Presbyterian Church of America’s Original Reason For Existence Outlined

John Edwards Richards was one of the founders of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The PCA split off from a more liberal Presbyterian denomination (PCUS) in 1973.  Richards wrote a book titled. “The historical birth of the Presbyterian Church in America.” In Chapter 2 of that book titled, “Causes of Separation in 1973″ Richards listed the following realities present in the larger denomination that they were seceding from which the newly founded PCA was seeking to get away from. This is some of that list, 
“The Universalist, who proclaims that all men are saved. Therefore, there is a great oneness of all men because redemption is Universal.
The Socialist, who declares all men are equal. Therefore, there must be a great leveling of humanity and a oneness of privilege and possession.
The Racial Amalgamationist, who preaches that the various races should be merged into one race and differences erased into oneness.
The Communist, who would have one one mass of humanity coerced into oneness by a totalitarian state and guided exclusively by Marxist philosophy.
The Internationalist, who insists on co-existence of all peoples and nations that they be as one regardless of ideology or history.
The Romanist, who declares there is one true church under on Pope and all men should become one in it.
The Christian Organizationalist, who believes all branches of the Christian Church should be united under one ecumenical organization.
The Humanist, who believes that man is basically good and that he can work out his own salvation, and that he will achieve this in part through unity and oneness.

The Sentimentalist, who would incubate a warm feeling toward everyone without depth of perception or concern for man’s chief end.”

Clearly the Founders of the PCA were recoiling against the Unitarian sentiment that found the Mother Church they were splitting off from drifting towards the Non-Christian creed and practice of Uniformitarian oneness. I can say that these founders were prophets in seeing the threat that this drive for Uniformitarian oneness was to the Gospel and to their people they were charged to protect as under Shepherds in Jesus Christ. Today, 40 odd years later, the Unitarian impulse with its drive to amalgamate all is ubiquitous in the Modern Church and the broader culture. I would even go so far as to say that this de-facto Unitarianism is the greatest threat to the Church today in the West.An example of what Richards was seeing over 40 years ago in the Church is seen in the broader culture in this 2008 speech by then French leader Sarkozy,

“(…) the objective is to meet the challenge of “métissage” – the challenge of “métissage” that the 21st century is confronting us with. The challenge of “métissage”, France has always been familiar with it, and by meeting the challenge of “métissage” France remains faithful to her history. Moreover, it is consanguinity that has always provoked the end of civilizations and societies. In the course of centuries, France has always known “métissage”, France has always been “métissée”.France has crossbred cultures, ideas and histories. France, who was able to crossbreed these cultures and these histories, constructed a universal language, because France herself is universal in the diversity of her origins.Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the last thing: If republican will power does not function, it will be necessary for the Republic to resort to even more forcible methods.But we don’t have a choice. Diversity at the base of the country must be reflected by diversity at the head of the country.It is not a choice. It is an obligation. It is an imperative. We cannot do otherwise at the risk of finding ourselves faced with considerable problems.

We must change, so we will change.

Clearly the Unitarian impulse remains strong and as Christians we have every bit the need to resist that impulse now as Richards and the PCA in its foundation resisted then.

Richards’ book can be accessed here.

Addendum — Other quotes from John Richards, one of the Founders of the PCA.

“The vast majority of good thinking people prefer to associate with, and intermarry with, people of their respective race; this is part of the God-given inclination to honor and uphold the distinctiveness of separate races. But there are many false prophets of oneness, and many shallow stooges, who seek to force the amalgamation of the races.”

“No human can measure the anguish of personality that goes on within the children of miscegenation… Let those who would erase the racial diversity of God’s creation beware lest the consequence of their evil be visited upon their children.”

These quotes can be accessed here,

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