The Religion of Marxism

Marxism Is Theology

Marxism as a theology presupposes

1.) Ontology — There is no Supernatural extra-mundane God. All is time plus chance plus circumstance.

2.) Axiology — The State dictates ultimate societal values.

3.) Teleology v– Man is moving towards a man-made utopia — A Kingdom of man on earth.

4.) Epistemology — There is no such thing as revelation. Man knows by force of reason alone.

5.) Anthropology — Man is merely matter in motion. He has no set nature.

6.) Hamartiology — Sin is defined as that which transgresses the will of the Sovereign God State at any given time. Sin one day might be righteousness the next day depending upon the determination of the State.

7.) Ethics — Ethics are relative to the need of the State. There is no absolute right and wrong, good and bad, etc. Reasoning is not systematic but dialectic.

8.) Aesthetics — Art must serve the end of the State as it seeks to bring to fulfillment the Utopian order. There is no transcendent notions of “good, true, and beautiful.”

9.) Education — Children are owned by the State. The State is responsible to social engineer its children to fit its needs. In the state, we live and move and have our being.

10.) Family — Family is a social construct that can be amended and shaped to fit the needs of the State. Allegiances to the family are secondary to allegiance to the State.

11.) Economics — The earth is the States and the fullness thereof. Private property does not exist because for private property to exist would be to suggest that there is something beyond the State.

** As this is where we started we should note that Socialism as an economic system implies all these other tenants. Also, it should be noted that in classical Marxism Economics in many respects becomes their theology / their guiding fiction / their plausibility structure. This is true because all of reality is read through the prism of economic oppression and relief. Indeed, even their dialectic is largely committed to the Utopian triumph through Economic dialecticism. This overturns Curtis Eggleston’s original assertion that Socialism is not about theology. In point of fact, Socialism is theology. (Indeed any time you have a “ism” suffix ending there you have a theology.)

Editorially speaking, here I must add that for a good man to be teaching young impressionable minds that Socialism is just an economic theory and has no theology is like saying that Godzilla is just a lizard and is no monster.

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