God’s Call for Virgin Skin … A Few Sociological Observations

Now, that I’ve set the table regarding tattoos, demonstrating from Scripture that tattoos are not biblical in and of themselves (#1 in the series), nor does tatting up reflect the teleological end to which Christians are called (#2 in series), I’d like to take some time looking at a few sociological implications of tattoos, particularly on beautiful women. Some of this analysis owes its insights into what today is called the “manosphere.” This is a sociological movement, that is seldom Christian, but does sometimes offer some interesting insights into what current male – female relationships have devolved into given this current culture of feminism. I’ve read a couple of their books and I keep my finger on the pulse of some of their better known blogs.

It needs to be remembered that these are general observations which means that they are posited as generally true. There is no doubt that exceptions will exist to these general observations. As such this is a case of, “if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.”

1.) Tattoos on a single woman tilts the “I-am-easy-meter” needle towards full on easy.   Women with Tatts signal to men on the lower end of the social scale … “Come see about me.”

A comment left on one of the “manosphere sites,” read,

Someone already mentioned that tattoos are a tell-tale indicator of impulsive behavior, and short-sightedness. Most likely will be an easy score on the first date.

2.) Beautiful women subconsciously, as impressed upon them by the culture, are guilt ridden over their beauty. One means of reducing that guilt is to reduce their beauty by tramp stamping themselves with tatts.

Heartsite Chateau adds on this score,

“Tattoos in the current year could be seen as a sort of “maimgeld” (i.e. – self-uglifying): the tribute that white women pay in self-disfigurement to a growing Diversitopia they live in that both covets the white women’s exquisite natural looks and hates it to the verge of eliminationist rage.”

3.) Beautiful women with tatts is one means by which they contribute to the Babel melange where equality is the measurement of virtue. If they can’t change their beauty to an acceptable base line ugliness that doesn’t clearly place them in the above average class, they can at least lower themselves into the undifferentiated bricolage culture by tatting up and so be found acceptable according to egalitarian cultural standards.

Remember, this culture is all about sinking itself into a un-diversified egalitarian garbage scow where each human cog is equal to each other human cog. This requires, from beautiful women, a disintegration downward into ugliness. Tatts are one means to accomplish this goal.

4.) Beautiful women with tattoos no longer stand out as advantaged or privileged by that beauty. The greatest crime in this culture, for guilt ridden beauties, is to be consumers of what we might call “attraction privilege.” By tatting up, beautiful women negate the loathed “attraction privilege” they would otherwise carry.

5.) In this fame culture where it seems that everyone wants to be noticed, tattoos are one way women can seek being noticed. Other reasons for getting a tattoo besides wanting notice, are minimal (i.e.– burn victims). Tattoos, like billboards, scream, “look at me.” Sociologically speaking, then, tattoos fit in well with our current narcissistic culture. Some might counter that some people get tattoos where they can’t be seen publicly but the response to that may be, “Why bother?”

The last thing narcissists need is to have their narcissism fed.

It is clear, upon reviewing this, that many of these points are pointing towards how female tattoos are serving a Cultural Marxist egalitarian order where ugliness is exalted at the cost of uglying down beautiful women. A couple of the other points above underscore the “tramp stamp” quotient. Women with tatts are simply seen as lacking sexual virtue by the manosphere. It doesn’t matter what tatted women think about their tatts. What matters is that this is what men think of tatted women. Tatts on females are a dog whistle for sexual advance from men.


Author: jetbrane

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