Jesus & Wine

I.)  Mt. 26:27 “Then He took the cup, gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you. 28 This is My blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. 29I tell you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it anew with you in My Father’s kingdom.” 

With Jesus’ institution of the Lord’s Supper, he brings forth wine again. This in effect gives us wine bookends of his ministry. Water to wine in His first miracle. Then on the night before His crucifixion, it was wine in order to show forth the blood of the covenant. In this, we see that in Jesus, who is the new and better covenant, we have the one who brings together the joy of the new covenant represented by the water to wine at Cana while at the same time wine is the blood of Christ to us in the Eucharistic meal. Jesus takes upon Himself the maledictory blood oath in our place and we are given the wine which celebrates the good in good Friday. As Christ’s younger brethren we drink the wine of Cana at the table because He took upon Himself the wrath of God that should have justly found us all being plagued with the death that the water to blood was to God’s Egyptian enemies in the Old Covenant. Christ took the curses for the penalty of sin that we might drink the wine of Cana.

II.) John 2:10 And he said to him, “Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now!”

The comment by the Master to the Bridegroom at the end of the Cana record about the quality of the wine is a double entendre. The obvious meaning is, of course, quite literal, but the underlying motif is covenantal in meaning. In redemptive history, the new and better covenant is “the good wine kept until last.”

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