A Few Observations on the Jared Taylor vs. E. Michael Jones Debate

There is an interesting debate on the issue of race over here;


The question being debated is “Is Race an Important Reality or is it a Fiction.” Jared Taylor argues that Race is an important reality and Dr. E. Michael Jones takes the position that Race is a fictional reality. One would have to view the debate to get the gist of Taylor’s and Jones’ distinction.

Contra both E. Michael Jones and Jared Taylor the white man is who he is because of his genetic legacy and because of the grace of the God of the Bible who has ordained civilizational Christianity as authored and carried by the Christian White man. To suggest, as Jared Taylor does, that the White man is what he is only because of genetics is rank materialism. On the other hand to suggest, as E Michael Jones does, that the White man is what he is only because of his “culture, language, and religion,” is embracing some kind of environmentalism. This Gnostic type of reductionism can be seen in this quote from the debate from Dr. Jones;

“What is the vehicle for the continuity of the Irish people? It’s not DNA. It is language, religion, and culture. That is the vehicle and that has in the past absorbed all different kinds of DNA (among the Irish).”

Jones here has completely dismissed genetics as having any influence on people and people groups opting instead to assert that people and people groups are only products of their environment.

In the end, in my estimation, Taylor vs. Jones in this debate reduces down to nurture (Jones) vs. nature (Taylor) argument. All a Biblical Christian can say to such a debate is “a pox upon both your houses.”

Man is a modified unichotomy — which is to say that man is body and soul that exists as united in life with each aspect identifiable as distinct but as so intertwined that only at death does a divorce take place.

It does us no good like Jones and Taylor to try and play man’s material reality against his spiritual reality. Man is a modified unichotomy and can not be understood outside of his modified unichotomous reality.

It is interesting that the Alienists in our discussions with them years ago made the same mistakes that Jones makes in his debate with Taylor while Taylor makes the same mistakes that the Marxists make when debating with Kininsts. So far as I know only Kinists — being Biblical Christians — understand that man is a modified unichotomy that must not be reduced to either only his corporeal side or only his spiritual side. Man is indeed influenced by his religion, culture, history, language as Jones maintains but man is not only influenced by his environment. Man is a corporeal being and that corporeality contributes to the identity of people and people groups.  In point of fact, it could be argued that environment (Jones) and genetics (Taylor) provide a kind of information loop that reinforces the influence of each — a loop that sinful man can only rise above by a supernatural conversion that has the ability to alter both nurture and nature.

If E. Michael Jones had his way there would be little diversity (maybe language) in Unity. If Jared Taylor had his way there would be little if any unity in diversity. Jones’ gives us the vision of a “Christianized” John Lenon. Taylor gives us the vision of Madison Grant.

There are some areas in which I think that Dr. Jones was correct. You go ahead and view the debate and tell me where I might agree with Jones.

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