Hammond on Mandela …. White On Arminians

For the whole 20th century Communism advanced by complaining about the injustice of those in power, only to turn around and compound the ruling wickedness they complained of by 1000 fold. If the Czar’s killed their thousands, the Bolsheviks and Communists killed their tens of millions. If Chiang Kai-shek was ruthless it looked like gentle kisses in comparison to Mao’s Communism. Castro made Batista look like a day care provider. On and on the list goes. Wherever Communism has come to power it has made the roughness of the previous ruling authorities look like Nirvana.

This comparison includes Mandela and the ANC as compared to the Apartheid rulers. The West forced the end of white rule in South Africa and it feted and hailed Mandela when he visited the States. However the communist black rule of the ANC makes the “oppressive” white rule look absolutely benign.

This link is a excellent exposition of that idea and I recommend its viewing … especially in light of the recent Hollywood release of “INVICTUS” that continues to try and make Mandela look like some victimized God.


On a lighter note, the following link is absolutely hilarious. It is a song done by Don White (who has a Masterful singing voice) titled “I’m Arminian.” It is based on a poem written by Mark Chambers and set to the tune of, “If I Only Had A Brain.”

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2 thoughts on “Hammond on Mandela …. White On Arminians”

  1. The Dr.Hammond video is an amazing reminder that Mandela was no victim.

    I was also struck by Hammond’s courageous fulfillment of his office: here’s a minister of the gospel speaking directly to the magistrate Mandela, cataloguing his evil, and then praying for his repentance and conversion. Dr. Hammond’s life experience and biblical wisdom has undoubtedly innoculated him against that pesky R2k virus.

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