Columbus Ohio’s Consideration of Conversion Therapy Band

Just read an account where the Columbus, Ohio city council, following Toledo and Cincinnati, is considering making conversion therapy illegal to engage upon within the city limits as applied to anyone under 18 years of age. Conversion therapy is therapy trying to help deliver someone from the insanity of identifying as LGBQT.…/city-council-considers-ordinance-bannin…/

1.) This is the criminalizing of Christianity among the professional class. Who else in the medical or psychological professional field except a Christian would pursue this kind of therapy as help for the mentally ill? Christians in these professional fields are being told that they must not seek to apply Biblical Christianity as a means of making the sick whole.

2.) This is sacralizing Sodomy and the whole LGBQT phenomena. If a law is passed forbidding medical professionals fromm seeking to convert the pervert then what else can that be except an action which sacralizes and makes untouchable the LGBQT individual?

3.) As such it goes a long way towards establishing a religion in Columbus. Adherents of LGBQT’ism may not be touched. They are Holy to the Columbus Lord. Perverts have special rights and having special rights their religion of LGBQT’ism has special rights. This kind of legislation, applied as it is to the professional class, is a banning of repentance as that might arise in the context of professional counseling.

4.) If the city council meeting that I viewed is any indication of what is going on in Columbus, the measure is being passed on the strength of emotional testimony. The pervert crowd testifies that the fences that Taboos provide are so mean and that their feelings are hurt. Tears flow in the audience. No one stops to consider that Taboos that build fences of social ostracization serve a purpose to protect the community.

One wonders if there is any perversion that can be named wherein it would be acceptable to shun someone with harsh words? Is it acceptable to say to a pederast, “You’re an abomination?” Is it within proprietary  bounds to tell someone who is a practitioner of Coprophilia that they “better repent or they will burn in hell?” Is it socially unacceptable to tell someone who keeps goats for bestiality purposes that they if “you get near my children you won’t need the goats anymore?”

And yet, all because people are putting verbal boundaries between themselves and mentally ill people (see the testimonies in the link) apparently we must have a law that protects pervert LGBQT’ism and so eliminates the associated and protective social order taboos.

5.) Of course, the accredited shrinks were on hand insisting that conversion therapy is of the devil.

“Opponents of conversion therapy, including many in the medical community, said the practice is not legitimate and cannot change one’s gender identity or sexual orientation.”

Yet we know that it is perfectly acceptable for medical professionals to do conversion therapy via sex change operations. We know that legion is the name of shrinks that seek to help people to adjust to the discovery of their new gender. This is more evidence that this is a faith-based decision that is prioritizing the religion of LGBQT’ism.

And again,

“There’s not a shred of evidence that shows that’s (gender conversion) even possible,” Dr. Jim Broyles, a psychologist, said.

Broyles, who is the former head of the Ohio Psychological Association, said the therapy can be “harmful and damaging” to patients.

This completely ignores that there is not a shred of objective evidence (tearful subjective testimonies don’t count as objective evidence) that gender fluidity exists. There is not a shred of objective evidence that people are born sodomite or were born female in male bodies.

6.) The star witness was a 14-year-old LGBQT person of one variety or another. The audience and council members fawned all over herm for herm bravery and eloquence. Evidence that we are no longer a Christian people as we give our sympathy to the wicked.

7.) In as much as we are protecting the criminally insane by legislation, it goes a long way towards proving that we as a people group are ourselves criminally insane.

8.)  “At the end of the day, this is about protecting people for who they are,” Zach Klein, president of the Columbus City Council.

Really? This is the only standard Zach? Then why not protect the pederast? The goat lover? The coprophiliac? The necrophiliac?  After all, if law is going to be based on protecting people for who they are how dare we not protect one and all for who they are?

9.) As this proposed law would apply to only those under 18 it seems clear that this is an attempt by the LBGQT community to sustain and grow their numbers. Obviously, if a confused child isn’t helped before they are 18 with sexual confusion then it makes it that much more likely that their sexual identity will be set in concrete once they are 18 and older. Every year that goes by wherein a child is allowed to be confused sexually makes it that much more unlikely that they will ever be unconfused. As such this proposed law would have the effect of swelling the numbers of the LBGQT pervert community.

10.) This proposed law takes parental responsibility away from the parent and places it in the hands of the state. The state will not allow parents to seek out professional help in Columbus to find help for their child. Of course, parents can still go to a religious counselor, per the law’s proposed content, but if the “professional” community is not allowed to pursue this then what is communicated is only fringe nutcase religious people try this kind of “nutty” therapy.

In the end, we have become a social order that is so inclusive that we have lost the ability to name anything as taboo, except the naming of having taboos as being taboo.  As a people, we desire to so include everyone that the only people we will exclude are people who own the standards that were once considered the essence of being civilized. The only abominations, the only ones who can be damned to hell, the only ones that we must protect our children from, the only ones who must be shoved in the closet and so socially ostracized are those who insist this is all insane fecal reasoning.



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