McAtee Has a Few Question for Klaus Schwab Concerning the Great Reset

“We can’t continue with an economic system driven by selfish values, such as short-term profit maximization, the avoidance of tax and regulation, or the externalizing of environmental harm. Instead, we need a society, economy, and international community that is designed to care for all people and the entire planet.”
Klaus Schwab
Describing “Stakeholder Capitalism”
That Great Reset Economic plan which replaces Shareholder Capitalism
1.) “Selfish values” by whose standards? Why isn’t Schwab’s value against what he styles “selfish values,” just a selfish value on Schwab’s part, and if it is why is Schwab’s selfish value to get rid of putative selfish values a value that must be forced on all of us?
2.) Note that the “selfish values” that must be eliminated are the values of a countless number of individuals in favor of the selfish values of Schwab and his World Economic Forum.
3.) If in shareholder capitalism we are acting to avoid Government tax and regulation in our spending habits why would we want to embrace a different governmental system that will give us stakeholder capitalism that promises we won’t have to act to avoid Government tax and regulation because, per its own promise, we won’t own anything? Why should I avoid one Government arrangement that picks my pocket for another Government arrangement that steals my pants?
4.) Whose standard will be used to adjudicate what it means to care for all the people and the entire planet? Will I be consulted so that my standards are the standards used to adjudicate what it means to care for all 7 billion people on the entire planet or will it be the case, as I suspect, that it will be the standards of some sulfur soaked demonic whore like Schwab who will provide his Marxist standards as those standards which are used to adjudicated what it means to care for the whole planet?

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