Egalitarian Statism … One Implication of Alienation from God

Colossians 1:21 And you, who once were alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now He has reconciled 22 in the body of His flesh through death, to present you holy, and blameless, and above reproach in His sight—

We must not skirt over this issue of man’s problem of alienation. Man’s alienation from God means that man is at enmity (war) with God (Romans 8:7) … has no peace with God … is hostile towards God. Of course, being alienated from God, man can find no peace anywhere else. Man outside of Christ, being alienated from God and in need of reconciliation is thus alienated as well from others and alienated from himself. There can be no peace along any horizontal axis if there is no peace along the vertical axis.

And so man outside of Christ has no peace. No peace with God. No peace with others. No peace with himself. This is never more true than when man outside of Christ is increasingly consistent with his Christ-hating presuppositions that drive his alienations, to begin with. So, the more fallen man is consistent with his Christ-hating presuppositions the more the weight of his alienation bears down.

Now, fallen man cannot live with this oppressive alienation and so he seeks to relieve it… to fix it. However fallen man’s fix for his alienation never takes into consideration the necessity that the verticle alienation must be resolved before any other alienation can be extinguished. As such, fallen man’s fix for his alienation (to others and himself) is to invent a new vertical wherein he can find reconciliation with hopes that once the new reconciled vertical is in place he can then find horizontal reconciliations with himself and with others.

This means a turn towards idolatry. If man will not be reconciled with God then he will seek to solve his alienation problems by creating a God in his own image sure that he can be reconciled to that idol-God and so find peace with his horizontal alienations.

Man thus creates a new God in town in hopes that he will be able to manipulate it so that it will provide horizontal reconciliations and so relief from his varied and sundry horizontal alienations. Throughout history, the new idol-God that is created by man outside of Christ is the God-State. Different mottoes throughout history demonstrate this idea. G

Within the State, Nothing Against the State, Nothing Outside the State

1.) “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.” Mussolini
2.) One People. One Empire. One Leader. — Nazi slogan
The state is the actuality of the ethical Idea. It is ethical mind qua the substantial will manifest and revealed to itself, knowing and thinking itself, accomplishing what it knows and in so far as it knows it. Hegel

Hegel is saying here that the State becomes the incarnation of the absolute idea. This is as close as Hegel got to God. Hegel would’ve agreed that in the State we live and move and have our being since the state is God as man reified – objectified.

It is this idol state – which is man said loudly – that man will now look for all the answers to his horizontal alienations. The problem though with this idol-state is that the reconciliations that it will offer up as a solution to man’s horizontal alienations are reconciliations that require uniformitarian arrangements. The idol-state will work to resolve the alienations with others and self but it will only do so at the price of eliminating distinctions that it believes make for man’s problem of alienation. Man will no longer suffer alienation, so the idol-state reasons, because that which drives man’s alienations is inequality. By eliminating inequality man’s alienation from others and self will likewise be eliminated. As such, the answer to horizontal alienation is a Borg oneness. If all are one then there is no way to be alienated from others or from self. How can alienation obtain if all is the same? By creating an idol-state that man is reconciled to the idol-state solves horizontal alienations by taking individual man by the hand to the end of providing reunification (reconciliation) with his fragmented self.

This explains that globalist push towards social uniformitarianism. If ideas have consequences then the consequence of the idea of creating an idol-state in order to provide vertical reconciliation pursued in order to seek to escape the God of the Bible and His reconciliation in Christ is globalist egalitarianism.

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