First Comes Marriage then come Pete & Chasten with a Baby Carriage

Pete Buttigieg on Twitter: “Chasten and I are beyond thankful for all the kind wishes since first sharing the news that we’re becoming parents. We are delighted to welcome Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buttigieg to our family.” / Twitter

If you go to that twitter link above you’ll see a photo that is intended to warm the cockles of your heart. I find the photo as strange as I find the idea of my heart having cockles.

First, and most obviously, Pete and Chasten are holding “their” newborns as they are both stretched out in a hospital bed. A hospital bed? Is it bad form to ask just exactly which one of them needed the hospital bed, never mind a hospital room? I mean if we are going to snap photos of the proud new sodomite parents in a hospital bed is it impolite to ask which of the two (Pete or Chasten) had his feet in the stirrups while the Doctor was gazing at the baby’s exit portal? You get the jig, right? If neither Pete nor Chasten gave birth then why are they stretched out on a hospital bed holding the newborns as if they have together traversed the hazards of having given birth? (Kudos to Doug Wilson for pointing out this … er … uh … anomaly.)

Of course, it could only be for one reason. They are seeking to plant in your head how normal this perversity is. Why Pete and Chasten are just like Pa and Ma Kettle down at the local hospital having babies. Just like real couples with all the proper reproductive organs necessary to make babies Pete and Chasten need a hospital room and a hospital bed and pictures to celebrate the arrival of Penelope and Joseph.

Second, and in the same vein, notice in the photo that both Pete and Chasten are wearing those bothersome hospital plastic bracelets that identify the patient as being the patient. Again, who was the patient here? Who spent untold hours giving birth? It certainly wasn’t Pete and it certainly wasn’t Chasten, so… why the hospital plastic identification bracelet?

Of course, this was a completely contrived photo-op pursued with the agenda to communicate to middle America that sodomites are just like regular parents. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pete didn’t impregnate Chasten. Chasten did not carry the baby for 9 months. Chasten didn’t experience post-partum hormone problems. Pete and Chasten didn’t have to abstain from sex while Chasten healed up. (Not that Pete and Chasten have ever had sex since sex is not possible for two men to engage in.) Chasten isn’t waking up at 0200 to breastfeed the twins.

That photo is as phony as our whole postmodern culture. There was no need for a hospital bed. No need for plastic hospital patient ID bracelets. No need for the culture to accept this abomination.

Pray for those children.

Author: jetbrane

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  1. Parents given hospital bracelets when babies are born in some places. It’s done to match the baby with the parent to make sure there are no swaps. Since P&C are perversely and presumably the legal parents (are they? I don’t know the laws on that and will do some research) it makes sense that the hospital gave them bracelets even if neither birthed the babies.

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