McAtee Examines One of Wilson’s Most Important Articles Ever Written

I really don’t have a thing for Doug Wilson, though doubtless, it may be beginning to look that way. I have also tried to be honest with myself about my critiques of Wilson not being born of envy. What Christian minister wouldn’t want his influence? At the end of the day though, nobody gets a “get out of having your position critically examined for free” card just because they present themselves as being on the right — and that even if multitudes of people really do believe that Doug is “hard right-wing.”

Today Doug posted an article on his website insisting that it may be “one of the most important things he has ever written.” Now, as Doug has long demonstrated over the years that he buys his cyber-ink and real-ink by the oil tanker this is bound to be a stand-up and notice piece that scads of people will tune into. As such it is worthy of being examined. We are happy to oblige here at Iron Ink. It is a dirty thankless job but somebody has got to do it.  I will not be examining the piece exhaustively so you will want to go and read the whole piece for yourself. I’m just going to hit the high parts the way that Babe Ruth would hit hanging curves.

Doug tees up his piece with a “water is wet” observation by telling us;

“…I do believe we are converging on a crisis moment in our nation, and the way we respond to that crisis moment when it comes will be critical.”

Jeepers Doug … did you have to look into your crystal ball to come up with that insight? I mean… I am left slack-jawed at how you pulled this deep wisdom out of your southernmost aperture.

Paging Captain Obvious.

Honestly, if Doug’s readers have to be told by their guru that we are converging on a crisis moment in our nation then we are deeper down the outhouse hole than anybody could have guessed. Once a people or readership is that far down the outhouse hole there is no time or ability left to man the ramparts.

A few sentences later Doug says,

 “How would that (bringing on a crisis) benefit anybody? Cui bono? Who stands to benefit from a deliberate dismantling and degradation of the American way of life? Surely no elected official, right?”

I think DW is being sarcastic here but I’m not sure. So, just in case he is not being sarcastic let me answer by saying that those who benefit are the legion (for they are many) authoring and behind the plans of the New World Order. These are the putatively elected officials who will benefit. Now, Doug, can’t yet talk about the NWO because that would be too conspiratorial for him at this point (wait a month and that might change) but we plebes in the fly-over country believe Klaus Schwaab and the Great Reset lads when they say they have a plan. We are not shy here in Michigan to talk about the NWO. I mean…  believing in the NWO is a piece of cake after learning that the FBI attempted to kidnap our Governor. (Why anybody would bother is beyond me.)

Doug next suggests that he is thinking like a chess player three moves ahead of the pack. Lou Costello, Jerry Lewis, Eddie Murphy were never so funny. I say this because the rest of what Doug writes suggests the man has been checkmated for 24 hours while he has been cleverly contemplating his next three moves.

And Doug’s big reveal?

The FEDS are trying to goad the citizenry into premature resistance so that martial law type of FED reaction can follow complete with (even more) repressive measures.

That’s it. That’s the Great and Awesome reveal of our mighty Moscow Magician. Remember … this is one of the most important pieces the man has ever written. Is anybody really surprised by this insight? Are we really at the point where the man who is thought to be the most conservative Christian leader in America genuinely believes that this is connecting the dots kind of material? If people find this “prophetic insight” of Wilson to be eye-popping and jolting we are indeed in deep weeds.

Next Doug suggests that the populace must not overreact to provocation because such over-reaction could lead to the elimination of the 2022 election cycle where the Democrats are sure to lose, thus producing the Messianic Republicans.

America … can you hear me laughing from Michigan? Does Doug think that if the Democrat majority is turned out of the House and Senate in favor of Republicans that is going to save the day?

1.) We are where we are at because a Republican President panicked and listened to Fuhrer Fauci and then made it clear before God and Man that he was a co-conspirator by pushing for this quackzine bull fecal matter. Does Doug think Republicans are going to save us?

2.) Republicans across the country in states like Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona have been co-conspirators in the whole 202o election boondoggle and subsequent cover-up. Does Doug think Republicans are going to save us?

3.) Let’s remember some of the names of the Republicans who Doug thinks are going to save the day. Mitch McConnel. Lindsey Graham. Kevin McCarthy. Mike DeWine. How many Republicans have voting for these obscene stimulus bills, and budgets? How many years have Republican Lucy Politicians promised Republican Charlie Brown voters that this time she really is going to let Charlie Brown kick the ball? Doug must be smoking the very finest homegrown Idaho gold hemp if he thinks Republicans are the cavalry who are going to come over the ridge to save the day.

4.) Even if the Republican candidate intended to descend upon Democrats like Ghengis Khan descending down the Russian Steppes have we forgotten that 2020 taught us? 2020 taught us that Stalin was right when he said it doesn’t matter who votes but only who counts the vote. Has Doug forgotten so quickly that voting harder won’t change who counts the vote?

Now, on #4 Doug insists that it will be more difficult to cheat in 2022 than it was in 2020 because the same politicians who cheated in 2020 and then covered it up afterward have passed new election laws to make sure that cheating can’t happen in 2022. Something about Fox and Henhouses.

Doug continues to write as if things are as they appear to be on the surface. Doug seems to think that the Biden administration didn’t want to happen in Afghanistan what happened in Afghanistan. Doug might want to dip into this interview with Lara Logan who makes the prescient point that the Biden administration has gotten exactly what they desired in Afghanistan.

Doug, for whatever reason, has not gone down the rabbit hole and looks to be taking seriously that matters are what they are as they are presented upon the surface. The Biden administration wanted the chaos and mayhem. They organized this two-car funeral just fine Doug.

