at the same time STD’s and unwanted pregnancies will decrease.

When Condom Czar Peter Gravida was asked if the “Cash for Condom” program was intended to intersect with the “Cash for Clunkers” program he answered by saying,

“It must be appreciated that the Auto industry is not the only manufacturer in our country that is to big to fail. It is also the case that the US Rubber industry is a industry that is to big to fail. As such we thought that in the interest of fairness we would provide seed money to the Rubber industry as well as to the Auto industry.”

Rumors are circulating among Washington insiders that next week, the Obama Administration will report its “Cash for Cancer” program. The thinking here is that by promoting financial incentive for contracting cancer there will be the effect of reducing the unwanted surplus human population that is such a burden on our health care industry.

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