Pure Gold Stand Up Comedy Material Emanating From The J & J Vaccine Cancellation

For people who have already had the vaccine it “really doesn’t mean anything. You’re OK.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci
On the halt of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine

That my friends is stand-up comedy at its finest.

We had to stop using the J & J vaccine because it is killing people but if you already took the J & J vaccine you’re fine. We promise.

That is right up there with “We had to destroy the village to save the village.”

Here is another great comedy routine from a Big Eva personage named Brad Littlejohn.

“The recent J&J vaccine pause should give us all much *greater* confidence in the safety of Covid vaccines. Indeed, it knocks the #1 weapon out of the anti-vaxxers’ hands: the claim that the gov’t is “covering up” the risks of the vaccines.”

This is like saying, “Well, because the Soviets eventually admitted ‘Chernobyl was a small problem,’ therefore we have proof that the USSR is a reliable source for information.”

Then this Littlejohn — this tower of genius — continues his comedy routined by saying,

“Not gonna mince words: anyone who willfully manipulates the J&J pause to undermine public confidence in vaccines, like those who willfully misled the public on the risks of Covid-19, is in violation of the sixth commandment.”

In the famous words of Bugs Bunny; “What a Maroon.” Here is an idiot willfully misleading the public contending that anyone like the gazillion medical and research professionals who have warned people off of the COVID injection (called a “vaccine”)  is violating the 6th commandment.

Hey Brad Littlejohn… go bugger yourself. Anybody who has confidence in these “vaccines” has to be as brain dead as Littlejohn.

Author: jetbrane

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One thought on “Pure Gold Stand Up Comedy Material Emanating From The J & J Vaccine Cancellation”

  1. He’s actually in violation of Commands 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

    Command 1: The state and acceptance with establishment pagans are the gods he places before the one true God.

    Command 3: He vainly calls himself a Christian, while slandering Christ and His people, and rejecting Christ’s law, including the limitations on the actions of tyrants.

    Command 5: He dishonors his lawful authority in family, church and state who have gone before him, by rebelliously genuflecting before their rival gods.

    Command 6: He promotes death–spiritual and physical–by promoting the vaccines, and by falsely charging those who speak the truth with committing murder.

    Command 7: He is a spiritual whore, servicing the demon gods of big pharma, big corpa and big gubmint in exchange for a mess of pottage.

    Command 8: He uses lies and deceit to manipulate the weak-minded among us to either part with their own money, or support (through taxation) the forced confiscation of money to put into the pockets of the vax makers and their hired government goons.

    Command 9: He is lying. About the jab, and about the truth-tellers.

    May God have mercy on his soul.

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