Nationalism As A Means To Arrive At International Socialism.

Doing a little reading that tells of the Communist blueprint to gather a International order of undifferentiated peoples. The reading started off with the Marxist policy on ethnicity. It seems that the International Socialist viewed Nationalism favorably as a means and a tactic to reach International Socialism (NWO). Lenin wrote,

“Just as mankind can achieve the abolition of classes only by passing through the transition period of the dictatorship of the oppressed class, so mankind can achieve the inevitable merging of nations only by passing through the transition period of complete liberation of all the oppressed nations, i.e., their freedom to secede.”

As such Marxist thinking was to stir up ethnic minorities against the Majorities unto either secession or Civil War and then immediately capture those movements once they got rolling and then turn them, once successful in overthrowing the Majority Rule, to a movement that will sink itself in the International community.

As such Marxism, consistent with their dialectic, both supports ethnic identity and Nationalism and oppose it as each serves their ends of a International NWO. The Marxist reasoning was that just as Capitalism is a necessary stage on the way to NWO International Socialism so Nationalism was a necessary stage on the way to Internationalism.

Here is another quote by Lenin that gives us a glimpse of this,

“The aim of Socialism is not only to abolish the present division of mankind into small states and end all National isolation; not only to bring the nations closer together, but to merge them.”

Of course, this supports the claim by some Biblical Christians that International Marxism has, as its ultimate goal, the sinking of the Nations into a undifferentiated human mass and so suggests, once again, that many expressions of Christianity in the West today are in bed with International Marxism as much current Christianity continues to push the undifferentiated agenda whereby Nations lose their unique identity. We have gotten to the point where much of Denominational Christianity in the West is doing the Devil’s work under the Banner of the Lord Christ by advocating for a Christian Internationalism that looks a great deal like Marxist Internationalism.

Author: jetbrane

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