Warfield On Atomistic Hyper-Individualism

“To Paul, the human race is made up of families, and every several organism — the church included — is composed of families, united together by this or that bond. The relation of the sexes in the family follow it therefore into the church. To the feminist movement the human race is made up of individuals; a woman is just another individual by the side of the man, and it can see no reason for any differences in dealing with the two. And, indeed, if we can ignore the great fundamental natural difference of sex and destroy the great fundamental social unit of the family in the interest of individualism, there does not seem any reason why we should not wipe out the differences established by Paul between the sexes in the church — except, of course, the authority of Paul.”

B. B. Warfield

Piggy backing off this Warfield quote it would be easy to suggest that this hyper-individualism that he locates has created more havoc in what was once Christendom then just the problem of Feminism. This hyper-individualism that is part and parcel of our philosophic egalitarianism has broken down all the formerly understood and embraced hierarchical structures of Biblical Christianity. Not only are the Biblically informed hierarchical structures and roles between women and men decimated but also the Biblically informed hierarchical structures between men and men and women and women have been destroyed. This is proven by the embrace of Sodomy and Lesbianism. If men and women are merely integers that are not Biblically defined in their meaning and hierarchical structures then why shouldn’t men go with men and women with women into the boudoir? Another example of this is the recent push for children’s rights. If humans are merely integers that are not Biblically defined in their meaning and hierarchical structures then why shouldn’t the differences between children and parents be eliminated?

And though we’ve been propagandized since the 1950’s not to probe this application, wouldn’t Warfield’s complaint against the human race being composed only of individuals be a cautionary word pertaining to the wisdom of not honoring historic distinctions between cultures and ethnicities? Is it really the case, as the Alienists and Cultural Marxists would have us believe, that just as women and men are undifferentiated cogs so it is the case that men of different nationalities are likewise merely undifferentiated cogs that can be swapped in and out of the Statist created cultural machine of the New World Order? If God has created men and women to be distinct is it so hard to think that He likewise hath made of one blood all nations of men (note the unity in diversity idea) and did determine the bounds of their habitation (note the idea that nations, and so nationalities are distinct)?

I am convinced that this idea of the human race as being comprised only of atomistic individuals — an idea that owes its origin more to the French Philosophes and their Revolution then it does to Biblical Christianity — is an idea that has effected us more negatively than we think or realize.

Author: jetbrane

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