Talmudic Judaism, Stalin’s Communism, Ben-Gurion’s Zionism

“Words have no relation to action. Otherwise what kind of diplomacy is it? Words are one thing. Action is another. Words are a mask of concealment for bad deeds. Sincere diplomacy is no more possible than dry water or wooden iron.”

Joseph Stalin

Lying permeates the rabbinic mentality. It is part of the culture and heritage of Orthodox Judaism, not just the theology. In the letters section of the London Review of Books, this writer came across the deception technique of David Ben-Gurion and we recognized as 100 proof rabbinic:

“Ben Gurion was a consummate strategist and he understood that it would be unwise for the Zionists to talk openly about the need for brutal compulsion. We quote a memorandum Ben-Gurion wrote prior to the Extraordinary Zionist Conference at the Biltmore Hotel in New York in May 1942. He wrote that ‘it is impossible to imagine a general evacuation of the Arab population of Palestine without compulsion, and brutal compulsion. Dershowitz claims Ben-Gurion’s subsequent statement — ‘we should in no way make it part of our program’ — shows that he opposed the transfer of Arab population and the ‘brutal compulsion’ it would entail. But Ben-Gurion was not rejecting this policy: he was simply noting that the Zionists should not openly proclaim it. Indeed, he said that they should not “discourage other people, British or American, who favor transfer from advocating this course, but we should in no way make it part of our program.”

Michael Hoffman
Judaism’s Strange Gods — pg. 162

Stalin’s quote supports the idea that Bolshevism – Communism was a movement inspired by and supported by a worldview informed by Talmudic Judaism. Stalin and Ben-Gurion both were practicing the deception that Hoffman documents as a identifiable marker of Othodox Judaism. Whether Stalin (Dzhugashvili) was Jewish is debated. That he was married to at least one Jewess is not. That he was surrounded by high profile leadership which was Jewish is also not debatable. Finally, what is not debatable is that the quote from Stalin could have been informed by the Jewish thinking just as Ben-Gurion’s actions were informed by Judaism.

All of this is consistent with what Dr. Fred Schwarz wrote over 40 years ago in his little book, “You Can Trust The Communist To Be Communists.” Schwarz’s labor in that book was to communicate that the Communists, consistent with their Hegelian Dialectic, will practice any deception, and tell any lie, in order to advance their “proletariat morality.” The Hegelian Dialectic is just a 19th incarnation of Talmudic Judaisms long standing Hermeneutic of deception. Zionists like Ben-Gurion, and Communists like Stalin all share the same commitment to Talmudic subterfuge in order to advance their agenda.

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