Applying God’s Law Touching Deceitful Wives & Accusatory Husbands

Dear Pastor,

Do you believe in stoning non-virgin brides? That’s a judicial OT law, and not a ceremonial one, so it would be roughly on par with the prohibition of homosexuality.


Dear Tonya,

A few observations first,

1.) Is it the case that you think God mean or unjust for requiring the death of non-Virgin brides who deceived their husbands and their Fathers?

2.) If you do think God mean or unjust to require death isn’t it the case that you are sitting in judgment of God?

3.) Why do you think it is wrong to stone non-virgin brides but perfectly acceptable to not give the death penalty to abortion Doctors?

4.) Keep in mind that the Church does not wield the sword. It is the role of the Magistrate to execute God’s Law. As such in a pagan society, such as the one we live in, where God’s law requires capital punishment the response of the Church is to excommunicate any member involved in such capital crimes should they refuse to repent. The Church has no authority to bring the sword against those members or non-members who are guilty of capital crimes, but whom the State, in disobedience, refuses to submit to God’s Law by exercising the sword consistent with God’s revelation. Excommunication by the Church, in its capacity of handling the keys, is the equivalent in the Spiritual realm of inflicting the death penalty upon those who will not repent.

Now to answer your question directly,

1.) Yes, I do think non-Virgin brides who can be proven to have been non-Virgins, thus having deceived their Fathers and Husbands, should receive Capital punishment if such a thing is proven beyond any reasonable doubt. How can I disagree with God? (You do realize how difficult it would be to prove such a thing, right?)

2.) Remember though, there are consequences for the Husband also who brings false charges against the Wife. And those also should be implemented.

3.) And I also think that those who are proven to be guilty of sodomy should also receive the capital death penalty if such a thing is proven by the required two or three witnesses.

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3 thoughts on “Applying God’s Law Touching Deceitful Wives & Accusatory Husbands”

  1. God holds the institution of the family as the central and highest institution of society and thus protects its integrity with the highest penalties. Today the state is considered the central and highest institution of society and its enemies are routinely executed. Biblical society is very different from the one we have.


    According to Biblical law, adultery is on the same level as the murder of an individual, it is an act of murder against the central institution of society, it is treason to the family. This was once the law of the western world, it is now virtually gone.

    Why was the family so important, that every society; and here at this point we find that in every society at some time or another, adultery has been a capital offense. Why? The reason for this is very clear once we begin to analyze it. In a society where the family comes into its own, where the family is basic, the family is there the custodian of two of the most important things on earth: Children and property.
    Children and property. Those things determine the future. The future of man depends on children and property, and the control of property. What strikes therefore at the family strikes at children and property, and therefore the future. But the minute the state takes over the children, as it has with public schools, and with an increasing variety of laws; and the minute the state begins to take over property, theft leading towards the socialization of property, the family ceases to have any importance. And adultery then becomes a question of private moral standards and private taste. And so it becomes a private option. If you like it, fine. If you don’t, so what? And laws against it begin to go by the board, as they have in this country.

    As far back as 1948, which is a long time ago in terms of law today, because we had such a legal revolution, there was still conviction for adultery in Los Angeles. It seems almost absurd to talk about a conviction for adultery in Los Angeles this year. [00:16:49]

    Why? Because the family has been eroded so extensively by law, here and throughout the country, throughout the world. And because the families control of children and of property is so minimal now. Your first heir as we saw when we study the laws of inheritance is the state. Before you can take a penny from any estate, the state takes its share, under law the state today is the firstborn, the first heir. And as far back as the days of John Swett one of the superintendents of education, state superintendents in the state of California, the statement was made that the children are the children of the state. Therefore the family is irrelevant, and adultery is now a private matter.

    Let us return to the Biblical law. Because in terms of Biblical law the family is the custodian of property and of children, the survival of society in Biblical law is the state in protecting the family. As a result a number of laws protected the family. Those that are related to the law against adultery, are the laws for example against rape. We find these in particular in Deuteronomy 22:23-29 and in Exodus 22:16-17. The penalty for the rape of a married woman or a betrothed or engaged woman is according to Biblical law death. The woman had to resist and to cry for help. If she did not, when help was near, her consent was assumed, and she died also for adultery, both were executed.

    There was no death penalty for the seduction or rape of a young, un-betrothed girl. Why? In the former cases of an engaged or married woman the marriage was already contracted and the offense was against both the husband or prospective husband and the woman. In the case of the girl, either seduction or rape, the decision rested with the Father. If the young man were acceptable as a husband, and had been a young man of good record but had been carried away, he then could be accepted as a husband if the father gave his consent, without right of divorce, because, the law said: ‘He hath humbled her.’ If he were not acceptable, then he had to pay to her the dowry of a virgin, so that when she went into marriage later with another man, she went in with a double dowry as compensation for her damages. [00:20:41]

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