Sen. Tom Cotton Exposes SPLC as Racist Sexist Organization

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) per Sen. Tom Cotton is “a racket.” The way the game works is the 500million dollar endowed SPLC as operating from the Cultural Marxist Left is the attack dog for the Cultural Marxist left assigned the responsibility of labeling center-right organizations as “extremist hate groups.” The SPLC then turns that information to the Cultural Marxist media outlets who then use their platforms to continue the smear all with the purpose of scaring away the donor base of those groups that the Cultural Marxist SPLC and the Cultural Marxist advocacy media.

Watch the 5 minute video and let me know what you think. Interesting that the SPLC ran into a buzz saw that saw the departure of some of its top officials for the very real offenses that they routinely wrongly accuse other organizations. Who would have ever thought that officials at the SPLC would get taken down for charges of racism and sexism? I think that is what is called poetic justice.

Author: jetbrane

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