A reading list for Memorial Day

A reading list for Memorial Day. Read these 10 books and you’ll never celebrate Memorial day again in quite the same way.

10.) Wilson’s War — Jim Powell
9.) FDR goes to War — Burton Folsom
8.) Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government — M. Stanton Evans
7.) Lincoln the Man — Edgar Masters
6.) Lincoln’s Little War: How His Carefully Crafted Plans Went Astray — Webb Garrison
5.) Naked Capitalist — W. Cleon Skousen
4.) Freedom Betrayed — Herbert Hoover
3.) Blacklisted by History — M. Stanton Evans
2.) War is a Racket — Smedley Butler
1.) Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution — Anthony C. Sutton

Bonus books

1.) Freedom Betrayed — Herbert Hoover
2.) Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War — Pat Buchanan
3.) War is a Racket — Gen. Smedley Butler
4.) Hidden History; The Secret Origins of WW I — MacGregor and Docherty
5.) Prolonging the Agony;  How  the  Anglo-American  Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-and-a-Half Years — MacGregor & Docherty

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