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So where do you draw the line? Should I have the right to own a shoulder mounted surface to air missile? A jet bomber? a nuclear warhead? Do you think if Thomas Jefferson could have seen the damage a fully automatic UZI could inflict on a crowded cafe that he would have still supported the 2nd amendment in its present form? Or better yet been in favor to modify it. These are the argument that are going to come up not stupidity like this flyer.

Dear Jack,

First, that entire line of reasoning assumes that certain classes of weapons are for the the government alone and that the gov’t is inherently more responsible than the freeholder, or citizen. This would, by definition, be Statism – the bedrock of tyranny – precisely the sort of delusions the founders sought to restrain at all costs. As it turns out, the history of the 20th century fully vindicated the founders’ conviction by the fact that governments have proven far more lethally erratic than the average man. Those who allocate, amass, or support inordinate concentrations of power in Government hands are the danger, not the weapons. Government and the state-worshiping mindset are simply too dangerous to allow them a monopoly on force and violence. That is the entire ethic behind the Lord of The Rings: no one can safely wield that concentration of power – least of all they who in their pride, believe otherwise. All men need checks on their power, and the government more than anyone. And that is precisely the intent behind the 2nd amendment – an authority inherent in the people to restrain or overthrow a runaway government for their own defense.

So the limiting principle for the average man’s armament is packed into the the rationale of 2nd amendment itself – while citizens’ right of self-defense may not be infringed, it is apparent that indiscriminate weapons such as nuclear bombs are safe for men neither in nor out of government. In order not to infringe upon people’s right of self-defense non-discriminant weapons like weaponized viruses and nukes are illegal to all, citizens and congressmen. There is no practical use for such items in anyone’s possession; they protect no one and merely endanger everyone.

But yes, tanks, RPGs, and uzis are rightful parts of an American’s armory precisely because they are the weapons needed to suppress state tyranny. And anyone who says otherwise is promoting an ideology far more dangerous than any uzi.

As Christians, we live by Christ law, not the whim of men.

Author: jetbrane

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  1. If I may slap “Jack” upside the head, he means to say “Madison,” not “Jefferson.”

    And if he knew the difference between Madison and Jefferson, he might know that both would have wanted UZIs and tanks and thermonuclear weapons in the hands of the people, not in the hands of the federal government.

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