Kinism Has Always Been Christian Orthodoxy 101

I have become convinced that one reason the modern Church hates Kinism is that it is everywhere in Scripture and in Church History. Indeed, Kinism up until 1950 or so in this country was stock in trade in the Church and followed the maxim of Vincent of Lérins inasmuch as that it has been believed everywhere, always, by all.

I am convinced this one reason why the modern Marxist church clutches at its ears and screams irrationally whenever someone stands up and says all neighbor love was never intended to be egalitarian. Below we find yet another example from a Bishop in the 17th Century Anglican Church in England.

Alienists Churchmen hate this stuff because like Poe’s “Tale of the Tell-tale heart,” they keep hearing the pounding of the heart of the Biblical Christianity that they think they have killed. However, every time someone makes a cogent case for Kinism, or every time someone demonstrates kinism from the scripture, or every time someone quotes from Church history the Alienist-Marxist goes even further mad hearing the pounding the tell-tale heart.

Enjoy the quote below from Bishop White Kennett;

“But secondly, the same Native Country is another cement of Christian Charity. It must be some instinct in Nature, because the consent of all Mankind to love their own Nation, to value their birthright and the inheritance of their Fathers. When Moses spied an Egyptian smiting a Hebrew one of his Brethren, i.e., his own countrymen; in his tenderness, he delivered the one, and out of too great indignation, he slew the other. And when he went a second time and saw two men of the Hebrews strive together, he said to him who began the assault, ‘Wherefore smitest thou thy fellow? Is he thy brother an Israelite? This may provoke God to make you longer slaves in a strange land.’ Our Blessed Savior seems to have had particular regard to the good estate of his own Nation, while he declared, that he was not sent, save to the ‘Lost Sheep of the House of Israel’; while he wept over Jerusalem, and often visited Nazareth and Bethlehem, tho one would think, nothing could draw him thither but an impulse of natural affection; for he himself was sensible that the ‘Prophet had least Honor in his own Country’. St. Paul was another great example of inbred Love and Zeal for his Native Land, the goodly Heritage of his Ancestors. He was by Birth a true old Hebrew of the Hebrews, i.e., for many generations. He had indeed but little reason to be fond of that Birthright; for he was brought into great Perils by his own countrymen, and he had least to do with them, for his Mission was to be an Apostle to the Gentiles; yet Nature must break through all discouragements; wherefore, Act xxviii.19 tho’ plagued and oppressed by his fellow Jews, he had still a loving eye upon his dear Country, ‘I was constrained (says he) to appeal unto Ceasar, not that I had ought to accuse my Nation of’; and how much less would he have betrayed his Nation? Nay, what a rapture of zeal had he, Rom ix.3 ‘I could wish myself accursed or separated from Christ for my Brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh, who are Israelites.’”

Bishop White Kennet (1660-1728)
On Christian Charity — p. 20-21

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