Against Arminian Libertarian Freedom

“Whosoever Will,” thou hast said (John 3:16)
Remind them though that “Whosoever” is dead (Eph 2:1)
Remind them of their hardened hearts (Ex. 9:12, Eph. 4:18)
Which gladly binds them to the Serpent’s stead
And works so the “Whosoever” never starts
To will in favor of a dead “better part”

“Now is the day,” thou hath spoke
But “Whosoever’s” mind is darkened and their nature broke
And as Responsibility does not ability convey
So the dead are not, at a command awoke
And cannot even hear the communique
That would have dead men choose a living way

So, the Will is free, but in bondage spun
It is not of “Whosoever” who wills or runs
The fallen will is only free to act
Consistent with the dead man’s pact
Soaked in Dragon’s milk, sealed with Wormwood tongue

Author: jetbrane

I am a Pastor of a small Church in Mid-Michigan who delights in my family, my congregation and my calling. I am postmillennial in my eschatology. Paedo-Calvinist Covenantal in my Christianity Reformed in my Soteriology Presuppositional in my apologetics Familialist in my family theology Agrarian in my regional community social order belief Christianity creates culture and so Christendom in my national social order belief Mythic-Poetic / Grammatical Historical in my Hermeneutic Pre-modern, Medieval, & Feudal before Enlightenment, modernity, & postmodern Reconstructionist / Theonomic in my Worldview One part paleo-conservative / one part micro Libertarian in my politics Systematic and Biblical theology need one another but Systematics has pride of place Some of my favorite authors, Augustine, Turretin, Calvin, Tolkien, Chesterton, Nock, Tozer, Dabney, Bavinck, Wodehouse, Rushdoony, Bahnsen, Schaeffer, C. Van Til, H. Van Til, G. H. Clark, C. Dawson, H. Berman, R. Nash, C. G. Singer, R. Kipling, G. North, J. Edwards, S. Foote, F. Hayek, O. Guiness, J. Witte, M. Rothbard, Clyde Wilson, Mencken, Lasch, Postman, Gatto, T. Boston, Thomas Brooks, Terry Brooks, C. Hodge, J. Calhoun, Llyod-Jones, T. Sowell, A. McClaren, M. Muggeridge, C. F. H. Henry, F. Swarz, M. Henry, G. Marten, P. Schaff, T. S. Elliott, K. Van Hoozer, K. Gentry, etc. My passion is to write in such a way that the Lord Christ might be pleased. It is my hope that people will be challenged to reconsider what are considered the givens of the current culture. Your biggest help to me dear reader will be to often remind me that God is Sovereign and that all that is, is because it pleases him.

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