Hoover Chronicles FDR’s Failures Which Brought Us To War (II)

In his book, “Freedom Betrayed,” (pg. 875f) former President Hoover chronicles 19 failures on FDR that moved the US inexorably towards an unnecessary  war (WW II). Hoover’s case is compelling.

Over the next few days I will list these failures as given by Hoover and you can judge if WW II was a “good war.”

Failure #2 — “I am not disposed to condemn the agreement English Prime Minister Chamberlain gained at Munich in September 1938 for transfer of Sudeten Germans to the Reich because it was a hideous heritage of the (ill conceived) WW I treaty of Versailles which made such action inevitable. However, by the time of Munich, Hitler opened the gates for consummation of his repeated determination to invade Russia. Having gone that far in providing for the inevitable war  between the dictators, the lost statesmanship of FDR was then trying to stop these monsters from mutual destruction.”

Hoover was of the conviction that these united States should have left Hitler and Stalin exhaust each other in their mutual warfare thus saving Western Europe and these US the tragedy of war.  Some of that era even suggested arming both Hitler and Stalin alternately so as to insure that they would utterly wipe each other out.

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