On This Day; Potpourri of Quotes and Insights Over The Years From the Pastor’s Study

A.) Memorial Day began in Georgia in 1866 to honor the Confederate dead who gave their lives for their people. Of course, many dead Yankees were mercenaries from Europe who couldn’t possibly give their lives for their people.

B.) Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord.  II Chronicles 19:2
Well, doesn’t that just throw a wrench into refugeeism and illegal immigration?

C.) Q. 82. Is any man able perfectly to keep the commandments of God?

A. No mere man, since the fall, is able in this life perfectly to keep the commandments of God, but doth daily break them in thought, word, and deed.
I break God’s commandments every day in thought, word, and deed. Lord Christ… thank you for your Grace and Mercy.

D.)  “We won the war in a military sense; but in a broader sense it seems to me we lost it, for our Western civilization is less respected and secure than it was before. In order to defeat Germany and Japan we supported the still greater menaces of Russia and China – which now confront us in a nuclear-weapon era. Poland was not saved … Much of our Western culture was destroyed. We lost the genetic heredity formed through aeons in many million lives … It is alarmingly possible that World War II marks the beginning of our Western civilization’s breakdown, as it already marks the breakdown of the greatest empire ever built by man.”

Charles Lindbergh
circa 1970

E.) “Neither because Christ is the way to life, is the practice of Christian piety therefore not the way to life. Christ is the way to life…The practice of Christian piety is the way to life…It is certain indeed that the true Christian lives to Christ, that is, to his glory: but it does not follow from thence that he does nothing for his own advantage…In fine, it is not inconsistent to do something from this principle, because we live, and to the end, that we may live…And though he requires us to love him above all, yet he does not command that all love to ourselves be entirely banished.”

Herman Witsius

F.) Whether it was Justinian in the 6th century, Alfred the Great in the 9th Century, William of Salisbury in the 12th century, or William Blackstone in the 18th century — they all pointed to the law of God as that higher law which all men and all government of men are accountable.

G.) I’ve often prayed for awakening. Now having been given the grace to see through the illusion just a wee bit — the illusion that “the yet to be awakened” do not yet see-through — now I pray for Faith to keep the faith, wisdom to know what must be done, and for patience in the face of what seems to be overwhelming resistance to awakening in general.

H.) The War of Northern Aggression was not about slavery. The Spanish American War was not about the sinking of the Maine. WWI was not about making the world safe for Democracy or a war to end all wars. WW II was not about ridding the world of tyrannical governments. Vietnam was not about stopping the Domino effect, and the Gulf War was never about Weapons of Mass destruction. Anybody notice a pattern here?

I.) Understanding history boils down to two basic principles:
1. Whoever controls the past controls the future.
2. Whoever controls the present controls the past.
Did Orwell teach us nothing?

J.) I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we’ll fight. The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.

Major General Smedley Butler
Two Time Winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

K.) Learned today from a minister that Genesis doesn’t mean that God actually took a “mud doll” and breathed life into it. It only means that God created. Genesis doesn’t have to do w/ the “How,” but only the “that.” We simply must make room for science if we are to be taken seriously as Christians. Lord, it was easier to be an Ehud or a Phinehas.

Once someone starts down that Deconstructionist path, the Framework Hypothesis, Gap Theory, and every other textual criticism seem perfectly reasonable — a bible devoid of the Christian God.

L.) (2011) My 21 y/o Anna works at Beaners. Recently, she engaged in a conversation w/ a customer. The subject turned to Anna & Homeschool. Many questions followed & Anna handled them deftly & w/ enthusiasm. Finally this retired school teacher, after an extended conversation with my perky interactive daughter said … “But I worry about the lack of socialization that you homeschool children suffer.”

Are these people brain dead?

M.) (2010) You can now look forward to the Government managing your health care the way it is now managing the BP Oil Spill. It never ceases to amaze me that after the constant and repeated failures of government in performing the tasks that they’ve been Constitutionally assigned that idiots still think … “Hey, I know … let’s let the government take over health care.”

Well, they are presently pumping mud cement through a tube under high pressure directly into the oil hole, making your comparison to what the government is doing to us with health care quite apt. My advice when dealing with the government is to remain seated at all times.

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I am a Pastor of a small Church in Mid-Michigan who delights in my family, my congregation and my calling. I am postmillennial in my eschatology. Paedo-Calvinist Covenantal in my Christianity Reformed in my Soteriology Presuppositional in my apologetics Familialist in my family theology Agrarian in my regional community social order belief Christianity creates culture and so Christendom in my national social order belief Mythic-Poetic / Grammatical Historical in my Hermeneutic Pre-modern, Medieval, & Feudal before Enlightenment, modernity, & postmodern Reconstructionist / Theonomic in my Worldview One part paleo-conservative / one part micro Libertarian in my politics Systematic and Biblical theology need one another but Systematics has pride of place Some of my favorite authors, Augustine, Turretin, Calvin, Tolkien, Chesterton, Nock, Tozer, Dabney, Bavinck, Wodehouse, Rushdoony, Bahnsen, Schaeffer, C. Van Til, H. Van Til, G. H. Clark, C. Dawson, H. Berman, R. Nash, C. G. Singer, R. Kipling, G. North, J. Edwards, S. Foote, F. Hayek, O. Guiness, J. Witte, M. Rothbard, Clyde Wilson, Mencken, Lasch, Postman, Gatto, T. Boston, Thomas Brooks, Terry Brooks, C. Hodge, J. Calhoun, Llyod-Jones, T. Sowell, A. McClaren, M. Muggeridge, C. F. H. Henry, F. Swarz, M. Henry, G. Marten, P. Schaff, T. S. Elliott, K. Van Hoozer, K. Gentry, etc. My passion is to write in such a way that the Lord Christ might be pleased. It is my hope that people will be challenged to reconsider what are considered the givens of the current culture. Your biggest help to me dear reader will be to often remind me that God is Sovereign and that all that is, is because it pleases him.

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