Genocide & The White Boer … So Much For Social Justice

Why isn’t the world media covering the genocide of the Boer in South Africa as it covered Apartheid in the 80’s and 90’s? The White Boer Farmer is being raped, pillaged, and murdered and we hear next to nothing about it in our traditional media outlets. Could it be the reason that we hear so little about this crime is because the South African Boer Farmer is white?

Here we have all this noise and fury about the Belhar confession and the need for racial justice all the while the white Boer Farmer is being attacked at every turn. The Belhar confession, coming from South Africa as it does, is supposed to be this great statement about unity and social justice and yet the very country that it comes from is pursuing genocide of the White Boer Farmer.

Something doesn’t add up here.

War threats, hate crimes soar against SA Whites: June 2012

Author: jetbrane

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