Does Sheltering Under the Gospel Mean We Can Flaunt Our Shame?

I Used to Hide My Shame. Now I Take Shelter Under the Gospel.

This is the tag line on the Christianity Today article where Rev. Dr. Greg Johnson (he of sodomite but celibate PCA Pastor fame) tells “his story.”

It is an interesting tag line for a few reasons. Remember that the shame that Johnson is speaking of is the shame of same sex attraction.

1.) While the Gospel delivers us from the shame of sin and so is a proper place to find shelter the unique thing with Johnson is that as he is finding shelter under the Gospel he now flaunts what he used to hide.

2.) Is it really the case that taking shelter under the Gospel allows us to no longer have shame for partaking in the same sin that we once were ashamed of before we were taking shelter under the Gospel?

It’s almost as if the man is saying, “I used to hide my shame but now I take shelter under the Gospel and so I can now flaunt my shame.”

Just one question … “Shall we go on sinning that grace may abound?”

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One thought on “Does Sheltering Under the Gospel Mean We Can Flaunt Our Shame?”

  1. The snarky answer to your question is a conditional yes. Yes, if the sinning is part of the left’s narrative that our preachers and parishioners so very much want to please.

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