Senator Edward Kennedy Succumbs To Brain Cancer

U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy, responsible for the vehicular homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne, Senate floor manager for the 1965 immigration act which fundamentally and unalterably changed America’s demographics despite his then promise that, “our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually,” and annual water carrier for socialized health care in America has been reunited with Miss Kopechne in his death from brain cancer. Senator Kennedy outlived Miss Kopechne by just over 40 years dying at age 77.

Teddy Kennedy’s philandering and womanizing was consistent with the Kennedy family tradition. Father Joe, and brothers Jack and Bobby were legendary skirt chasers and Teddy followed in that family tradition. Another family tradition that Sen. Kennedy was involved in was national politics. His Father had been US ambassador to England during the Roosevelt administration and his Brothers Jack and Bobby each achieved high elective office with Jack serving as President and Bobby as Attorney General and US Senator from New York. Teddy Kennedy was the only son of Joe Kennedy to die of natural causes in his old age.

Edward Kennedy, despite ushering Mary Jo Kopechne to a watery demise went on to become an influential US Senator from Massachusetts. In 1980 Kennedy challenged incumbent Jimmy Carter for his party’s nomination to be the Presidential standard bearer but lost in a tight contest to the incumbent President. Kennedy’s political career also included his leading the way in crushing Robert Bork’s nomination to the US Supreme court. With adroit underhanded slime and malicious and misleading innuendo Sen. Kennedy almost single handedly tarred what had been Bork’s stellar personal and judicial reputation and in so doing help to create the current poisonous partisan climate that still prevails in Washington D.C. some 25 years later.

Speculation from Washington D.C. is that the Democratic party will use Kennedy’s death as a martyrdom in order to pass the current proposed socialized health care. Rumors are swirling that the Democratic party will label the pending legislation as the “Kennedy Memorial Health care legislation.”

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2 thoughts on “Senator Edward Kennedy Succumbs To Brain Cancer”

  1. It was nice of him to die so that the MSM can conveniently ignore healthcare and foreign wars for the next couple of weeks.

  2. “Rumors are swirling that the Democratic party will label the pending legislation as the “Kennedy Memorial Health care legislation.””

    Then the Stupid Party should raise the Evil Party one, by declaring it deserves the death that Mary Jo Kopechne did not.

    In light of the fawning flatulence vomited forth upon the deaths of Russert and Michael Jackson, it will be interesting to see what the mainstream clone media does.
    Wait, uh, I already know what it will be.

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