An Example of the WOKE Reformed Clergy … McAtee contra Barnes

Below is an example of something I posted earlier today. This post was intended as satire to the end of mocking the WOKE crowd. Instead I heard the screams of Rev. Doug Barnes taking exception. It seems that Doug took it not as satire but as another piece of proof of how racist I am.

First is my initial post and then Doug’s repsonse. Following that I will post my response to the good Rev. Barnes;

Bret’s initial post

You know you’re talking to a White Supremacist when you learn that

1.) They are employed full time
2.) They talk about books they’ve read
3.) They paid off their student loans
4.) They have a professional or technical degree
5.) They regularly attend a non-Pentecostal church
6.) They drive with paid up auto-insurance
7.) They have superior credit rating
8.) They’ve never been finger-printed by the Police
9.) They distrust the Government

10.) They remain married after 20 years and their children reflect all the previous

Now clearly, this is all spoken as if it might be posted by someone who is full on WOKE. Therein lies the satire. Personally, I believe everything above is normative. However, in 2002 the Smithsonian Museum told us that these kind of traits were examples of White privilege, White Supremacism, and systemic racism. Everyone (except maybe Doug) laughed then. I figured it would be another laugh for folks.

But Doug charged in to come to the defense of Jesus thinking I was attacking his Jesus.

Rev. Barnes writes,

Hmm … every one of those things is true of me and many of my peers who do _NOT_ embrace the heresy of white supremacism/kinism. Seems to be a flaw in your identification system. Here’s a helpful addendum:

You might be a White Supremacist if:

— You think some people are inherently inferior just because they come from a different branch of Noah’s family.

— You believe the dividing line of race is a legitimate way of predicting intelligence or morality.

— You see no irony in making such claims while claiming to serve the God who commands His followers to be humble servants of all men, thinking little of themselves (1 Pet. 5:6; Mark 9:35; Mark 10:42-45; Luke 14:10-11).

Some excellent passages to consider, over against the proud exaltation of those who are set apart merely by the shade of their skin and the (relatively recent) origin of their ancestors would include: James 4:6; Prov. 3:34; Isa. 2:11-17; Matt. 23:12. Go ahead — look them up, and let them evaluate your heart. OR … harden your conscience by condemning the messenger who brings God’s Word against the pride with which you exalt yourself.

Your choice.

Bret L. McAtee replied to my misdirected fellow member of the clergy,

#1 — does not apply to me — just ask all my Kinist friends who are also not white

#2 — See Charles Murray’s “The Bell Curve.”

#3 — Why Doug, are you claiming to be proud of your humility?

You keep on citing those passages. I do not think those passages mean what you think they mean in the context of this conversation. Unless of course you think that being humble means taking Christianity as a real life death cult.

I’m not sure what you have against the 10 listed above as they are merely what we would expect Biblical Christians to pursue. Or maybe your beef is with just Biblical Christians in general.

Here are some passages you can meditate upon or you can continue to kick against the pricks.

Romans 9:3, I Timothy 5:8, Revelation 21:24, Acts 17:26 (don’t stop half way).

(Oh .. and by the by … those lists were intended to be jokes at the expense of the WOKE crowd. Interesting that you took exception. I wonder what that says about you?)

Listen to Calvin Seminary Professor Martin Wyngaarden from the 1960’s on Isaiah 19 thus suggesting that it is you Doug who are jeopardizing the faith once and forever delivered unto the saints;

Now the predicates of the covenant are applied in Isa. 19 to the Gentiles of the future, — “Egypt my people, and Assyria, the work of my hands, and Israel, mine inheritance,” Egypt, the people of “Jehovah of hosts,” (Isa. 19:25) is therefore also expected to live up to the covenant obligations, implied for Jehovah’s people. And Assyria comes under similar obligations and privileges. These nations are representative of the great Gentile world, to which the covenant privileges will therefore be extended.”

Martin J. Wyngaarden, The Future of the Kingdom in Prophecy and Fulfillment: A Study of the Scope of “Spiritualization” in Scripture (Eugene: Wipf & Stock, 2011), p. 94.


More than a dozen excellent commentaries could be mentioned that all interpret Israel as thus inclusive of Jew and Gentile, in this verse, — the Gentile adherents thus being merged with the covenant people of Israel, THOUGH EACH REMAINS NATIONALLY DISTINCT.”

“For, though Israel is frequently called Jehovah’s People, the work of his hands, his inheritance, yet these three epithets severally are applied not only to Israel, but also to Assyria and to Egypt: “Blessed be Egypt, my people, and Assyria, the work of my hands, and Israel, mine inheritance.” 19:25.

Thus the highest description of Jehovah’s covenant people is applied to Egypt, — “my people,” — showing that the Gentiles will share the covenant blessings, not less than Israel. YET the several nationalities are here kept distinct, even when Gentiles share, in the covenant blessing, on a level of equality with Israel. Egypt, Assyria and Israel are not nationally merged. And the same principles, that nationalities are not obliterated, by membership in the covenant, applies, of course, also in the New Testament dispensation.”

Wyngaarden, pp. 101-102.

Careful Doug how deep you want to go down this rabbit hole. The theologians from Reformed Church history support me and I have a gazillion of their quotes at my fingertips.

Look, Doug, I know you are being earnest and somewhere in your chest there is the conviction that you need to rescue Christianity from my “racist” claws.

Indeed, I do not doubt that you are concerned for my eternal soul. Just as I am for yours and the people sitting under your misdirected ministry.

Doug replied

Bret, I’m not trying to convert you. Just trying to prick the conscience of those listening to your racist folly.

 Bret rounded off the conversation;

Doug, It’s all good. I’m trying to do the same with all those listening to your Cultural Marxist folly.

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