Sexual Freedom & Totalitarian States

“As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.”Aldous Huxley


“Moral anarchism is used to destroy every form of social stability and order in order to pave the way for totalitarian order. Christianity gives to man the faith and character for self-government, and morality is the essence of self-discipline and self-government. Dissolve man’s self-government, and you make a totalitarian authority over him a social necessity. It becomes apparent, therefore, that the link between pornography and revolutionary totalitarianism is a necessary one. The rise of totalitarianism has always been preceded by moral anarchism, and those seeking tyrannical powers over man have always worked to reduce man to a dependent position by undercutting his moral self-government and responsibility. The rise and triumph of pornography is a prelude to totalitarianism. Moral anarchy is the seed-bed of tyranny.”

R.J. Rushdoony

There is a connection in servile cultures between sex without boundaries and the condition of slavery, so much so that one can say that “free love” is the direct enemy of liberty. Unconstrained sexuality is the most obvious of all bribes that serve as an incentive to slavery. Strong and stable families that arise out of the Christian faith serve as a bulwark against the intentions of the State to enslave its people. Break down the family by the offering of sexual dainties, sold as calorie-free, and the result will be a turning away from the Liberty created by stable families.

Second, the lack of moral discipline that is fostered by sexual laxity translates easily into a lack of discipline characteristic of all slaves. The slave is a slave because he has no discipline. Encouraging Sexual laxity, therefore, encourages a slaves mindset.

The consequence of sexual laxity is Matriarchy since sexual laxity is sex without responsibility thus creating homes where husbands and fathers have fled and so are headed by women. This Matriarchy in turn leads to Statism since a family will always need fathers to provide and so the State becomes the Father, albeit an absent father who writes the checks but is uninvolved in a hands-on way with the family it is providing for. This in turn creates more Matriarchy as women are incentivized by the State’s money to have children out of wedlock. At this point, the State becomes increasingly paternalistic.

And with the paternalistic state comes the totalistic state. As Dabney noted,

“Moreover, all history teaches us, that the more ‘Paternalistic’ any government becomes, be its form either imperial, monarchical, aristocratic, or democratic, the more will its official engross the powers of the State, and earnings of the citizens to themselves.”

R. L. Dabney
The Labor Union, The Strike, and The Commune
Discussions — pg. 309

Finally, for our purposes here, The works of J. D. Unwin who was a cultural anthropologist adds to the above observations. Uwin wrote that a society that permits youth to be “sexually free” inevitably produces a primitive culture as Unwin showed in his study “Sex and Culture.” Unwin found that those cultures where virginity prior to marriage and chastity after are the norm produce high levels of intelligence, culture, and science. On the contrary, cultures that are obsessed with libidinous sex are cultures that produce low levels of intelligence, culture, and science.

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