Doug’s overall advice is to “not take the bait.” By that, Doug means that we in middle America should resist the idea of resisting since that is what the criminal FEDS desire. On this much Doug might be right. He also might be wrong. If I am correct in thinking that elections don’t mean much then choices concerning resistance are more fluid. Besides, I’m not convinced there is not the will out there in middle America to resist whether before or after the election cycle. I hope there is.

Doug next complains that he is going to be accused of being … wait for it … someone who believes in conspiracy theories.

Oh, the shame of it all.

Doug … dude … if you’re not accused of believing in conspiracy theories you’re not even on the sidelines let alone in the game. Quit with your fear of people labeling you a “conspiracy nut.” The people who are going to be the Captains in the movement you are trying to lead have long proudly worn the label of conspiracy nut for years if not decades now. Quit trying to make the case Doug, that conspiracies surround us. If people do not see that by now they have tucked their heads up their southernmost aperture and they are never going to see it.

Along the way Doug offers,

” but they (the Deep State) have not yet gotten to the point where they have been willing to disregard the external forms of liberty. “

I’m going to start referring to Wilson as Rumpelstiltskin.

Was Wilson sleeping during this last election cycle? Has Wilson not been following the stymied audits in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania? To paraphrase a line from Jerry Lee Lewis, “There looks to me to be a whole lot of disregarding going on.”

Oh .. and Rumpelstiltskin, what of all those people arrested and buried in prisons without due process for your so-called “breach” of the capital? Are we not disregarding the external forms of liberty already?

Have you seen all that fencing around DC? Is that not disregarding external forms of liberty Doug?

For Pete’s sake … they’re masking our children when they aren’t quackzining our children. They are now threatening (in Allegan county Michigan) to take our children if we don’t follow the Michigan Health Departments Deep State Virus guideline. In Illinois Doug, a judge has taken a woman’s son because she refused to be quackzined. Come on Doug … quit talking to me about the threat of the FEDS completely disregarding our external forms of liberty.

Oh sure Doug … they can always disregard our external forms of liberty even more but we are already several exits past the FEDS disregarding our external forms of liberty. That ship has sailed.

Wilson is like the little kid that has arrived at a 100 car pileup on the Interstate and suddenly finds it important to start warning people about the possibility of a crash coming. “They will go further and completely disregard our external forms of liberty,” Doug warns, while judges are seizing children, people languish in prisons arrested for who knows what happened on 06 January — and they are there without habeas corpus. Children sit in cubicles at the local children’s penitentiary (sometimes mistakingly called government schools) and we are thinking maybe the FEDS will take even more of our external forms of liberty? Well, yes, the FEDS just going out in the street and randomly shooting people would be far far worse, but I’m pretty sure that our external forms of liberty are already being disregarded Rumpelstiltskin.

All of this is consistent when Doug writes,

“I am not advocating sedition against the United States. I am advocating resistance to something called the United States, but then only after the Klingons have taken it over. Surely there can be no objection to resisting the Klingons, right?”

Wait … Wilson believes that the Klingons have not yet taken over? This is the difference between Wilson and me. Wilson thinks the Klingons might well seize power. I think that the Klingons have for years been swilling our best booze and raiding the White House and Congressional food pantries and impregnating our women-folk.

Elsewhere the maven of Moscow offers,

“Always remember how the responsible voices like to coo to us. First, they tell us that situation x will never happen. Then they tell us that it might happen, but that it is too soon to act on it. To act now would be premature and irresponsible. And then they tell us, once it has happened, that it is too late to do anything about it now. We have to reckon with the post-Christian realities on the ground.”

I’m sorry, but let us look at the irony here. I certainly hope this is unintentional on Doug’s part.

1.) Wilson has said very recently that situation X is never going to happen (“The Great Reset is NOT going to happen.”)

2.) Wilson is now telling us in his most recent URGENT article, “It is too soon to act (against the Great Rest). Wait till after the 2022 election. To act now would be premature and irresponsible”

3.) What is next I fear is an Article from Doug arguing that “it is too late to do anything about it now. We have to reckon with the post-Christian realities on the ground.”

Et Tu Doug?

Look, even after saying all this, I want to believe that Doug wants to resist if that becomes necessary but I wonder if Doug is going to wait too long to pull the trigger. It is wise to caution against taking the bait when unready but it is also wise to say that if action is delayed too long against the Klingons the Klingons will be treating us like we are the aliens.














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6 thoughts on “McAtee Examines One of Wilson’s Most Important Articles Ever Written”

  1. He’s more ready than most of my church, yet, based on those quotes, he seems clueless.
    Don’t you know, MSU is back and football starts? Only a crazy would suggest anything is wrong or that a battle is pending.

    1. Kurt,

      I’ve been called a lot worse than crazy. 😉

      That your church isn’t ready really comes as no surprise to anyone who knows the lay of the land. Indeed, to come across any Church that is ready would be an odd thing to be sure.

  2. So Wilson thinks we are “converging on a crisis”? He is only 160 years late on his warning call. We converged on this crisis when Mr. Lincoln sent federal troops into Virginia to put down the last true Americans that stood for a Christian America. Our further descent into the abyss after that date was inevitable. I suspect that Mr. Wilson does not recognize that we have been under God’s righteous judgement ever since, what does he think all the wars of the 20th century were about but God’s judgement? Wilson apparently believes, like most Americans, that the material wealth of America in the last century was a sure sign of God’s blessing, “supposing that gain is Godliness”, even as we laid waste to Christian Europe (twice) and various other nations. We should take our cue from scripture, Wilson’s foolishness is “Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself.” Unfortunately, most churches have the same anti-Christ worldview, and that is how we arrive at America 2021.

    1. Don’t miss Peter Hammond’s recent expose of America’s REAL foreign policy for the last 100 years plus. He starts by talking about what’s happening now in Afghanistan and then goes on back. America is and has been the ‘evil empire’ for a long time.

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