Critiquing Crawford Gribben Interview on Kinism

I am picking apart a segment of this video because I think it misrepresents Kinism and kinists.

If you want to listen to the section I’m dealing with you must go to the 30-minute mark and start there and listen for appx. 10 minutes.

The person being interviewed is Crawford Gribben who is a  historian of early modern religion, with a particular interest in Calvinist literary cultures. He is connected to Queen’s University in Belfast. Recently he wrote a book titled; Survival and Resistance in Evangelical America: Christian Reconstruction in the Pacific Northwest,” and in the linked interview above he is speaking on this book.

For this book, Gribben interviewed some Kinists in the Northwest area. I know several of them and so I asked them about Gribben’s observations on this interview.

1.) “The kinists I met love Rushdoony and they did quote some pretty unfortunate statements that Rushdoony made on race.”

I note this one first in order to demonstrate that Gribben should be considered a hostile witness when he makes observations on kinism. I’ve read tons of material by Rushdoony and I have yet to come across a “pretty unfortunate statement on race.” As such, Gribben’s observation on Kinism should be taken with a large grain of salt. Gribben obviously has an ax to grind for Political Correctness if he thinks RJR made pretty unfortunate statements on race.

2.) “The way the kinists presented themselves is that they were cool. They were not hicks from the sticks. They were very cool people.”

LOL … what did he expect? Little gnome-like creatures arising up out of the earth dressed in Confederate Battle flag garments drinking moonshine? Was Gribben surprised that the Kinists were intelligent, well dressed, and practiced hygiene? This is almost insulting in the way that it communicates how shocked he was that kinists were not troglodytes.

3.) “The kinists met for worship in a forest.”
This one is hilarious.  I talked to one of the chaps that interviewed with Gribben and they said all they told him is that the location of where they would meet sometimes to worship was an old lodge in a forest.

Is Gribben by this description reaching for the ancient idea of Jove’s (Dona’s / Thor’s) pagan oak worship in ancient Germanic times? By this description is he trying to tie kinists to those who once worshiped in sacred groves? Never mind that modern elites (Bohemian Grove Society) do themselves gather in forests to worship their deities.

4.) Kinists are very secretive people. Very worried about publicity and very happy to talk but also very concerned about what would happen as a consequence of that speech.

This should not be that surprising given how everything that Kinists say is twisted beyond recognition once our enemies get a hold of it. I myself am happy to talk but am also concerned about where I am going to end up while speaking the truth. My kinist friends are no different. When we live in a cancel culture as being driven by the fruitcake SJW’s, Alienists, and Marxists how could we not be concerned about what would happen as a consequence of our speech?

5.) “Kinists desire to live in monocultural communities.”
Let’s be clear here. The only other option to monocultural homogenous communities is multicultural heterogeneous communities. So, yes, like mankind throughout all time until the last 50 years or so Kinists see cultural homogeneity as a good thing and something that they desire not only for themselves but also for all men. Ironically enough, our enemies also desire to live in monocultural communities. The communities the SJW’s desire to live in are cultures without any people who dare disagree with them. So, desiring to live in a monocultural community is not odd in the least, and if Dr. Gribben thinks it odd he is the one who is odd for thinking that.

6.) “Those Kinists in N. Idaho loved Doug Wilson’s ministry. They just wish he was more consistent.”
Again, per the chap I knew who spoke with Gribben there is no way they would have said they loved Doug Wilson’s ministry. Doubtless, kinists agree that Wilson, from time to time, can get matters correct but to say that they love Doug Wilson’s ministry is just not typically true of Kinists. Instead, they tend to see Doug as someone who waits to see which way the wind is blowing and then hurries up to throw up his position consistent with what the left side of the right is tacking towards.

7.) “I’m not sure when it comes to RJR and the Kinists if it is a case of cause and consequence or merely correlation. I’m just not sure.”
Let’s be honest. The kinists are the only ones who are the natural ideological heirs of RJR. There is cause and consequence here. The others who won’t accept kinism are just poseurs trying to steal RJR’s glory and refusing to accept that he was a typical man of the 1st half of the 20th century, who like all Christian men throughout history (See Achord & Dow’s Book, “Who is My Neighbor”) believed that men should prioritize their own clan, tribe, and nation, above the stranger and the alien.

Alternately, Crawford’s ambiguity on this point could be, in itself, a subtle challenge to the Alienist Reconstructionists. If Gribben is not sure then that means that it might be the case that Kinism is indeed the natural consequence of RJR the cause. If that is the case, then Alienist Reconstructionism is itself the bastard child who has no ideological legacy in the writings of RJR.

8.) “The Kinists we talked to were the most up to date on Frankfurt school theory.”
Well, this means that the Kinists are the most epistemologically self-conscious because they alone are familiar with the designs of the enemy against the Christian faith.

Honestly, if Gribben is accurate here this speaks badly of the rest of the Alienist Reconstructionists camp. If they are not the most up to date then they don’t realize what they are facing and in a battle that means annihilation.

9.) “The Kinists I talked to believed in racialism and not racial supremacy.”
This is just to say that the kinist thinks all men from varying races should have their homeland and live among their own people. Kinists do not believe that anyone people group is universal supreme in every area. Kinists do not believe that anyone people group should be ruling all the rest. Unlike the Alienists and Marxist we are not advocating that all people bleed into one.

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