The Purpose of Critical Race Theory … and its Origins

Recently, I made the point that one of the purposes of Critical Race Theory is so that the putative oppressed have the means to go from alleged oppressed status to an oppressor status. Indeed, I would insist that is the main reason for the existence of Critical Race theory is to empower the weak so that they can dominate the strong. I do not believe the CRT has very much to do with “justice” or righting previous wrongs.

In response to this one of my more articulate and educated readers responded by writing,



If i’m covered in 10 layers of oppression I assure you i’m not advancing in anybody’s world. Where is this black, female, gay, handicapped, poor, under-resourced person that is “ruling” over whites??????


stupid **6ix9ine voice

One has to keep in mind that Cultural Marxism has replaced the proletariat class with the oppressed class and has replaced the bourgeoisie with the oppressor class. The reason for this switch is the Frankfurt School (Cultural Marxists) realized that the working class (proletariat) was never going to accomplish the long march through the Institutions since they themselves realized that they could be upwardly mobile in the Christian and Capitalist system. The Frankfurt school realized that they needed a new proletariat to accomplish Revolution and that this new proletariat had to be based not on an economic foundation but on a cultural foundation. That which needed to be attacked was not so much the economic bourgeoisie as the cultural gatekeepers. Christian culture was the object of destruction.

Like in classical Marxism the intent is for the proletariat (oppressed) to eventually overthrow the bourgeoisie (oppressor). In Cultural Marxism, the tool that is used to achieve that overthrow is Critical Race theory. The difference is that now whereas in the past the proletariat was the worker class, the current proletariat is comprised of minorities, feminists, LGBTQI, disabled, and under-resourced persons who have bought into the myth that they are victims of white Christian normies. Likewise, the current bourgeoisie class is now comprised of epistemologically self-conscious white Christian normies who refuse to embrace the Marxist narrative combined with a small handful of epistemologically self-conscious minorities who likewise refuse to embrace victim status. Minorites like Voddie Baucham, Candice Owens, Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell, and others are paying a huge price by standing up to the race pimps and new proletariat class. Similarly, white Christians who refuse to bow are being routinely bloodied by the hatemongers and racial gargoyles.

Now it is reasonable to ask where do we find the alleged oppressed class benefiting by their oppressed status as Mr. 6ix9ine inquires above. The examples are abundant;

1.) The alleged oppressed class benefits from their oppressed status by having SAT points automatically added to their SAT scores simply because they are part of a putative victim class.

2.) The whole quota system that is now characteristic in this country has been implemented with the vision of fixing centuries of oppression. Numerous white Christian males need not apply for promotions, terminal degree programs, or career positions because they are being displaced by members of the new less qualified Marxist proletariat.

3.)  The recent massive stimulus relief package proposes to pay billions of dollars to Black farmers while leaving white farmers to go pound sand simply because they are white.

4.) All of this that is pursued by the FEDS is accomplished from taking from white Christian Peter to transfer wealth to proletariat Ximinez. In the process, the whole former notion of a meritocracy has been eclipsed in favor of the bromides of Critical race theory.

Now, these are considered “hate facts” but facts they remain. It is an absolute truth that the purpose of CRT is to displace white Christian males with the new proletariat.

This kind of thing has been pursued in the past. When the Freedman’s Bureau was established in 1866 its purpose was clearly to accomplish what CRT is being used today to accomplish — and that is to keep Christian white people impoverished with high sounding language about how blacks were going to get ahead by Freedman’s bureau policies. Instead what happened is that both blacks and whites were impoverished while the FEDS and those sucking off the FED teat were enriched.

The dirty but not-so-secret truth in these pursuits is that these pursuits seldom advantage the hoi polloi that they are supposed to advantage but they are good at lining the pockets of the race pimps and grievance mongers — the professional bitch class.

Of course, all of this is very Nietzschian. Nietzche taught that the socially weak upon becoming aware that they would never overcome the strong by strength instead opted to seize the day by pursuing the transvaluation of all values. By this method, the weak play the Lilliputians to the strength of the strong Gullivers except in this version the Lilliputians tie Gulliver down not by cords but by grievance legislation. No Christian could ever agree with Nietzsche’s solution of the Ubermensch but we can agree that Nietzsche’s prognosis of the transvaluation of all values has descended upon us.

Now to all this the oldest Law Student in America, Mr. Joel McDurmon replied with his usual depth and clarity;

“apparently believe there is a black conspiracy to overthrow all whites.”

I do not believe that there is a black conspiracy to overthrow all whites. I believe that any such conspiracy has been cobbled together by a mind that has for millenniums hated Jesus Christ and Christianity and those who have been the primary civilizational carriers of Christianity. I believe this is Lucifer’s conspiracy as implemented by those who are of their Father, the Devil. The Cultural Marxist proletariat are themselves just the victims though they think that they will achieve bottom rail on top by all this tomfoolery.



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  1. And the very prescient John Taylor of Caroline says ‘Amen’.

    If artificial enmities are super-added to natural, their true intention is defeated; and the very evil is aggravated they are intended to correct. Such is the policy that has arrayed class against class in Europe, and marshaled all its nations into domestic combinations, envenomed against each other by an ardor to get or keep the patronage of their governments. p. 13. Is not their discord the universal consequence of the fraudulent power assumed by governments of allotting to classes and individuals indigence or wealth according to their pleasure? … The justice of leaving wealth to be distributed by industry [i.e. productivity] is a sound sponsor for social harmony; whilst the injustice of compelling one class to work for another as naturally excites rapacity and indignation, and is equally a sponsor for hostility. p. 14.

    No species of property-transferring policy, past or existing, foreign or domestic, ever did or ever can enrich the laboring classes of any society; but universally impoverishes them. … The mercantile class, as merchants only, [also] must be impoverished by this policy; but a few individuals of this class more frequently evade its oppression, than of the laboring classes, by blending the capitalist with the mercantile character; and become bankers, lenders to government, or factory owners. p. 267.

    John Taylor of Caroline, ‘Tyranny Unmasked’, 1821

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