Martin & McAtee On Worldview Thinking On The Eclectic Level

Some quotes from IWU legendary Dr. Glenn Martin,

“Most College and University faculty members operate at a third level (of worldview thinking). The eclectic level of application. They make eclectic selection from the packages which have already been marketed, which they then present to their students.”


1.) The fact that the selection is being made in an eclectic fashion indicates that these faculty members are seldom, if ever, epistemologically self conscious. They are operating with borrowed capital from another person’s worldview and having acquired it much the same way a person might acquire a suit, or a pair of shoes, (they purchased it from somebody else) they have little understanding of what went into putting the worldview together. John Maynard Keynes captures something of what I am aiming at here when he said,

“Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back.”

2.) If the students, to whom the faculty present their second-hand worldviews, do embrace the worldview the faculty is teaching, just as the faculty member received it from his professor, they are now likewise eclectic worldview thinkers to the third generation. The worldview, like the aforementioned suit, is a hand-me-down to another generation. All the faults and contradictions that were originally present in the Worldview as it was originally marketed remain unobserved.

It is important to realize in this conversation that at the end of the day the world of worldview possibilities can be reduced to two should all worldviews be boiled down to their essentials and examined on a presuppositional basis.

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