Gramscian Marxism (Cultural Marxism)

Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity… in the new order. Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches, and the media, and by them transforming the consciousness of society.”

Antonio Gramsci

Gramsci was a disciple of Marx who knew he was playing with and altering Marx but he would have insisted that it was merely a variant of Marxism. Indeed some have even opined that Gramsci is closer to the early Marx while the classical Marxists are closer to the later Marx. Be that as it may, the true classical believers following the later Marx howled about the change but all Gramsci did was change the emphasis from capturing the economics (means of production) as the means by which social order is overthrown to capturing the culture (including Economics) as the means by which social order is overthrown.

The problem for the purist Marxist theoreticians is that culture, in the way Gramsci was going for it, was not materialistic. This made them howl since Marxism by definition was materialistic idealism.  This move of economics to culture as the leverage point to bring Revolution also included changing  the definition of who constituted the “proletariat” and the “bourgeoise.” In classical Marxism, those roles were filled by the workers (proletariat) and the owners of capital (Bourgeoise). For Gramsci, there was a need for a new proletariat and that was to be constituted by those disaffected “victims” of Christianity. The new proletariat thus would be comprised, generally speaking of Minorities, Sexual Perverts, Feminists, and Academia. These would constitute the army who would do the work of the long march through the Institutions — changing those institutions from the inside out. The new bourgeoise would be constituted by those who were the gatekeepers of what little remained of a culture shaped by Christianity.

However, Gramsci maintained the tool of terror as a means of takeover and control. That tool is currently being used by the Cultural Marxist in the way of the constant fear porn we are getting from the Great Reset crowd on the issue of the Deep State Virus. The terror also currently being used is the mRNA treatment that is being pushed (and soon forced?) on Americans, which is leading to serious physical maladies to those who receive it.

Gramsci also maintained via culture the classical Marxist assault on economics. That assault though was merely placed in the scheme of a much grander assault against Western culture as a whole. Gramsci also maintained the same Hegelian dialectic as his center for advancing change. Similarly, just as classical Marxism had the heavy lifting done by those of the Jewish persuasion so Gramsci’s work as carried on by the Frankfurt school would likewise be carried on by those predominantly of the Jewish persuasion.

There are those like Gary North and Joel McDurmon who will insist that Marxism is no longer a threat. It is interesting that one technique of the school (Illuminati) that gave birth to Marxism advocated was to always insist that the Illuminati didn’t really exist and here we find North and McDurmon insisting that Marxism no longer really exists. File under; “Things that make you go ‘Hmmmm.’

We are currently living in times where Gramscian Marxism (Cultural Marxism) is the number one Worldview threat to Biblical Christianity. It is ubiquitous.

I don’t generally link people I don’t know but I  just came across this article today which proves exhaustively that Gramsci was a Marxist and by extension that Gramsci-ism is Marxism. It has the added benefit of proving that Joel McDurmon is an idiot.

Antonio Gramsci is not a Marxist? Response to Joel McDurmon

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